Thursday, September 26, 2013

Spiritual Harvest: Bless Yourself, Part 3

Good afternoon, everybody!  It is a beautiful day in here in GA, with the sun shining again.  After such a long, rainy, summer, I welcome every sunny day.  I'm looking forward to seeing the leaves change color, too, any day now.
  Today I am giving you part two of the harvest visualization I started yesterday.  This part is for looking to the future and deciding what spiritual "seeds" you would like to plant in your garden.  Do you need or want to make changes in yourself, or your everyday life?  Now is the time to consider what you would like to change and to bless yourself with the opportunity.  As long as we live on this earth we have new opportunities.  As we grow older, these opportunities may be different or even lessen, but they are still there.  We should never stop looking for new opportunities for growth, spiritual or mundane.  Simply opening our eyes each morning and awakening to the world is a new opportunity in itself.
  If you are trying to grow in the spirit and to expand your spiritual knowledge, now is the time to plant the seeds for that to happen.  Late fall and winter are good times for meditation, reading, and studying.  During the colder months we traditionally stay inside and work on projects for the spring.  It may be a good time to take a spiritual or religious class of some kind.  You might consider learning a new healing modality or working with a spiritual group.  Put your efforts now towards future growth and what you wish to accomplish in the coming year.
  It is also an excellent time to plan for growth and expansion in the real world.  Decide what you need to change in your everyday life and the best way to put those plans into action.  You do not have to wait until spring to go ahead with your plans.  When your higher self tells you, "This is your time, move ahead now",  go for it!  Your time of planting new seeds for growth may come sooner than you think.
  When you are ready to do part two of the harvest visualization,  get your basket or container ready.  You may just do the whole visualization in your mind if your prefer.  First, remove the slips of paper you wrote yesterday from the basket.  Set them aside for later.  Now, place the empty basket on a table close by you again.  You will not need the paper and pen this time, only the basket.  Light a candle and incense if they help you relax.
  Now close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Let the world slip away from you for now.  Feel the tension and stress leave your body as you focus only on yourself.  This is your time, yours alone.  It is your time for planning and dreaming.  In your mind, visualize a beautiful, cleared garden.
The land has been tilled and is ready for your planting.  It does not matter if you have never planted a garden before.  This is your garden of the future, and you are the only one who can plant it.
  Take three deep breaths now and relax  even more. Your body is warm, warm and relaxed.  You are at peace with the world.  Look at your garden now and you will see small lights flying around the area.  These are your angels and guardian spirits. They have come to help guide you in new directions.  Look closely at them and you will feel their warm and serenity fill your body.  Their knowledge and light will show you the way.
  If you are unsure of your direction in life at this time, you may ask your angels now.  Take a deep breath, relax, and ask what seeds you should plant for the future.  Take your time  and allow the answer to come to you.
  When you are ready, pick up your basket and look inside.  Visualize the basket filled with your plans, your seeds for the future.  These seeds for the future are whatever you need and desire.  They may be spiritual seeds, or for the real world.  Now is your time for planting the seeds.
  In your mind,  give your basket filled with seeds to your angels or guardian spirits.  They will help you plant the seeds.  Watch closely as the seeds are placed in your spiritual garden.  A sense of hope fills your now as your garden is filled with seeds.  You may see some seeds turn into blooming plants right away.  Others seeds will take longer to materialize and grow.  This is the way of nature and of life.
  When you garden is complete, thank your angels and guardians for their help.  You may come back to your spiritual garden whenever you wish.  If some of your seeds and plans never grow, know this was probably not meant to be.  Other seeds will bloom and blossom with great beauty.
   Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spiritual Harvest: Bless Yourself, Part 2

Good afternoon, everyone!  Is it raining where you are?  It really feels like fall here today; grey skies and cool weather.  Good sleeping weather, if nothing else!
  Today I am posting about spiritual harvest again.  This is not only a time when we should count our blessings but start making plans for new accomplishments.  As we reap our spiritual and worldly crops, we must put some thought into what new things we wish to grow in our "garden".  It may not be time to sow again, but it is time to consider what seeds we wish to nourish in our lives. 
   Yesterday I asked you if this had been a fruitful year for you, or a disappointing one.  If it has been a sterile year, with little reward for your work, it may be time to consider going in new directions.  This applies whether you are seeking spiritual growth or expansion in the real world.  As an example,  let's say you are trying to build a more solid financial base for you and your family.  You have put in extra hours on the job, spent little money on recreation, and still been unable to add much to your savings account.  A  desired promotion at work has fallen through, and as a result, you feeling that you are getting no where. 
  You may need to re-evaluate your position, clearly and thoroughly.  First, look at what you have accomplished.  You have made it through the year, your family is doing well, and you have managed to save some money.  It may only be a small amount of money, but your bank account is on the plus side!  These truly are blessings, even if they have been difficult to achieve.
Give yourself a pat on the back for what you have done, please.
  Now, let's look at what seeds you need to plant for the next "growing season" in your life.  Examine your job and try to determine if there will be any real growth with this company in the future.  Is there any chance of promotion, accompanied by a raise, or are you at the end of your opportunities there?  Be realistic;  sometimes a healthy mature plant is better than a seed that is struggling to grow.  In other words, if you have a reliable, steady job, it might be better in today's economy to continue there, rather than take a chance somewhere else.  Should you plant a new seed or should you just continue to nurture your existing garden?  It is your choice, so consider well.
  I have the first part of a two part visualization exercise for you today.  First,  please find a small basket, bowl, or container.  You will also need a pen and paper.  If you do not have these things now, or would prefer, you can do this exercise entirely as a visualization.  Just do it in your mind!
  Place your basket or container, along with the pen and paper on a table near you. Now, make yourself comfortable.  Light a candle and/or incense if they help you relax.  Take a few deep breaths and relax.  Hold your basket in your hands and look into it.  It is empty, but it is time to fill it with your accomplishments.  Think about this year, and what you have done with your life.  Close your eyes briefly and envision the months that have gone by.  See a calendar in your mind and remember what you have accomplished, large and small.  These are your blessings, even if you had to work for them.  Now, take your paper, and write down every wonderful thing you have accomplished this year.  You can tear the paper into strips and write your blessings on individual strips if you like.  Feel the joy of these blessings as your write, and know that each one is a miracle in your life.  If you were blessed in other ways this year, by other people, by luck, by the heavens themselves, do write these things down also.  Take the time to acknowledge your real blessings this year, then put whatever you've written into the bowl.
  Is your bowl filled with blessings or are there only a few things you have written? As I said yesterday, some years are lean years, and we must look forward to planting better crops later.  If you can not see blessings in your life, then you may need to spend some more time with this exercise. It is a very poor life indeed that has no blessings.  A negative attitude might not be allowing you to see the wonderful things you have accomplished.  Do not be harsh with yourself.  Please stop and visualize what good things you have done, rather than judging yourself for what you could not do.
  When you are finished, keep your basket handy to remind yourself of your wonderful accomplishments this year.  If you only visualized your basket, that is okay, too.  Any time you need some encouragement, go back to your visualization and remember your accomplishments.
  My next post will be about part two of the visualization.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spiritual Harvest: Bless Yourself

Hello everybody!  I am so excited to be writing again after a long vacation.  Sometimes you just need some time off to relax and take it easy.  I hope everyone is enjoying the fall and cooler weather.  If you live in a warmer climate  at least you don't need to unpack your winter clothes!
  Today I am posting about the spiritual harvest time.  You could have spiritual harvest any time of the year, but the autumn is traditional.  In the real world we are reaping and gathering  fruits and vegetables now.  Apples and pumpkins are available and ready to be eaten or cooked.  Farmers bring in the crops and prepare for winter.  It is a time of wealth and abundance  and we should look to a spiritual harvest, as well.
  This is a time when we should  give thanks for all of our benefits this year.  Work done on ourselves and in our lives needs to be examined and
acknowledged.  Ask yourself this question: have you grown in the spirit this year?  What have you done to expand your spiritual and/or religious understanding and knowledge?  Most of all, what have you done to bless yourself?
  It is a major step in spiritual growth when you realize you must bless yourself first and foremost.  If you do not have a richness inside yourself, an abundance of spiritual growth, you will have nothing to offer someone else.  This applies to worldly matters as well.  You must fertilize your own fields before you can help your neighbor with his crops.  If your pockets are empty and your heart is too, how can you nourish those around you?
  If you have made both spiritual and worldly accomplishments this year, it may be a time to share those things with your loved one.  Give a special gift to your mate or a friend.  This does not have to be a gift you buy, but could be a gift of your time.  A gift of the heart and spirit is the best kind! Share your abundance with the needy and you will reap the benefits in some other harvest time.
  Has this been a "lean" year for you?  If you have had a year of struggles, both financially and spiritually, then this should be your time of evaluation.
It is not a time to judge yourself, but only to look back at the past months.  Is there something you could have done better?  Were you able to take time for spiritual study or celebration?  Some years are for work in the real world, and work only.  Other times we grow in the spirit dramatically, not only by our own efforts, but because it is time.  If it has been a difficult year for you, please take a deep breath now and bless yourself.  Accept that you have done the best you could and that there will be other years for new growth.
  My next post will also be about spiritual harvest.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.