Friday, June 28, 2013

Spiritual Families, Part 4

Good afternoon, everyone!  Are you all ready for a relaxing weekend?  It's a hot 92 degrees in GA today,  so thank heavens I went for my walk early. 
  Today I am posting about a different type of spiritual family.  This family consists of our closest friends.  For some people, this is the only real spiritual family they will ever have.  Our friends are where we find our support, our nurturing, and our strongest understanding.  We may have spent many lifetimes with these same friends.  Our friends are people who recognize and know us on some deep, basic level.  The conscious mind may not realize that this is someone we know from a past life.  The soul, however, recognizes the friend, and the love that you have felt in another lifetime for that person.
  Have you ever met someone and known instantly that this person would be important in your life?  Maybe you just felt an instant liking and felt that this person could be your friend.  That could have been your spirit speaking, and giving the conscious mind an important message.  Your spirit is saying. "Here is part of your spiritual family, here is your friend,".  It is up to you at that point to take a step towards a true friendship. 
  Groups of friends often reincarnate together, or at similar times.  These  friends may need similar experiences in life for more spiritual growth.  The group of friends have agreed on some level between lives to meet again and grow together.  They have agreed to support each other, and to be a type of spiritual family.  Some of your friends may even have been your family in another life.  If you have an older friend who has given you great support and guidance in this lifetime, that person might have been one of your parents in a past life.  They have continued that role in this lifetime, but in a different way. 
  Friends do not always continue in our lives, for many reasons.  We grow apart, we argue,  we move to different parts of the country.  If you have had a deep, long-term friendship that ends, it probably means you have worked out your karma with that person.  You may very well meet in another life, and form a friendship again.  It is important to nourish friendships, and try to mend fences when there is a problem.  If we let our spiritual friendships dwindle away, we may have to work on that karma in a future life. 
  Many people who are not close to their birth families find their deepest spiritual growth and fulfillment through their true friends.  They have formed their own families with their friends.  One person in the group may play the role of "mother", the one who always nurtures everyone else.  Another friend may take on the role of the "baby".  This is a friend who is a little spoiled but lovable.  Everyone puts up with the "baby", because they are just so darn cute!  If you feel that your friends are your true spiritual family, you might ask yourself what role you are playing in the group.  Are you the "father", who rescues the "black sheep" over and over again?  Or maybe you are playing the role of "little sister", with many male "brothers", to look after you.  These roles can and often do change and evolve in a group of spiritual friends.  You may think you simply want a friend to go out with on Saturday night, but true spiritual friends have a much higher purpose together. The reason spiritual friends form a "family" is so they can all learn and grow together.
  Wishing you all a great weekend and blessings from Psykiksister.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spiritual Families, Part 3

Hello everyone!  I hope you all are having a nice lunch, followed by a relaxing afternoon.  It's another cloudy day in GA, with a rumble of thunder from time to time.  Don't forget your umbrella if you're going out!
  Today I am posting about spiritual families again, and particularly about children who do not grow up with their birth families.  Many children do not grow up with their birth families, either because they are given up for adoption, or because they are taken away from their families.  Social service agencies are often forced to remove children from abusive or negligent parents.  This is a far from ideal solution to an agonizing problem, but a solution that is sometimes needed.  Increasingly today children are raised by their grandparents or other family members.  The parents of these children may be addicts, alcoholics, or have mental and emotional issues.  Growing up with a different family may benefit these children greatly, or it may cause them other problems. 
  Our question for today is: who is the real spiritual family for people who are not raised with their birth family? Is their true spiritual family the birth mother and father?   Or is the adoptive family where they are truly meant to be?  These are complicated questions, but again,  I believe there are no accidents about our birth.  We have chosen to be born into a certain family, whether we remain in that family or not.  The mother who gives up a child for adoption may have chosen that experience before she entered this lifetime.  That may be hard to understand, as giving up a child is undoubtedly a very painful experience.  It may well be for the child's benefit that he or she is put up for adoption.  The birth mother will grow spiritually by giving her child a chance for a better life.  Even though the birth mother may be in painful or difficult circumstances,  she may have a very high spiritual role in this lifetime.  Part of her spiritual path may be to provide another family with the opportunity to raise and love a child.  In this case, I believe this child's true spiritual family is the adoptive family.  This is the family he was meant to be with, even if he was born to someone else.  A great spiritual sacrifice by the birth mother has given everyone concerned a chance for new growth and new experiences.
  Often children are raised by the grandparents or other family members.  These children may remember or even still spend time with their birth parents.  In these cases, a new spiritual family has been formed, but the child is still connected to the original family.  Sometimes this gives the child a very disjointed feeling, as if they do not belong anywhere.  Again, as part of their own spiritual growth pattern,  I believe these children belong with the person who raises them.  They may have some karma to work out with the mother or father, but Nana and Grandpa are their true spiritual family.  Before any of these family members came into this lifetime, they have all met on some spiritual plane to decide on their roles.  Nana and Grandpa have agreed to parent this child at some point in his life.  The birth parents may be taking on very difficult roles in this lifetime.  They may be choosing to experience addictions, or various types of illness.  I'm sure you are wondering why anyone would choose to experience addiction or illness during their lifetime.  This is to work out karma from other lifetimes, and grow spiritually. If we do not have experiences, how can we grow, after all?
   We also have to look at children who are raised in a group home, or orphanage.  These children may never know their birth parents, or ever have
an adoptive family.  In that case, who is their real spiritual family?  I feel so much for these children, it is difficult for me to even write about their situation.  These are souls who will find their real spiritual families later.  Their spiritual families may be as adults with spouses and their own children.  They may  with close friends who have been with them during many lifetimes.  As adults, some of these children may seek and find their birth families.  It may be part of their spiritual role in life to learn to love the original family, or to learn to walk away from them.
  I know it is difficult to understand why any soul would choose to take on a painful or heart-breaking role in life.  Sometimes we really have to shift our thinking around to grasp this theory.  If you consider that the hardest roles in life result in the most spiritual growth, maybe you will understand a little more.  Everyone suffers at some point,  whether it is mental, physical or emotional pain.  I truly believe that as long as you do the best you can in life, then you will have accomplished your spiritual goals.  You will have grown in the spirit.
  My next post will be about different types of spiritual families.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Spiritual Families, Part 2

Good afternoon, everybody!  I hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday,  with plenty of sunshine.  We are having sunshine here in GA, mixed in with those sudden summer rainstorms.  Humid, humid,  humid!
  Today I am posting again about spiritual families, with an emphasis on family members.  The people who are our birth family members are often people we love from life to life.  We form different associations with these people in each lifetime, as a spiritual growth pattern.  These associations shift and change, as we  grow in the spirit.  In one lifetime,  the person who is our mother, may choose to be our father, or even our spouse in the next life.  This is so we can complete karmic debts and experience new opportunities for growth. 
  The love that we feel for our family members and friends continues from lifetime to lifetime.  It may not continue in the same form, but it is still there. As an example, in one lifetime you may have a deep, romantic love for your spouse.  Your spouse is much younger than you, and always looks to you for advice and support.  In your next lifetime together,  your spouse may choose to be your older brother or sister.  They have chosen to be a guiding light in your life, and someone you can always depend on.  Both of you will have a different learning experience, and will grow in the spirit as a result. 
   Sometimes we see families that do not get along, or even hate each  other.
Parents and siblings can be estranged for years or never reunite.  There are certainly many reasons for this, and not all of these reasons stem from past lives.  Sibling rivalry, anger, pain, fear; all of these things can contribute to long-standing resentment in a family.  We can bring old problems from past lives into our new life with us though.  There may be  karmic issues between family members that have gone on several lifetimes.  That may sound difficult, but it means we have accepted another opportunity to resolve those issues. 
  There can be times when our enemies in one life become our family members in the next life.  Yes, I know that sounds horrible!  Again, this is to resolve karmic issues and for new spiritual growth.  As an example,  let's say that in an earlier life in medieval Europe, you are a male apprenticed to a blacksmith.  This blacksmith is a nasty bully who makes your life miserable.  You are given all the scut work and very little food.  As a young man, you fall in love with the blacksmith's daughter.  He refuses to allow your marriage, and sends his daughter away.  You never love again, and also never forget your hatred for this man.  As a result, in the next life, you and the former blacksmith  agree to be family members.  Remember, in my last post I said that these spiritual agreements happen between lives.  In the new life, you have chosen to be the mother of the family, and the former blacksmith is your daughter.  You are in control of this former blacksmith, he is now your child.  There is much negative karma to be worked out here. It may take more than one lifetime to work out this karma.  You may choose to grow spiritually and love this child unconditionally.  You could just as easily make this child's life a terrible existence.  This is where we have to choose our own path.  It is up to us to make our spirit expand, or let it languish in the dark.
  My next post will look at other spiritual family relationships.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spiritual Families

Good morning, everybody! I am glad to be writing again today after a trip to PA.  The weather was so nice there I wanted to stay.  Pennsylvania is a truly beautiful state, well worth visiting.
  Today I am posting about spiritual families and how we choose them.  Spiritual families may be your birth family or they may be people we meet and love along the way. You may be born into a strong family unit and remain close to those family members all your life. Count yourself blessed if you were born into this type of family.  Many others are born into families that are never close, or leave those families at an early age.  Babies are given up for adoption, or children are left with grandparents to raise.  Some of us are born into abusive families, or families who never show affection or love.  Our big questions today are  why we were born into our particular family, and who is our real spiritual family?
  I will tell you immediately that I believe we choose the family to be born into well before our birth.  There are no accidents about this.  Our spirit makes this choice, guided by higher beings, or God/Goddess, before we are born.  There are always many reasons we are born into a particular family, both for our benefit and for our family.  These reasons may seem extremely obscure, particularly if we are born into a difficult or even abusive family.  There is a spiritual pattern in everything we do, even though the pattern may be difficult to discern.
  I am sure many of you are wondering why anyone would choose to be born into an abusive or unloving family.  Why would your spirit choose to suffer, experience negativity, or even be given away to another family?  If it sounds like a mistake was made, you may have to look at it differently.  The spirit chooses the family to experience certain things.  Our spirits need a chance to grow and become enlightened.  The spirit grows through both positive and negative experiences.  If we only experience the positive in life we will never have a chance to expand and move ahead.  We are not meant to suffer interminably even if we are born into an unhappy family.  We are meant to rise above the pain and grow in the spirit.
 Our family members are an integral part of our spiritual growth experience. At some point, in between lives,  there has been an agreement between our spirit and those of our family members.  We have agreed to share certain experiences, good and bad, together. For instance,  one spirit may agree,  for their own growth, to be the father, mother, sister, or brother.  Perhaps they need the experience of being the "loving one" in the family, or alternately, the "bossy sister" or "baby brother".  We come into this life with a pattern, and it is up to us whether we choose to follow that pattern.  As an example, let's say Mary is born into a family of alcoholic child abusers.  She has an extremely difficult childhood and marries young to escape her family.  It is not long before Mary has a family of her own.  Now Mary has a big spiritual choice to make: will she follow the path of her birth family and abuse her own children?  This is all she has ever known, after all. Or will Mary take a giant step in her spiritual growth and become a loving, nurturing mother?  Mary wants to be a good mother, but this is a difficult thing for her to do.  After much internal struggle, and some good therapy, Mary evolves into a very nurturing mother.  Even though it may seem that Mary was born to be an unloving and abusive parent, the opposite is actually true.  Mary was born to experience certain things in life, then choose her own path.  We are all born to choose our own path, and it is up to us which way we go.
  My next blog will also be about spiritual families.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Life Purpose: What is Yours? Part 2

Good afternoon, everybody!  It's a beautiful day here in GA, after storms again last night.  Please raise your hand if you are as tired of the storms as I am.  Mother Nature has her own ideas about what the earth needs, but I do wish she would ease up just a little!
  Today I am posting again about our life purpose.  Did you all get a chance to think about what you really want to do in life?  Have you decided you have a "calling" for motherhood, or teaching, or even to be a sailor?  Not all life purposes have to be lofty goals.  We can accomplish as much at home making cakes for a bake sale as we can inventing a new cure for disease. We may not get rich baking those cakes, or even well-known, but we can enrich someone else's life with our work.  So please do not think your life's work has to be to climb every mountain.  If we all had to become famous mountain climbers, there would not be enough mountains in the world for us to climb!
  It is wonderful to have high flying goals for our lives, and always want to achieve more.  It may be part of what you need to do in this lifetime, if this is how you feel.  It is just as important that many of us have other types of goals and purposes.  As an example, "Lorraine" is married to a type A individual, who is always driven to make achievements.  He is a real go-getter and has a high position in the medical field. His work had helped many people. Lorraine, on the other hand, has never worked, and stays at home caring for their two children.  As well as raising two happy, intelligent children, Lorraine devotes her spare time to helping the homeless in her city.  This couple is very different, but each has achieved their life purpose as they see them. 
  Sometimes we are at a crossroad and can not see which path we should take in life.  It may seem we have no real purpose, even though we may long to do something meaningful with our lives.  This is the time you should turn inward and listen to your higher self.  You might meditate, or just sit quietly and ask yourself what you are really meant to do in life.  This does not mean you have to change your entire life, unless that is your desire.
If you find yourself in a job that is dull and gives you no satisfaction, it may be time to listen to your heart.  We can not always simply quit our job though and go live in Paris as an artist.  Instead, as a beginning, you might take an art class on the weekend.  If you feel strongly enough about your art class, the next step might be to find a job working in a museum or art gallery. Sometimes we have to take baby steps to reach our goals, whether they are spiritual or mundane. 
  Another way to determine what your purpose is in life is to look at what you have already achieved.  Now this is easier if you are a little older!  At twenty, we may not have too much experience.  Please don't just look at your career, but the things you have enjoyed most in life.  What have you done that really spoke to you, and gave you peace and satisfaction?  It may not have been important from a world view, but that does not matter.  As an example, perhaps from time to time you have volunteered in an animal shelter, or worked in a nursing home.  Even though this work may be depressing to some people, you found it enjoyable, and fulfilling.   Look closely here, one of your purposes in life might be working with animals, or the elderly.  Again, I am not saying quit your day job and go to work at the animal shelter.   I am saying look at the possibilities and see where they can take you.
  For anyone who truly can not see any purpose in their life and feel very dissatisfied as a result, I say it is time for you to take a second look.  There are so many roads we can take in life, and I feel sure there is one for you.  We are all meant to be on this earth at this place and time, and we all have a purpose.  Take off your blinders and look around you.  There is a whole beautiful world out there and the only dead end is when we step over to the other side.
  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Life Purpose: What Is Yours?

Hello everybody!  I am glad to be posting again after several days of doing other things.  It is very hot here in GA; 93 today!  Summer has arrived in full force.
  Today I am writing about the purpose of our lives.  Let me tell you in advance, it's a big subject!  As a psychic, I am often asked,"What is my life purpose?  What I am supposed to do or achieve during this lifetime?"  Many of my clients are very spiritual people.  They not only want to know what the future hold for them, but the deeper meanings of life.  I am always glad when clients ask spiritual questions because it shows me the world is evolving into a more enlightened place.  In these difficult economic times, when we constantly hear about violence everywhere, it is good to know many people are growing spiritually.  There is definitely still hope for the human race!
  The first thing I will tell you about your life purpose is that you will never know every reason you are here.   We are not meant to know everything during one lifetime.  In moments of great clarity, we can often clearly see which path we must follow and what we need to accomplish.  At other times,  life is like trying to see the sun on a cloudy day.  We may get an occasional glimpse of the light, but nothing is clear.  As we get older, we can often look back and say, "So that's the path I should have taken", or "That was when I took a turn towards my real purpose in life".   Our question today, however, is "How can I determine my purpose in life now?"
   We never have only one purpose in life; the reasons we are here are always complicated and entwined.  If someone has only one purpose in life, or one goal to achieve, they will probably have a very short life.  It takes a life time to achieve our many spiritual goals, and even then some may fall by the wayside. Life is for learning, and it takes many years to get through it all.  Of course, many people do die young, as small children, or even babies.  I do not believe this is by accident in any way.  I believe this child, no matter how young, has achieved their life purpose.  I know it is hard to understand that a baby who only lives three months can have achieved their goals, but I believe it happens that way. As an example of this, lets say a young couple has a much anticipated and longed for child.  The child is born with a heart defect and passes away in a few months.  The parents are devastated and can see no reason for such a disaster to occur.  They manage to survive, and later find a new purpose in life. To honor their lost child, they start a foundation that raises money to help other children with heart defects. It may be that their child's only purpose in this lifetime was to guide his parents into a new path.  A path that would help many other children and give his parents a new reason to live.
   The first way to determine your own life's purpose, or at least some of them, is to ask yourself this question: "What do I really want to do?"  I am not talking about negative things, like have an affair with the neighbor or get drunk on Saturday night.  I'm talking about what you really want to achieve in life.  I believe that we all really know, deep inside, what we need to achieve in life.  We do not know this all at one time, that would be too much to take in.  As an example of this, let's say you are sixteen.  Suddenly you "know" you will marry at twenty, have four children, work ten years as a waitress, get a divorce, then marry twice more.  Mixed in with that, you will write a book, become extremely famous, but have a stroke at fifty.  Could you deal with  all that knowledge at one time?  The answer is no, we must learn what our purposes are as we go along, 
  We often get confused about our real purpose in life because of the need to make a living.  Most of us have to pay the rent or mortgage, and buy groceries every week.  Even those people who are blessed with money at an early age still have responsibilities.  Our inner self may tell us we were born to be an artist and share beauty with the world.  Unfortunately, the landlord is knocking on the door and off to the office we go.  So what do you do if your inner voice is whispering,"You were born to be a dancer", but you are still working at the drugstore when you're forty?  That is when you know it is time to find a new path.  It is time for you to follow your heart.
  My new post will be more about your life purpose and how to achieve it.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Friday, June 7, 2013

What Did You Bring Into This Life? Part 3

Good morning, everybody!  We have blue skies again here in GA and it is a beautiful day.  I hope you are all ready for a wonderful weekend.  Are you doing something exciting or just getting some rest?  I think we are doing the long walk in the park followed by a simple picnic.
  Today I am posting on the negative side of things we can bring into this life with us.  Oh, did you think it would be all wonderful abilities and talents we could bring from a past life?  No, we can bring all kinds of  pains, problems, and assorted negativity with us.  Some of these things we choose to bring into the next life because we have not finished dealing with them.  Other things may simply be part of our karmic pattern.  Either way, these are things that have made an impact on our past life.  It is part of our karmic path to solve or finish the problem in this life.
  Sometimes the problems  or negativity we bring into this life from a past life are simple things.  As an example of a physical problem we may bring into this life with us, let's say Zoey has had shoulder pain most of her life.  She does not know when or why the problem began, but can remember having it from a very early age.  Zoey has been to many doctors for the problem, with little result.  She has gone through every test possible, but everything appears normal.  As a last resort, Zoey goes to a hypnotist and is regressed to a past life.  She tells the hypnotist of a past life as a soldier during the Civil War.  In that life, Zoey was shot in the shoulder and died of a subsequent infection.  This was a long, lingering death, with much pain involved.  As a result, Zoey has not been able to "let go" of this pain and has brought it into this life with her.  The hypnotist instructs Zoey to leave this pain in her previous life.  It takes several follow-up sessions with the hypnotist, but Zoey is finally able to resolve her shoulder pain and leave it behind.
  We also bring many other types of more serious issues into our lives with us.  These are problems we have experienced during our past lives, but have been unable to resolve.  Sometimes we can not resolve these issues because of fear or other negative emotions.  I also believe that not all problems are meant to be solved in one lifetime.  It would be nice if we could always solve every issue in our lifetimes, but I don't believe life is meant to be that way.  Life is a learning process, and it may take us a number of lifetimes to grow in the spirit.  So please don't kick yourself too much if you can't resolve all your problems right now.  Maybe you were not meant to do so yet.
 Just because we bring problems with us from a past life does not mean we are "born under a black cloud".  If you are told that by a psychic or other spiritual advisor, please leave immediately.  No one is born under a "black cloud" no matter what their circumstances or what problems they bring from another life.  We are born innocent and ready to learn new ways of life and resolving our  past life problems.  Anyone who tells you that a black cloud hangs over your head or entire life, is nothing but a scam artist.  They will either ask for money to remove the "cloud" or at least make you feel very depressed. 
  As an example of bringing a unresolved issue into this life with you, let's look at Tom.  He has a big problem with money.  Every cent he makes, he spends, and then some.  Tom has large credit card debts, and is always worried about paying them.  Tom grew up in a stable family,  with adequate funds, and two loving parents.  He does not have any real understanding why he can't handle money.  This may be an issue that Tom had brought from a past life.  Tom has had dreams for many years of a lifetime when he was extremely wealthy.  Anything he desired in that lifetime he could have.  After these dreams, Tom awakens and feels very dissatisfied with his current financial picture. Instead of attempting to improve his financial outlook, Tom rebels against it and constantly spends more money.  He is still dealing with feelings from his wealthy past life.  There is  a deep, inner part of him that feels he should be wealthy and have whatever he likes.  Tom still has not resolved a past life issue and suffers because of it.  He is a young man, so maybe a time of resolution is yet to come.
  One last thought about this: we are not meant to suffer over old problems from another lifetime.  We are meant to learn and resolve them.  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What Did You Bring Into This Life? Part 2

Good afternoon, everybody!  Who had big storms in their area last night?  We did, and today it is still "spritzing".  I tried to do my daily two mile walk early this morning, but only got a mile accomplished.  It started raining when I was half finished.  Oh well, the spirit was willing , but I guess Mother Nature had other ideas!
  Today I am posting about past lives and what we bring into our lives with us.  Yesterday we looked at child prodigies who bring certain abilities with them from a past life.  Now we will look at people who have emerging talents and skills at a later age.  These are not people who are trying to develop a skill, but individuals who suddenly have a new ability!  This may even apply to you, or someone you know.  Did you suddenly wake up one morning seized by the desire to sing, act, or paint?  Not only did you have the desire, but you KNEW you could totally ace it.  You may have "remembered" an ability from a past life, or subconsciously realized it was time to put this ability into effect. 
  There is a time for everything in life, and sometimes we bring talents from past lives for particular reasons.  My belief is that our lives do have a plan, and that we have a choice what we experience in each life.  Our goal in each lifetime is to grow in the spirit, to learn, and experience.  During each lifetime, we may reach our goals, or we may turn aside into new paths.  Sometimes we do not reach our goals because of fear and negativity.  We may choose to go in a negative direction for many reasons.  The other side of that coin is that sometimes we reach higher spiritual goals than we ever thought possible. 
  Let me give you an example of someone who has "remembered" an ability from a past life and gone in a new direction because of it.  "Jennifer" has had recurring dreams and psychic flashes for years about a life spent as a medium in Victorian England.  Unlike many mediums of that time, Jennifer was the real thing, a true psychic medium.  In this life, Jennifer has no involvement with the psychic world, and denies having any psychic abilities.  One night Jennifer has such a vivid dream that her brother is in danger, that she can not go back to sleep afterwards. The next day, she receives news that her brother, who is in the army in Afghanistan, has been injured.  It is at this point that Jennifer finally acknowledges her psychic abilities.  She allows her past life abilities to return, and opens up to new possibilities.  Bit by bit, Jennifer begins helping other people with her psychic gift and goes down a new spiritual path.  She is growing in the spirit in ways she had not previously anticipated.
  Talents and abilities we have brought with us from a past life may emerge into our current life at times when we most need them.  As an example of this, let us say that Ed is a factory worker who is very skilled at  his job.  Suddenly the factory closes and Ed is out of a job.  There are not many jobs available in his area, and poor Ed is worried about paying the rent.  While cooking  a simple dinner one day, Ed has a flash of inspiration.  He has always liked cooking, but never thought he was good enough to be a professional chef.  Now, memories of a past lifetime flash through is mind.  Ed may not realize these are memories, he may simply think they are "dreams or fantasies".  In a past life Ed was an accomplished chef in a famous restaurant in France.  Ed loved his work there, and decided to bring those skills into this life with him.  He needs these skills now and has suddenly "remembered" them.  Ed applies for culinary school and is accepted.  He works various temp jobs until he can finally get a better job working as a cook.  It takes him a few years, but Ed finally utilizes his past life skills and becomes a well-paid chef.
  These past life memories of old abilities may not really emerge as suddenly as they seem.  Sometimes we deny  our abilities for reasons of fear, or because we simply do not believe in ourselves.  If we have brought an ability from a past life it will emerge at some point, even if we deny that we have that talent.  It is up to us what we do with it.  Continue on the same path or walk in a different direction, it is our decision.
  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Did You Bring Into This Life?

Hello everybody!  I am very glad to be writing again today after a few busy days doing other things.  It is a very hot, sticky day here in GA with rain on the horizon.  Yes, get the umbrellas out again!
  Today I am posting about past lives, more specifically about what we bring into our lives.  We all arrive in this world in the same way, naked and crying.  We may be born the natural way, or by C-section, or even in a little swimming pool.  Some of us are born into a dirt poor life, others are said to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth.  No matter the circumstances of our birth, we bring certain things into this life with us, even if it is not evident for many years.
  Some of the things we bring into this life are hereditary, from our parents, grandparents, and ancestors.  We may have blue eyes like our father, or brown curly hair like our mother.  If one of our ancestors was a artistic genius, we may inherit that talent.  Some of us have a temper like grandpa, or a calm nature like our Nana.  What about those people born with an extraordinary gift at an early age, however?  Think of a child who develops a gift for music at age four or five.  This child is called a musical prodigy, but in other ways is very normal.  The child's parents have no idea why the child has this gift.  They are not musical, and no one in their families have ever had such a gift.  So where did this musical gift come from?  The truth is that the child may have brought the gift from a past life.
  I am not saying that all talents or gifts or from a past life.   I am saying that it is  possible, under some circumstances.  Sometimes we bring abilities and talents from one lifetime to another. As an example,  let's say little Johnny is born into a middle-class, hard working family.  Neither of Johnny's parents are the least athletic.  They enjoy reading, the computer, and an occasional walk in the park.  Johnny,  however, almost ran before he could walk.  He was given a toy golf set when he was four years old and immediately taught himself to play.  His father initially showed Johnny how to play golf, but the rest Johnny taught himself.  He progresses extremely quickly in learning to play golf, and enters competitions at an early age.  Johnny is soon described as a prodigy, and goes on to become a world famous golfer.
   This is a prime example of someone who brought an athletic ability into this lifetime with them.  In a past life, Johnny may have been a Greek athlete in ancient times, who competed in the Olympics.  Or perhaps he was a famous swimmer or runner.  Whoever he was in a past life, Johnny developed his athletic skills and continued them in this life. When a child develops a talent very early in life, it can be an indication that he or she was very good at that ability in a past life.  The talent does not have to be exactly the same, but similar.  If a child develops an operatic voice at a young age in this life, maybe they were a famous French chanteuse in a past life.  The point is that the person has brought this ability from a past life, and even more, has chosen to do that.
  Yes, I said "chosen".  I believe that if we have a talent, and use it wisely, we can choose to bring that gift into another lifetime.  As an example, let's say Maria has a lifetime where she is a very skilled scientist.  She makes many discoveries that benefit mankind.  At the time of her death, Marie is still working on a scientific project that is important to her.  She can not finish this project in one life, so chooses to bring her scientific talent into the next life with her.  In her next lifetime, Maria displays an interest in science at an early age, even though she has been born to a couple who are well below the poverty level.  Her parents have no interest in science and are both high school drop-outs.  Maria astonishes them both with her high IQ, and ability in scientific areas.  At the age of ten, Maria solves a scientific equation that has been unresolved for many years.  She devotes her life to science and becomes very well known for her work.
  These are just two examples of people who have brought abilities from a past life. There are many others who bring abilities that do not emerge until we are mature.  I will discuss more about that on my next post.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Demonic Possession: Real Or Fake, Part 3

Good afternoon, everybody!  Are you enjoying your weekend?  It's hot here in GA and I am already longing for the autumn.  Give me those cool days with leaves changing color.  There is a time and season for everything, but now it's the time for hot weather!
  Today I am posting again about demonic possession.  Our big question for today is: what does it feel like to be possessed?  Obviously, only someone who has been possessed can answer that completely.  Even someone who has survived the experience may not be able to give us much information.  They simply may not remember.  One reason that they may not remember is that when a demon possesses a human, their spirit is "pushed aside".  Imagine the experience as being in your home, comfortable and completely in sync with the place.  You have lived in this home your entire life.  Suddenly, there is an evil intruder in your home, who has slipped in an window you have inadvertently left open.  At first, you may not think the intruder is evil, perhaps they tell you they are a friend.  This intruder is not a friend however, no matter what lies they tell you.  Gradually, day after day, you are pushed away, out of your home.  There is a small opening in the wall, like a very small window, and bit by bit, you are forced out of this opening.  This is a very horrific happening to you, and may even be physically painful. Tearing the spirit away from its home is a terrible process.  You are being forced to leave your beautiful home, the only home you have ever known.  In your place stands what you now recognize as a demon, a being of pure evil.   You do not leave your home willingly.  You often fight this demon, and sometimes you are the winner.  At those times, you take possession of your home again, you are in control.  During the weaker times, when you are firmly pushed out of your home, you watch in horror as the demon performs horrific acts.  Your friends and family no longer recognize your home.  They may react with fear, disgust, and horror as the demon does many things you would never do.  Finally, you are completely pushed out of your home. You can only stand outside the opening watching and praying that the demon will leave and that you will be rescued.  The only thing holding you to your home  is a thin, gold cord.  Even that cord  can be cut at any time.
  Your home in this case is of course, your body.  As the demon attaches itself to your body, your spirit is pushed aside.  That may be hard to believe but it does happen.  The stronger your spirit, the more it will fight to maintain control of the body.  Your loved ones may not even notice this process at first.  They may think you are "acting weird" or have some kind of illness.  As the demon takes more control of the body,  it is more noticeable to those around us.  The demon may talk in unknown languages, foam at the mouth, or perform perverted acts.  In the midst of all this, the human spirit can emerge, as it fights for control of the  body.  The human spirit has its own defenses and they do not give up easily.  At these times, the person may speak rationally, and appear normal to those around them.  They may beg for help or may not even recognize that anything is wrong. The body weakens as the demon drains its spiritual energy.  Sometimes the body dies as the demon gains control.  The thin, gold cord of life I described above is broken, and the spirit flies away, never able to return to the body again.
  So do you have some idea now how terrible a real demonic possession can be?  It may be masked as other things, with loved ones believing the person has developed a severe mental or physical illness.  I would not be surprised if the person is first taken to a psychiatrist before any other steps are even considered.  This is probably as it should be, as mental illness can take many forms, as has many faces.  If a mental or physical illness is ruled out, then what should be done?  I would love to tell you I have a "do it yourself, home remedy" for this situation, but I do not.  I'm all for healing yourself or your loved ones if at all possible, but sometimes we need a professional.  I do suggest you pray for the person, and send them as much positive energy as possible.  Remember the spirit is trying very hard to fight the intruding demon.  Positive energy and prayers for this spirit may help them push the demon away, and regain control of their body.
  If you truly believe you or a loved one is possessed, I suggest you look for a professional to help you.  Please write or record every disturbing event that is occurring and everything that seems out of the norm.  This record could be very helpful to a professional.  They need to first decide if the person is actually possessed, then try to determine what kind of demon is involved.  There is a hierarchy of demons,  with some stronger, and some less so.  If you are Catholic, you will want to contact your priest for help.  I am not Catholic, so I do not know what process is involved.  I am sure it is complicated, and requires much documentation.  This is where your record of what has occurred to date can come in handy. 
  If you are not religious, but are spiritual, there are certainly demonologists, or "demon experts" who can be consulted.  As I mentioned previously, there are many scam artists in this field, so be very careful who you select.  Ask a trusted psychic advisor for a recommendation.  You can also look on the internet, but be wise about it, please.  Anyone who asks for an exorbitant fee, or no fee but seems much too eager for the job, should be looked at very carefully.
 For those of you who are religious, but not Catholic, you could always call your minister or pastor.  They may or may not have any experience or knowledge in this field, but perhaps they can refer you to someone else.  They may also offer to bless the person and your home.  In some cases, this may help, or it could anger the demon and make the situation worse.  I would certainly try blessing the person and home, and pray for the best.
  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.