Friday, August 16, 2013

Good Luck And How To Attract It, Part 3

Good afternoon, everybody!  Are you all ready for the weekend?  I hope you are having better weather than we are in GA, because it is raining here again, with more in sight.  Oh well, maybe there will be improvement tomorrow.
  Today I am going to give you a visualization to attract luck.  This can be used in any situation where you wish to attract good luck.  Remember, the thing that attracts the most good luck is positive thinking.  Believe that you can change your luck and you will.  What we think, we attract, it's that simple. So send out some good energy and bring on the good luck!
  You may wish to make a charm bag for general good luck.  If so, consider using a purple or white cloth for the bag.  Both purple and white are strong spiritual colors.  Place a regular quartz crystal in the bag, or a small piece of amethyst.  If you wish to use herbs, select a few with a pleasant or uplifting smell.  The scent of lemon, vanilla,  cinnamon, etc.  can be very pleasant and positive.  Never use herbs that smell too strong for a luck bag.  You want herbs that smell good to you.  These herbs can be straight from your kitchen cabinet, by the way.  No reason to buy something different.  If you have dried herbs from your organic garden, even better.  Now, on a small piece of paper, write these words, or something similar, "I am a lucky person.  I attract good luck".  Fold the paper very small and place it in the bag.  Tie the bag up with white or purple ribbon, string, yarn, etc.  Take the bag with you whenever you wish to attract good luck.
  When you are ready to do the visualization, make yourself comfortable in a quiet place.  You may light candles and incense if these things help you relax.  Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and allow the world to drift away.  In your mind, visualize a path going into a small wooded area.  There are tall, green trees along the path and flowering bushes along the way.  Everything is peaceful, and serene.  Walk along the path a little ways and you will see a beautiful pond.  The water is very shallow there, but crystal clear.  There is a sparkling waterfall coming from the rocks above.  As the water falls, rainbows glisten around the pond.
  There is no one but you at the pond.  You may take off your clothes  if you choose.   Step into the water now.  It is a perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold.  Stand under the waterfall.  As the water streams over you,  all negativity will be washed from you.  Feel the water as it washes all negative thoughts from you.  Negativity leaves you,  as it flows from your body, into the pond and away.
  Now feel the water as it caresses your body.  You are glowing from its touch.  You are feeling so good, so positive.  This is the pond of happiness, and the waterfall of good luck.  Every drop of water that touches you brings you good luck.  From this moment forth, you will know that you are a lucky person.  You have been washed in the waters of good luck.  Let the waters play over your entire body until you feel complete.  When you are ready, step out of the water.
  You may return to the pond whenever you feel the need for good luck.  It will always be there for you.
  Until next time, wishing you good luck and blessings from Psykiksister.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good Luck And How To Attract It, Part 2

Hello everybody!  I hope you are all doing great and feeling lucky today.  Do you have sunshine where you are?  It has been somewhat sunny here, and cooler.  It really felt like fall when I went for my walk this morning.  Hurry, hurry, autumn, I am ready!
  Today I am posting about how to have good luck in attracting love.  I really feel that love finds us when the time is right.  It is not always when we feel the time is right, but when fate says it's time.  There are things we can do that can attract potential partners when it seems there aren't any lovers in sight.  You must feel ready inside yourself, however, or you might attract someone who is not in your best interests.
  It is time to attract a new love when you feel at peace with yourself.  If you do not feel sure that you are ready for someone new in your life, it is not time to seek a new love.  You may need time between lovers to absorb and understand the whole experience.  Give yourself this time then when you feel ready, start to send out some positive energy into the universe.  Try saying this affirmation every day, "I love myself and I am ready to love someone new".  You must love yourself before you can truly love another person.  If you do not feel confidence and love for yourself, you can not truly offer this to anyone else.  You might attract someone new, but you may end up with a relationship filled with jealousy or other negative emotions.
  There are several things you can try to attract love.  Number one is to make an effort!  We can not always just sit at home in our old sweats and expect that wonderful new person to come knocking at the door.  If that actually happens to you, please believe it is destiny acting in your favor!  You must put some real focus into meeting new people in some way.  Online, at church, in groups, the choice in how to meet someone new is up to you.  Do make a concerted effort to show the universe you are ready and that in itself may pay off for you.
  When you want to attract love, think pink or red.  Red if you are seeking a passionate love, and pink if you are looking for romance.  Try making a charm bag to take with you when you go out to meet someone new.  Take a small square of pink or red cloth and fold it double.  You want cloth that is not porous or likely to allow herbs to leak out.  A handkerchief, a piece of old silk dress or shirt, or something similar will do fine.  Now put a red or pink stone or crystal in the bag.  Add things that smell sweet or spicy  to you.  Dried rose petals are good, along with cinnamon, and cloves.  Don't use too many spices, just a little.  Now, sit down with pen and paper.  You must put some real thought and focus into this last part.  Write on your paper what qualities you are looking for in a mate and in your new relationship. If you are want someone with blond hair and a good sense of humor, write it down.  When you are finished, fold the paper very small, and put in the bag.  Take a piece of ribbon, twine, yarn, or something similar, and tie the cloth up into a bag.  For those of you who sew, you can instead sew the cloth into a small square, though this is not necessary.  Hold the bag over your heart for a few minutes, and pour some positive energy into it.  Take the bag with you in your pocket or purse when you want to attract luck in love.
  If you like to garden, or would like to try it, you can plant a small blooming bush to attract luck in love.  A rose bush in pink or red is good, and you can always use a miniature plant if space is a problem.  I know not everyone has a big yard, or even a yard at all!  Any kind of blooming plant is fine if it  appeals to you.  It would be good if you could plant this bush during the new moon to represent a new beginning in love.  Again, this isn't necessary if you are in a hurry.  If you can't plant anything for whatever reason, try buying a small blooming plant on the new moon.  It is the intent that counts here, and the positive energy you put into it.  Nurture your plant with love and it will work for you.
  One other thing that attracts luck is a dried persimmon.  You can dry one yourself or you can sometimes find them at metaphysical stores.  Keep the persimmon where you can see it and focus some energy on it.  Placing it by your bed might be a good spot for many reasons!
  I will give you a visualization for good luck in my next blog.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good Luck and How To Attract It

Good afternoon everybody!  I hope you are having a wonderful week and good weather.  It's "spritzing" a little here in GA.  I'm hoping the weather will clear as we go into Sept. and we will have a lovely, colorful autumn.
  Today I am posting about good luck and ways to attract it.  There are times in every life when we have a streak of good luck, without any effort on our part.  Now, I know a few very negative people will say that they never have good luck, only bad luck.  My advice to them is to stop saying that!  The more negative energy you put into the world, the more you will attract.  So the number one thing you can do to attract good luck is to believe that you are lucky.  If you really want to attract good luck into your life, you should look at yourself in the mirror every day and say, "I am a lucky person".  Then you should start to believe it.
  If you think you never have good luck, you should look back on your life.  Start with small things that have occurred that were lucky for you.  When you were really broke did you find a twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk?  Or when you had no food in the house, did a friend suddenly stop by and bring you lunch?  I call those pretty darn lucky events.  Maybe they did not effect your entire life, but I bet they helped at the time!
  Now think about bigger lucky events in your life.  Did you make a last minute decision to attend a party where you met the love of your life?  Or maybe you met an acquaintance unexpectedly who steered you toward the best job of your career.  These are both certainly a good turn of luck.  They were probably more than luck in fact; they were wonderful twists of fate.  Sometimes events that seem like nothing more than good luck are destiny and fate working in our life.  I firmly believe that some things are meant to happen in our lives.  A simple turn of luck in your life can alter your entire existence.  We can attract good luck into our lives, but destiny always has a say in the matter.
  There are a few simple things you might try to attract good luck into your life.  First decide what area of your life  needs some good luck.  Of course, it would be great to be lucky in every area of your life, all the time!  I will give you a visualization on my next blog to help with that idea.  For now, lets look at becoming luckier in specific areas of your life.  For many people these days, money is a prime area of concern.  Money is tight, and prices keep rising.  The first and most important thing I can tell you about becoming luckier with money is not to hold it too tightly.  The more you try to hold on to money, the faster it will flow through your fingers.  You must allow money to come and go, with unduly fretting about it.  Let money be fluid in your life.  The more you worry about money, the less chances you are going to have with it.  I am not saying to go and spend all your money in great hopes it will come back to you.  You must be sensible about it.  I am saying not to put all your emphasis and concern on money.  We need a  certain amount of money to live comfortably in this world but never let it be your first love.
  If you are trying to have good luck with money, or make more money, think of the color green.  Green is the color of money and it helps to attract money.  If you are going to Vegas to gamble, wear something green. A green shirt, dress, or even just a green piece of jewelry.  If you are trying to make more money in your business life, place coins or green objects on or around your work area.  You could place a small green plant on your desk, or a green cloth on a table.  Put a coin on the four corners of your office, or building for luck.  These things may seem silly, but they are a type of sympathetic magick.  Since green is the color of money, it will attract it to you.  Coins are actual money, and they will draw more money to you.
  There are a number of objects that are traditionally lucky in themselves.  One that I always recommend is a buckeye.  They are good luck, in particular with money.  It would be very easy to keep one of these in your purse or pocket.  If you are going somewhere to try and win or make money, take a buckeye along.  You might also consider taking a green crystal,  a piece of jade, or a green stone with you.  An emerald ring or necklace would be great, if you have one. 
  If you decide to use a crystal, stone, or green piece of jewelry as your lucky object, do spiritually cleanse it first.  Just rinse it with some warm water, with sea salt in the water, if possible.  This will remove any negativity from the object.  Then hold the object in your hand and ask that it be blessed by your higher power.  There are many ways to spiritually cleanse an object, but this is the easiest one.  Once your lucky object is cleansed, take it with your any time you wish to attract luck.
  My next blog will also be about ways to attract good luck.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Spiritual Balance, Part 3

Hello everybody!  Who is glad it's Friday?  I am, and I'm glad we are having a sunny Friday in GA, too.  So far, no rain today.  Let's keep it that way!
  Today I am posting about spiritual balance again. In this final part of the blog,  I am discussing times when we actually feel out of balance spiritually.  These are times when we are questioning our religious and spiritual beliefs.  We may  feel unable to reach out and contact our higher power. I use the term, "higher power" in my blogs because I have many friends and clients of different religions and spiritual beliefs.  I honor all religions and beliefs.  So when I refer to a "higher power", you will understand I am referring to God/Goddess.
   If you are spiritually out of balance, you may feel a great struggle between the everyday world and the spiritual world.  Work, family, money, and other problems in the real world may take precedence over the spirit.  You may not find time to worship, attend church, or do spiritual rituals.  You are not growing in the spirit because you are not putting any effort into doing that.
The soul is lacking, and you may feel like nothing more than an empty vessel.  If you are out of balance spiritually, you may feel that the higher powers have nothing to offer you.  Even worse, you may not feel worthy of contact with your God or Goddess.
  I think it is normal to feel like this from time to time.  Sometimes we get so busy with life, that all of our focus is on the real world.  This is okay, we have to live in the physical  world for now, after all.  It is only when we let our spirit languish in the dark that we become out of balance spiritually.  When we make no attempt to grow, or to become better and wiser, this is when our spirit withers like a plant without water.
  I know there are many people who have no religious or spiritual beliefs, and I honor that, too.  This is their choice and we must respect it.  Perhaps it is not their time to reach out to a higher power.  It does not mean they are out of balance spiritually.  It means they  have closed a door that may or may not open again. 
  If you are feeling blocked in your spiritual growth, it could be that it is time for this to happen.  We can not always grow spiritually in leaps and bounds. Sometimes we must rest, and allow growth to begin when it is time.
The seed of new life must rest underground before it blossoms in the spring.
This may be your time to re-examine what you have learned, before taking a new step.  This can be a good time for meditations, and reviews.  Think over what you have believed previously and decide if it is right for you now and in the future.  After a period of spiritual imbalance, you may choose a different church, spiritual path, or even a new life style. 
  Spiritual imbalance should clearly tell you that something is wrong in the soul.  Look deeply inside yourself and decide what you need to feed your spirit.  You may take a major step forward in your spiritual growth at this time.
  Blessings from Psykiksister for your continued spiritual growth.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spiritual Balance, Part 2

Hello everybody! I hope you are all having a pleasant day and better weather than we are having in GA.  Yes, it is raining again!  For those of you in GA: time to start building an ark!
  Today I am posting the second part of spiritual balance. This part is about balance in a relationship; whether it is a love relationship or a different type.
It is much easier to identify imbalance in a relationship than in ourselves.  If a relationship is not in balance, there are arguments, stress, and a lack of harmony.  The people involved are pulling in different directions instead of together. 
  The good news here is that there is almost always some kind of imbalance in a relationship.  Sometimes one person is giving 90 percent while the partner is only giving 10 percent.  There may be an imbalance in the desire for sex, for social activity, even in religious or spiritual beliefs.  Every couple or relationship of any type has periods of imbalance, and this is perfectly normal.  We move closer, we move apart.  It is when these times of imbalance continue indefinitely that the real problems begin.  If one person is always the giver, and the other is always taking, resentment may start.  What might begin as a simple misunderstanding or lack of communication, can turn into a true imbalance in the relationship over time.
  If you feel that your relationship is out of balance, it would be good if you could get your partner to do some clearing work with you.  I know that some people would refuse to even try a simple meditation with their partner, so don't despair if your partner refuses. You can do this work alone. It would be great if you could do a chakra cleansing for each other, then a balancing or releasing visualization.  There is a link to a chakra cleansing site in one of my earlier blogs.  This kind of spiritual work can be very beneficial to a relationship.  Any type of spiritual sharing like this makes you feel closer, more in balance. It can also lead to some really great sex afterwards!
  Here is a visualization for balance and release.  You can use it any time you feel out of balance in any way.  If you decide to use it for a relationship, simply visualize you and your partner during the relationship. Or get your partner to do it with you!
  During a quiet time, make yourself comfortable on the sofa or a chair. You may light incense and candles if these things are relaxing to you.  When you are ready, close your eyes and take three deep breaths.  Let the world go now and relax.  This is your calm time, your time to get back in balance. 
  In your mind,  visualize a large, ornate mirror in front of you.  This is a mirror with a gold frame, full-length, that is very, very clear. Look into the mirror.  You can see your entire body, you can see yourself as you really are.  As you look into the mirror, you see that the glass is dividing into two sides.  Now you see yourself divided, you see each side of your body perfectly.  Now look closer.  Look for the imbalance in your body, emotions, or spirit.  This imbalance is black, dark grey, or brown.  It may be in the chest area, at your heart chakra.  It may appear in your head, or any part of your body.  Look at this dark area, and think about the pain it is causing you in your life.  It is time to remove this darkness  and get back in balance.
  Now visualize placing one hand over the area of your body that has the darkness.  Place your other hand over the opposite side of the body.  You must align the body and spirit now.  See your hands glowing with healing energy.  You will feel this healing energy inside yourself as the darkness starts to fade away. Tell yourself, "I bring both sides of myself together now. I am in balance."  The more the darkness fades away, the closer the sides of your body come together.  Now look in the mirror.  You are one again, and all darkness has left your body.  The mirror reflects your entire self again.  It shows you in balance.
  You can use this visualization whenever you feel out of balance in someway.  Put as much focus as you can on the visualization and allow yourself to move back into balance.  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spiritual Balance

Good afternoon, everybody!  I hope you are having better weather than we are having in GA.  It has been storming here since the middle of the night.  There is a small pond near us that has several resident white ducks. I think they must be the only ones enjoying this weather!
  Today I am posting about balance in our lives.  This will be a three part blog dealing with different types of balance.  First, physical and emotional balance.  These are in the same category because if we are out of balance emotionally, we are often out of balance physically as well.  The next category is relationship balance, whether in a love relationship or other type of relationship.  The last category is spiritual balance, with our own soul.
  Balance is very important in our lives, for many reasons.  In our everyday world, we need a good balance between work and play, stress, and relaxation.  If we put too much emphasis on our careers, our home life and relationships may languish and wither.  Too much fun and little work however, can result in a non-existent bank account and a loss of ambition.  So how do we manage to find a balance between what we need to do and what we want to do?  Sometimes there is a struggle for years trying to find an answer to that question. 
  If you are out of balance emotionally, you will often develop physical problems as a direct result of that imbalance.  Much has been written about this subject, and medical science is slowly embracing the idea.  Emotional problems such as grief, heartache, and anger, if not dealt with and resolved, can lead to serious health issues.  As an example,  Jane had a relationship some years ago that ended very unhappily for her.  She stills loves the person who left her, and has been unable to move past this relationship.  Jane physically feels  pain from the relationship as pain in her chest.  Her heart hurts whenever she thinks about the man who left her.  Most of us have felt this type of heartbreak and yes, it does literally feel like a pain in the heart.  Jane, however, has actually developed some physical heart problems due to the continued and unresolved stress of her situation.  What has started  as a emotional pain in the heart, has now turned to a physical problem.
  Jane is clearly out of balance, both emotionally and physically. When I say, "out of balance" I do not mean that she is mentally disturbed.  This means that her physical and emotional energies are out of alignment. She has a great need to get back into balance, and resolve her issues.  I always see emotional problems that begin to effect us physically, as a small, dark seed inside us.  This seed, can be tiny at the beginning, but left to grow, can become a threatening plant.  When this seed of unhappiness in Jane began,  she was only dealing with emotional issues.  I know how difficult heartbreak can be, but Jane might have been able to move past it.  Now that the heartbreak has turned to a real physical pain, Jane has two major problems to solve.  She must consult a doctor for her physical problem, and possibly seek the advice of a therapist for her emotional issues.
  I would advise Jane to do some healing work, both for her emotional and physical problems.   A chakra cleansing might be a good place to start, along with a close look at why she has allowed this heartbreak to take over her life.  She must ask herself some serious questions now.  Is she afraid to let go of this past love for fear of being alone?  Or is Jane secretly blaming herself for the end of the relationship, and feeling unacknowledged guilt?
There could be many reasons Jane has not been able to move on, and until she can resolve those issues, she will remain out of balance.  I would love to believe that if Jane could resolve her emotional issues she could also heal physically.  That is true in some cases, but the longer we allow emotional problems to grow, the more chances there are that we will develop serious health issues.
  If you are feeling an out of balance both emotionally and physically, I suggest you look at the root of your problem first.  When did the problems start?  Then try some releasing and cleansing work to let your problems go.  I will give you a releasing visualization next time that may help.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spiritual Fears: What Monster Is Under Your Bed? Part 3

Good morning, everybody!  It's the first of August and I hope you are ready for some hot weather.  Dog days, here we come!
  Today I am posting about emotional fears.  If you remember from part one of this blog, emotional fears are fears of things that we can not see or touch, we can only feel.  These are fears that are in our mind and heart.  This does not make them any less real; in fact, it often makes them seem more real.  The imagination goes into effect here and thinks up all kinds of things to fear.  Sometimes emotional fears are based in reality and sometimes they are just our imagination at work. 
 As an example of a fear based in reality, let's say you are a young woman recently married to a race car driver.  You are madly in love with your husband, but terrified every time he drives in a race.  This fear is based in reality because racing can be a  dangerous profession.  As a first step in dealing with this fear, I would advise you to learn some ways to calm yourself during the race.  Breathing deeply several times during your moments of stress and fear can help greatly.  A fear relieving meditation or positive visualization before the race might also help.
  If you have fears that are not based on reality, don't worry, you're normal!
Fear of the unknown might be the biggest fear of all.  Our imagination can put some very powerful and negative images into our minds about the future. Most of these things will never happen, but when we are stressing over them in the middle of the night, they  seem all too likely.  Not only can these fears make us feel powerless and terrified, they send negative energy out into the universe.  By imagining negative things happening in our lives, sometimes we draw those things to us! 
  As an example of this, let's say Brian, a sales rep, has a secret fear that his wife will cheat on him.  He works long hours on his job and travels often.  Even though he has no real evidence or reason to think that his wife will cheat, he can not get over the idea.  Consequently, he checks her on-line journal often and calls her constantly when he is out of town.  His wife, though at first flattered by so much attention, has begun to feel stifled.  She is considering looking in a new direction, for someone more secure. As you see,   Brian's fear is bringing exactly what he is most afraid of into his life.
  If you are experiencing emotional fears, you may want to try a positive visualization.  Positive thinking about your situation may help still your fears and drive them away.  Here is a visualization you can try for positive thinking.
   During a quiet time, when you are alone, make yourself comfortable on the sofa or a chair.  Light incense and candles if they help you relax.  Take several deep breaths and allow your everyday worries to slip away.  When you are ready,  visualize a blackboard in your mind.  There is a piece of chalk beside the blackboard. Take the chalk and write about your fear on the blackboard.  Write as much or as little as you like.  A few words is fine.  Focus on what you have written.  Feel the fear if you must but realize that is it only fear, not reality.  Now,  look beside the blackboard again.  There is an eraser there, but not just any eraser.  This is an eraser made of light; a golden, glowing light.  Take the eraser in your hand.  It is warm, and touching it makes you feel strong, and alive.  You no longer feel afraid.  Take the eraser and erase the words you have written.  Focus on this and put great energy into it.  You are erasing your fear.  Now say these words, "I am not afraid.  I am strong and I will not let fear rule my mind."  Erase every single letter you have written and allow your fear to leave. 
 I hope you will feel better after this visualization.  Do it whenever you need to, whenever fears strikes your heart.  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.