Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good Luck and How To Attract It

Good afternoon everybody!  I hope you are having a wonderful week and good weather.  It's "spritzing" a little here in GA.  I'm hoping the weather will clear as we go into Sept. and we will have a lovely, colorful autumn.
  Today I am posting about good luck and ways to attract it.  There are times in every life when we have a streak of good luck, without any effort on our part.  Now, I know a few very negative people will say that they never have good luck, only bad luck.  My advice to them is to stop saying that!  The more negative energy you put into the world, the more you will attract.  So the number one thing you can do to attract good luck is to believe that you are lucky.  If you really want to attract good luck into your life, you should look at yourself in the mirror every day and say, "I am a lucky person".  Then you should start to believe it.
  If you think you never have good luck, you should look back on your life.  Start with small things that have occurred that were lucky for you.  When you were really broke did you find a twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk?  Or when you had no food in the house, did a friend suddenly stop by and bring you lunch?  I call those pretty darn lucky events.  Maybe they did not effect your entire life, but I bet they helped at the time!
  Now think about bigger lucky events in your life.  Did you make a last minute decision to attend a party where you met the love of your life?  Or maybe you met an acquaintance unexpectedly who steered you toward the best job of your career.  These are both certainly a good turn of luck.  They were probably more than luck in fact; they were wonderful twists of fate.  Sometimes events that seem like nothing more than good luck are destiny and fate working in our life.  I firmly believe that some things are meant to happen in our lives.  A simple turn of luck in your life can alter your entire existence.  We can attract good luck into our lives, but destiny always has a say in the matter.
  There are a few simple things you might try to attract good luck into your life.  First decide what area of your life  needs some good luck.  Of course, it would be great to be lucky in every area of your life, all the time!  I will give you a visualization on my next blog to help with that idea.  For now, lets look at becoming luckier in specific areas of your life.  For many people these days, money is a prime area of concern.  Money is tight, and prices keep rising.  The first and most important thing I can tell you about becoming luckier with money is not to hold it too tightly.  The more you try to hold on to money, the faster it will flow through your fingers.  You must allow money to come and go, with unduly fretting about it.  Let money be fluid in your life.  The more you worry about money, the less chances you are going to have with it.  I am not saying to go and spend all your money in great hopes it will come back to you.  You must be sensible about it.  I am saying not to put all your emphasis and concern on money.  We need a  certain amount of money to live comfortably in this world but never let it be your first love.
  If you are trying to have good luck with money, or make more money, think of the color green.  Green is the color of money and it helps to attract money.  If you are going to Vegas to gamble, wear something green. A green shirt, dress, or even just a green piece of jewelry.  If you are trying to make more money in your business life, place coins or green objects on or around your work area.  You could place a small green plant on your desk, or a green cloth on a table.  Put a coin on the four corners of your office, or building for luck.  These things may seem silly, but they are a type of sympathetic magick.  Since green is the color of money, it will attract it to you.  Coins are actual money, and they will draw more money to you.
  There are a number of objects that are traditionally lucky in themselves.  One that I always recommend is a buckeye.  They are good luck, in particular with money.  It would be very easy to keep one of these in your purse or pocket.  If you are going somewhere to try and win or make money, take a buckeye along.  You might also consider taking a green crystal,  a piece of jade, or a green stone with you.  An emerald ring or necklace would be great, if you have one. 
  If you decide to use a crystal, stone, or green piece of jewelry as your lucky object, do spiritually cleanse it first.  Just rinse it with some warm water, with sea salt in the water, if possible.  This will remove any negativity from the object.  Then hold the object in your hand and ask that it be blessed by your higher power.  There are many ways to spiritually cleanse an object, but this is the easiest one.  Once your lucky object is cleansed, take it with your any time you wish to attract luck.
  My next blog will also be about ways to attract good luck.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

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