Friday, March 29, 2013

Animal Spirits and Elemental Spirits, Part 2

Good morning, everyone!  Spring is here in GA again.  Sunny skies and warm, just right for Easter egg hunts this weekend.
  Today I posting more about animal spirits and elemental spirits.  I'm wondering how many of you believe you have seen a spirit of an animal or an elemental spirit?  If so, please  post a comment and tell about it.  I think many people would be relieved to know that the spirit of their pet continued on in another, happier place. So many of us get very attached to our pets, and it is a real grieving process when they pass away.  I believe strongly we will see their little faces again, just like we will be with our human loved ones who have crossed over.  The spirit continues, and I think that applies to animals as well as humans.
  I would be particularly interested if anyone has seen the spirit of an elemental, or a live one, too.  Elementals can be many shapes and sizes,  and they may not look anything like what you have seen on TV.  They are living in an alternate plane of existance to ours, though I believe they can enter our world at will.  They are many forms of elementals, or nature spirits, and they can be called on to help us in our lives.  This doesn't mean they have to assist us, just if we ask nicely they may do so.  For instance, if you have a garden that isn't doing  well, you might call upon a garden elemental or "garden deva" as they are sometimes called.  These are nature spirits who often live in gardens and help them to flourish.  Calling upon an elemental can be nothing more than a simple prayer or request that they help you.  It might be helpful first though if you believe in them and accept that they are there!
  Nature spirits can often be seen as flashes of lights in gardens, wooded areas, and by water.  Go outside in the evening or twilight and look around.  Don't stare directly, but let your eyes go slightly out of focus.  Do you see little flashes of light moving around that can't be explained?  It could be fireflies, of course, but maybe not.  Maybe you are seeing some nature spirits moving around, fairies, garden devas, etc.  If you are very lucky, you might see one up close.  Chances are if you do, the rational mind may think you are seeing a humming bird or again, a firefly. 
  Some elementals can appear to us as almost human figures.  These might be elves, dwarves, wood nymphs, etc.  If you see one of these, I think you would know it, because even if they appear somewhat human, there are differences.  On TV or in movies, we usually see these elementals as human size, and very much like us, other than perhaps pointed ears, and carrying a bow and arrow.  The reality can be quite different. For instance, the one and only time I have seen an elemental up close was very startling to me.  Some years ago while living in a house that had alot of strong energy, a very short, doll-like elemental appeared to me.  I was just sitting at my desk at the time, doing paperwork, no one in the house but me.  Suddenly I had the oddest feeling someone was staring at me.  I whirled around in my desk chair, and there peaking in the door at me was an elemental!  He looked like a human, but with rather rough, doll-like features.  About two feet tall,  he had yellowish hair and some kind of green clothing.  I saw this clearly, but onlyfor a moment and then he was gone. I was really startled by this, but not scared.  Of course I got right up and checked out the house, not believing he was truly an elemental.  No one was there and I never saw this elemental again.  I have no explaination why he appeared to me that day, other than we had many strange metaphysical occurances in that house while I lived there. Someone once asked me if this elemental looked liked a "Chucky doll" and I would have to say yes, but thank heavens not in a bad way!
  When elemental spirits die, I believe they are taken to a special place of their very own.  Surely this is a beautiful wooded area with tall trees and peaceful streams.  Like animal spirits, sometimes their spirits return to this earth for their own purposes.  You might get a glimpse of one in your garden one evening.  Maybe a special garden diva has returned from beyond to make your flowers grow!
  Wishing you all a wonderful Easter, spring, or whatever you might be celebrating this weekend.  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Animal Spirits and Elemental Spirits

Good morning, everyone!  It's a beautiful but very cold day here in Ga. I don't mind the cold, as long as we don't have those nasty, grey days.  I love the sunshine!
  Today I am going to share some information about animal spirits and elemental spirits.  I'm sure there are many people who don't think animals have spirits, but that is their opinion.  I believe strongly that animals do have spirits and a purpose of their own in this life.  Their spirit and their purpose may not be at all like humans, but that is as it's supposed to be. 
  Animal spirits and elemental spirits are often similiar, but can also be quite different.  An elemental spirit is a nature spirit or being.  It might have the appearance of an animal or more closely resemble a small human figure.  Their abode is outside, in natural surroundings, woods, lakes, gardens.  Sometimes they are guardians of the land, or streams.  Fairies, trolls, elves, etc., could all be considered elementals.  I'm sure we have all read about these beings, and seen them on TV and in movies.  They can be quite different than what we see on TV, but they are real, and living in their own world.  They can be seen if they choose to be, or if you are very lucky.  Of course, you might not want to encounter some elemental spirits.  A peaceful walk by a woodland stream might not be quite so serene if you suddenly meet an aggresive troll!
  Animal spirits are much easier to understand.  These are simply the spirit or ghost of an animal who has died.  Like a human spirit, they can still be attached to this life for some reason and remain.  Many times an animal spirit will return to visit a human or even another animal he or she has loved in life.  Obviously, most of these spirits will have been household pets in life, cats, dogs, birds, etc.  The spirit of a wild animal might also remain or return from time to time for its own reason.  If you were on that peaceful woodland walk  I mentioned earlier, and suddenly felt a presense around you, it could be either an animal spirit or an elemental.  A wild animal spirit may still feel attached to where it lived, his "territory".  It may feel reluctant to leave there and move on.  I think that unlike human ghosts, animal spirits will be gathered in and taken where they need to go, at a correct time, by a higher source. Animals are innocent, and their spirits will be taken to a beautiful place appropriate for them when the time is right.
  So many times I have been told by clients that their beloved pet has passed on and they want to know if the pet is "okay".  Is the pet happy and well again.  This subject is always difficult for me to discuss as I truly love animals.  Many times the client cries, and I have the tears in my eyes, too.
  I really believe and have shared with many people, that animals have a very special place of their own that they go to when they die. This place has many names but is simply a peaceful, beautiful land where animal spirits stay until it is time for them to move to another phrase in their spiritual existance.  I believe they may leave this place from time to time and visit our world if they wish. 
  Have you ever lost a dearly loved pet, only to feel their presense around you months later?  I think this happens quite often as an animal spirit returns and trys to make contact with its owner.  You might feel a gentle brush against your leg, a faint meow or woof, or even see a full body apparation of your pet.  I know any of these can be startling, but they are simply proof of your pet's continued existance in the spiritual realm, and of its love for you. 
  If you are currently grieving over the loss of a pet, I urge you to listen for "messages" from your animal's spirit.  These messages can be very vague, so you have to really pay attention.  It takes a great deal of psychic energy for an animal or human spirit to contact us, so keep that in mind.  If the spirit of a small dog, who was about ten pounds in life, can make us feel his presense months later, think what a miracle this is!
  Animal spirits, as well as human spirits often contact us through dreams.  When we are relaxed and asleep is the easiest time for them to speak to us.  As an example, after the loss a few years ago of a cat who who been with me for twenty-one years, six months later I dreamed that he was there in the room.  He looked healthy and young again, so that I knew he was okay.  I had waited and hoped for this contact since he had passed away.  Although I knew on a spiritual level he was in a happier place, it was still wonderful for me to get that confirmation.
  Please don't doubt that the spirit of a beloved pet might contact you at some point.  Listen to your intuition if you get a sudden feeling your pet is around you, or if you have a significant dream about it. The spirit world is all around us, both with animal spirits and human. Just keep an open mind, and maybe you will experience this for yourself.
  Any comments or questions about animal or elemental spirits, please leave me a post.  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Soul Mates, Part 3

Good afternoon, everyone!  It's strange weather here in GA today, with a few snow flakes flying around.  After several weeks of warm weather, these chilly days just make you feel colder.  I think Mother Nature is having a good laugh at us all!
  So have you found your soul mate, or maybe one of them yet?  Still looking around and feeling a little frustrated with no love on the horizon?  Maybe it is time for a new approach and a concentrated search for someone special.  There are so many ways to meet people these days, with computer dating high on the list.  I'm not going to recommend any sites for meeting people, but I can tell you from my own experience and from people I know, these sites can work for you.  My best advice for computer dating is take your time and be cautious.  There are plenty of single men and women seeking a mate, but you are not going to be attracted or even interested in everyone who answers your ad.  We aren't meant to be attracted to everyone.  Think what the world would be like if we had a strong physical reaction to everyone we met!  You must be very selective and find someone whose soul speaks to yours.  Remember, you are seeking a true soul mate this time.
  There are two things you might consider doing before heading out on your big soul mate search.  One, make a list, an honest list, please, of what you are really looking for in a mate.  If you are only drawn to people with blue eyes and blond hair, put that on the list.  Look deep inside yourself as you make your list and decide what you really need.  Is it someone kind, considerate, but financially stable?  Please put that on your list and keep it in mind while on your search.  It doesn't mean you can't consider someone with brown eyes, black hair, and currently unemployed, but you should be honest with yourself about what your really need.  Sometimes our soul mates will turn out to be quite different than our list.  If so, this might mean our spirit is still working on some karmic issues that will come to the surface in the new relationship.  It could also mean you may need to take some time to look deeply into the new person in your life.  You might just find that once you look past the surface, everything you desired in a soul mate is right there in front of you!
  The second thing you might consider before hitting the dating trail is consulting a good astrologer or simply doing a little astrology study for yourself.  Just about any astrologer can tell you what kind of match would  work for you, but a good astrologer should be able to tell you when and maybe even where you might meet this person.  This information should go way past, "Yes, your soul mate is an Aries, and you will meet them sometime in the next five years, ".  Please put your money back in your pocket and go right out the door if this is the kind of thing you hear!  You should be told something like, "I think your soul mate could be an Aries, with moon in Leo, Venus in Libra," etc, and that "you might meet this person in a work environment this fall".  Now that is some useful stuff!
  If money is tight or you don't know a good astrologer, consider reading a few astrology books or doing some research online.  There are plenty of useful and perfectly valid online sites that will give you free astrology charts.  Some of these will do a chart and info showing you what type of mate would be good for you.  Don't take it all too literally, but it might be helpful in your search, and fun, too. Print out or write down any information you get, then as you meet new people you can compare their birthdays to your charts.  Don't rule out people who don't compare well, just keep it in mind.  You don't want to say, "Oh, no, I couldn't possibly date a Taurus with moon in Virgo, I'm looking for an Aries!" There are plenty of successful marriages that don't add up, according to astrology. It can be very interesting to see how easily you do fit together with someone whose astrology chart matches up with yours though.
  On a later blog I will write more about astrology and love.  I find astrology so interesting and useful, I have checked out every man's birthday I've met since I was in my teens!  That's the truth, ya'll!
  Any questions on soul mates, please leave me a post.  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Soul Mates, Part 2

Good morning everybody!  It's another stormy morning in Ga., just right for staying inside and writing my blog.
  Today I am posting about soul mates again, but a different kind of soul mate.  This will be about friends who are our soul mates, or "karma mates" as a friend of mine calls it.  Karma mates are a group of people we share our lives with, from lifetime to lifetime.  In one life, a person may be our closest friend, and in the next life, he or she may be our mother.  Relationships change from life to life, but our loved ones continue to join with us.  This can be an important thing to remember with our romantic soul mates.  That older man, or woman, you feel so drawn to, so in sync with, may have been your actual father or mother in another life.  So you may have a romantic relationship as soul mates in this life, but with one partner playing a "parental"  role.  This is the working of karma, perhaps because in a past life you resented a parent's strong control in your life.  If you never fully came to terms with them in that life, now you have chosen to experience that relationship again, but in a much different way.  This is not at all a bad thing, but rather another chance for you to work through some karma, and move on in the spiritual life. 
  Karma mates will often show up in your life as your closest friends.  Do you have several long-time friends that you "recognized" immediately when you met them? Male or female, it doesn't matter, because these are souls you have known in many lives before.  If you feel very close and emotionally connected to one of these friends, they could have been your romantic soul mate in another life.  In this life, you and/or they have chosen to be simply best friends, a very special relationship in itself. 
  I believe that anyone who is a close, long-term person in your life is one of your karma mates.  Maybe you have an ex-husband, ex-wife or partner you were with for many years, but have now gone your separate ways.  These people are definately your karma mates, but you have finished your karmic relationship in this life.  It is time to move on and seek a twin flame, or even your second or third twin flame.  Yes, I believe it's possible to have more than one real soul mate or twin flame.  Look at this way: maybe you married early in life to someone you truly loved and felt was your twin flame.  Unfortunately, after ten or twenty years together, you and your partner have both changed and it is time to move on.  This does not negate your years together, it simply means you have completed your karmic pattern together.  There is very likely another special soul waiting to come into your life, and work on some karma together. 
  The same thing is true if you have loved someone for a long time and that person has sadly passed away.  I talk to clients many times who have experienced this loss and are afraid to look for a relationship again.  They feel that their lost love was their true soul mate and anyone new would be a great deal less than that.  This is right and wrong at the same time.  Yes, their lost love was clearly a soul mate to remain in their lives so long, but he or she does not have to be the only soul mate or less than the first one.  The new soul mate may be quite different, but in their own way, equally as important.  They will offer new karmic lessons to learn, and hopefully, wonderful new experiences.  If you have lost the person you considered a soul mate, I urge you to look at the situation in a new light.  New karma mates are waiting for you, if you only have the courage to look for them.
  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Soul Mates

Hello everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend and that your weather is better than it is here in GA. A big thunderstorm awakened me this morning, followed closely by the cat hiding under the bed.  If the thunder had been much louder I might have hidden under there, too!
  Today I am writing about soul mates.  What are they, who are they, and how do your find yours?  "Is he or she my soul mate?" is one of the more frequent questions I get asked by my clients when I do readings.  So many of us long to find a true soul mate, someone that will fulfill all our desires, and more.  That perfect person to enjoy a deeply passionate and harmonious relationship with for all of our life. It sounds almost too good to be true, but is it really meant for us to find such a person?
  My answer is yes, I think we do have soul mates, but they may not always be exactly as described.  There are a few different types of soul mates, and they are not always meant to stay with us forever.  The type that we romantic souls dream about is called your "twin flame".  This would be a partner who is much like you, with similiar interests and desires.  You feel drawn to this person as soon as you meet them; there is always a strong chemistry between you. There may be unplanned meetings, sometimes for years, before you ever really  get to know each other.  You just kind of keep running into each other, like in classes or through mutual friends. This person is often your best friend before they ever become your lover.  You will have a deep understanding of each other and an unusually smooth relationship.
  What if you have met someone, felt they were your soul mate, only to be badly hurt by that person six months later?  Unfortunately, you may have been right, they were a type of soul mate, just not the type you were wanted.  There are other types of soul mates that come into our lives who are not meant to stay forever.  We join with these soul mates to learn karmic lessons, good and bad.  If you were dumped by someone you felt was your soul mate, this could have been for a strong karmic purpose in your life or theirs. Maybe you were supposed to learn to be stronger in your relationships, or to ask for more and put up with less.  Relationships of any kind are always are where we learn the most, no matter whether the lessons are happy or sad.
  I call relationships, "assignments" because I believe these people are sent into our lives so we can learn.  Often the lesson is to get out of the relationship and move on, rather than staying and suffering through it. I don't believe we can ever really know all the reasons someone comes into our lives, I think that is in the hands of a higher power. We meet who we meet, and we are attracted to  that person for many reasons, both mundane and spiritual.  Soul mates can stay in our lives from a very short time, to a lifetime.  We all have many karmic purposes on this earth, and sometimes they are not fullfilled with the first love of our life.  Sometimes we have to keep looking for a true twin flame.
  Wishing you all a real twin flame, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Are You Psychic?, Part 3

Good afternoon, everyone.  I hope you are all having a great week and wonderful weather. 
 Today we are going to explore another way to expand your psychic abilities and learn how to deal with them. You will notice I didn't say "control" them, because as I said last time, I don't think you  can ever fully control psychic gifts.  You get true psychic flashes and visions when you get them, and that's all.
  One good way to learn more about your psychic abilities and really make them expand is to work with a group.  I've taught psychic development classes for years and never charged a penny for any of them.  There are many similiar type groups out there, but you may have to look around.  They are often in someone's home, and can be called different things.  "Discussion groups, psychic development classes,  metaphysical seminars", etc.  I really suggest looking for free groups so you can meet some people with similar interests and everyone learns together.  Check these groups out carefully, and make sure they are what you want.  A good learning group or class should be taught by either a knowledgable person with a number of years experience or might  be led by someone who wants to learn also.  In that case he or she is more of a host/hostess and just facilitates everyone getting together.  This can work great as you can all experiment and learn together. 
  Do look for a group that will focus on whatever psychic interests you have, such as astrology, tarot, healing, etc.  It doesn't have to be a group strictly for the purpose of learning about psychic abilities.  That will happen naturally in a good group because you will be working with other people who have the same interests and maybe even the same gifts.  The more you experiment and work with your gift, the stronger it. will become.
  A good group or class will be non-judgemental, friendly, and make you feel relaxed.  The relaxed part is important because it makes it easier to let go of the mundane or every day world and open up to the psychic side of yourself.  Working with other psychic people is fascinating and enjoyable because they may have the same "feelings" that you do.  One psychic game or experiment that we have done in my psychic class over the years is what I call the "envelope test".  No, don't worry, you won't get graded on this test!  Before class, I would search magazines, pamphlets, etc. for interesting colorful pictures, usually of only one object or scene.  Like a bright red ball, or tall building.  I would place one picture in each envelope, seal it, and write a number on the front.  These envelopes were passed around the class, and each person would write down the number on the envelope, hold the envelope for a minute or two, then write down whatever they felt the picture inside was. Then when we had passed all the envelopes around, I would open them one at a time, and each person would tell the group what they had written down about it beforehand.  It is surprising and sometimes hilarious how similiar the answers can be.  For instance, if the picture was a red ball, some people may have written down "red sun shining", or "some kind of orb".  Others may have only seen the color red, or even nothing at all.  It is by silly psychic games and experiments like these, that you can begin to recognize your psychic gift, and help it expand.  Working with like minded people is not only fun, but an important tool in psychic growth.
  If there are no psychic groups in your area, you might want to consider starting one.  You don't have to be experienced in the psychic world, just someone wanting to learn.  In that case, maybe you can call the class a "study group" and everyone learns together. At your first class, just get to know each other and pick a subject to study together, such as different types of psychic abilities.  There are plenty of books on the metaphysical world to help you get started along with lots of info online.
  If you have any questions about starting a psychic group or attending one, please leave me a post.  Until next time, blessings to you all from Psykiksister.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Are You Psychic?, Part 2

Good morning, everyone! It's a beautiful sunny day in Ga, great walking weather.  I will be out there today, logging in my daily two miles. I'm grateful for good weather today as we had a massive thunder storm with hail last night. 
  Today we are exploring a few ways to expand and possibly control your psychic abilities.  First, I don't believe that psychic abilities can ever be completely controlled.  You can learn to work with them, to understand them to a certain degree, and feel more confident in your gift.  However, psychic "flashes" happen when they happen, and that's  it, folks.  You can do certain things to help bring on a psychic dream or precognitive vision, but you can never truly MAKE it happen.  As an example, after many years of doing readings for clients, I still never know when I will get a true psychic flash or image for them.  I can always read the tarot cards successfully, because I have spent a great deal of time and energy working with them.  They help me expand my intuition and can certainly bring on psychic flashes and visions. During a reading if I suddenly get an image or vision, I will tell my client, "I feel certain about this, I feel sure this will happen".  It is a "knowing" that I recognize after experiencing it for many years.  You can learn to recognize that feeling too, but again, I don't believe you can actually make it happen.
  You have to work as much as possible with your psychic abilities to make them grow and to learn some control.  Many times people start really experiencing growth of their psychic gift in their twenties. I had my first psychic experience about five or six, and my first real vision about seventeen.   It could be much earlier, or later, but I hear from many young people in their mid twenties who have started having psychic flashes and experiences.  This can be confusing and a little scary if it hasn't happened before, or you just haven't paid it much attention.  The first thing I would tell you is relax, it's natural!
Start reading as much as possible about the psychic world to get some real knowledge.  Maybe get some kind of predictive device such as tarot cards, a pendulum, runes, etc.  Learn how to do some simple readings, to help channel your abilities.  These predictive devices are only tools to help expand your own gift.  They are not evil in any way, just a tool.  You use various tools around the house and yard to help with your work, don't you? So to help with your psychic gift, your might try a predictive tool.
  Meditation can help expand the mind and intuition, so you might want to try that at home, or in a group.  If nothing else, it can be very relaxing.  If you just get bored doing a regular meditation, you could try a guided mediation cd.  There are many of those of the market, including some specifically geared towards expanding your psychic sense. 
  You might try a simple scrying technique to open up the third eye, or psychic sense.  Scrying is nothing more than gazing into some reflective object and hoping for a vision.  Crystal ball readers are scrying, but you don't have to rush out and buy a crystal ball to try it.  Take a small bowl of water, place it in front of you on a table, light a candle and incense if you like, then try to calm your mind.  Traditionally you would place a silver dime in the water, but again, it's not necessary. Look at the water, but let your eyes drift a little out of focus.  You many see images forming in the water, or images, words, or even colors may suddenly pop into your mind.  Any of these things are valid, even if you don't know what they mean.  Write them down and the meaning may become clear later.  Don't expect much the first time you try this, and if you don't get anything, that's ok.  It might not be for you.  Do try again another time, and remember, even a small result is miraculous!
  I'll post other psychic techniques next time.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Are You Psychic?

Good afternoon, everyone!  It's a warm but cloudy day in GA.  I hope you are all enjoying a nice, relaxing weekend.
  Over the years in my work as a spiritual consultant, I have heard the same two questions over and over again:" How do I know if I am psychic?" This is usually quickly followed by, "I think I have some kind of psychic ability but how do I learn to control it?"  The answer to the first question is easy as I think everyone is born with some kind of psychic ability.  Many people are discouraged early in life not to develop their gifts, either through fear or lack of knowledge.  So many of us are told as children to repress any psychic feelings or abilities that we might have, that we continue that way our entire life.  Instead of embracing a God/Goddess given gift of telepathy, intuition or clairvoyance, we become ashamed or keep it secret.  What if you had a great gift like a wonderful singing voice or superior artist talent?
Would you hide this away and never express it?  I consider a strong psychic sense the same kind of gift and something to enjoy and use in your life.
  If you are not sure you are psychic, you might consider keeping some kind of a journal to record possible psychic occurrences.  On Monday, when the phone rang unexpectedly, did you know before you answered who would be on the line?  That's a type of precogitive ability or clairvoyance.  Before great aunt Matilda died very suddenly, did you get a strong feeling something bad was about to happen?  Again, this is your psychic gift speaking to you.  Write it all down in your journal, or at least jot down a note with day and time the feeling happened.  Sit the info aside for a while and go back a month or so later and read it again.  Did something happen in your life in a similiar way as you had written down?  If so, bingo, give yourself a point!  Don't be too hard on yourself, psychic feelings and visions can be vague and difficult to interpret.  As an example, it is a long-standing thing in my father's family that a dream of snakes meant a death or at least something bad was about to happen.  Luckily I don't dream of snakes often, but every time I do, invaribly something negative occurs around me.  I pay attention to these dreams, as I believe they are some kind of warning.  Psychic symbols in a dream or in our waking life can be very hard to interpret, so try not to take them too literally.  A dream of snakes may mean nothing at all to you, because snakes may not be one of your psychic symbols.  So that's why keeping some account of your possible psychic dreams, images, or feelings can be very important.  That way you can check back later and be able to say, "Ha, I was right, I did get that job today exactly   as I predicted two weeks ago!"
  On my next blog I will give you all some ideas about using your psychic abilities and if you can control them.  Blessings to everyone from Psykiksister.                                                                             

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hunting LiL Ghosties, Part 3

Good morning everybody!  It's a lovely day in GA again, almost time for me to take a long walk outside.  High pollen count or not, I'm doing it!
  Today I'm going to give you a few thoughts about what to do if you think you have a ghost in your house. Are you hearing those eerie bumps in the night or having doors slam for no reason?  Your house could be haunted, or it could be something as simple as the house settling.  The first thing I always consider about a possible haunting is if something normal or mundane could be causing it.  We have to use a little common sense here, people, before we jump on the haunted bandwagon.  Maybe those blinking lights in the kitchen are really being caused by an electrical short, or a bulb about to go. That rustling sound you hear under the porch at night might just be an animal trying to get out of the cold or heat.  Now if you live in the South, that rustling under the porch just might be your very own hound dogs trying to get cool!
  Some years ago, during one of my psychic development classes, we had a new member who swore she could see many ghosts coming into my house through a "portal" on the living room wall.  She said it was a portal to the underworld and I needed to do a clearing of the house immediately if not sooner.  I nearly laughed myself silly before I showed her that the "ghosts" she was seeing on the wall were really just the reflections of car lights through the window!  That was her one and only time at my class, by the way!
  So let's say you have throughly checked your house for any real reason for the noises and bumps you are hearing, and nothing turned up.  Maybe you do have a spirit or something similiar in your house.  The next thing I would do is pay particular attention to when you hear the sounds, or see "something funny",  and what was happening in your house when the sound started.  Was there a lot of emotion going on, screaming, yelling, etc.?  Spirits can be attracted to strong emotions. Alternately, if you have a strong gift of telekinesis(moving objects with your mind), even if you don't know it, things can start jumping around, falling, or breaking when you get upset.  Believe me, this happens to me often. For years I wondered why so many light bulbs in my house would blow out right after I bought them. Now I'm calmer and the bulbs last longer!
  If you are starting to get scared or nervous about things happening in your house, you might trying talking to the ghost.  If you are actually seeing an apparition, it would be really important to ask it what it wants.  It's easy to just freeze up when you see a ghost, even if you think there is one around you. Try taking a deep breath, then speak directly to the ghost.  You may hear an answer aloud, or in your head.  The spirits' methods of communicating aren't always the same as ours. Many times the ghost wants attention, or to tell their story.  They may feel they have unfinished business on this earth, and would like someone to help them.
  Other things you could do if you think your house is haunted: walk around your house and yard, sprinkling sea salt to help prevent the ghost from entering your premises.  At the same time, you should say something like:
"I forbid any negative spirits from entering my home", or something similiar.  If you are religious, add a little prayer to your God or Goddess for protection.
  If you don't want a spirit in your home or feel it has negative energy, do try simply telling it to leave.  You don't have to see the ghost for this to work, just say it aloud firmly and strongly whenever you sense its presense.  Ghosts have their own reasons for remaining attaching to the earth, and it may need help in being released.  You can tell it to go into the light, and be with his or her loved ones.  If nothing works, consider calling a paranormal investigation group to check it out for you.  Many groups will have someone they work with who can do a house clearing or blessing if necessary.  Just be careful who you work with.  I feel strongly this kind of investigation should be free, not cost a penny.  If the group asks for a few dollars for gas money, that's fine, if they ask for $200 for their "fee", it's not!  Listen to your common sense again here, please.  There are many good paranormal investigators out there, so look around or ask someone for a referral.
  Blessings to you all from Psykiksister!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hunting Lil Ghosties, Part 2

Hello everybody and a happy Tuesday to you!  It's an absolutely perfect day here in GA, so I'm hoping everyone else is enjoying some sunshine, too.
 Today I'm continuing with a few ideas about paranormal investigations.  To me the more important thing about an investigation is that you never know what might happen.  You may sit around all evening, accomplishing nothing but getting really bored.  Or the very next minute, you could get touched, pinched, slapped, or punched by some unknown spirit.  It's the not knowing what could happen, and the great possibilities of the whole thing that keeps me going.  You have to consider that even small events are really a big deal.  An orb floating across the room, a clear EVP(electronic voice phenomenon), a light touch on the cheek from someone who really isn't there.  On a recent investigation,  the leader of our group and I were in a basement and closed some cabinet doors to see if a spirit might re-open them at some point in the evening. These cabinet doors were firmly closed, not something that would open on their own, unless maybe during an earthquake.  Hey, we are in GA, we don't get earthquakes here!  Later in the evening, my hubby and I went to the basement to check things out and both the cabinet doors were open!
I don't know how this happened and haven't seen the films yet that were made in this room.  Maybe they will show something exciting, or maybe we will never know what happened.  That's the fun of paranormal investigations, people!
  Now a few words about things that are not so much fun about investigations.  My first and only warning is that you must always go prepared and spiritually protected on investigations!   The prepared part is easy: wear old and comfortable clothes and shoes.  You might be exploring dirty basements, barns, old empty houses, and places with rats or spiders.  Make sure you carry a good flashlight with you at all times and wear a cap or scarf on your head.  Spider webs are not fun if you walk into them in the dark! The spiritually protected part is a different but equally, if not more, important thing.  Even if you think you are just going on a fun adventure with your friends to a supposedly haunted place, have a few laughs, then head home, it could turn out quite differently.  I have seen people get very sick to the point of passing out, have slap marks on their  cheeks, and feel that they had been pinched or punched during investigations.  These have all been very real events, occupanied by very real pain or nausea.  The atmosphere in haunted places can effect the human body greatly, whether you are psychically sensitive or not.  You might even find yourself "taking something" home with you, such as a wandering spirit, or some very negative feelings.  So you can see that if really pays to protect yourself on a spiritual basis before you go. 
  It doesn't matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, I still advise you to wear or carry some kind of spiritual protection with you on an investigation.  The typical things you might use could be a cross if you are Christian, a Star of David maybe if you are Jewish, a pentacle if you are pagan.  There are many other things you can use for protection such as a crystal, a necklace with an image of your favorite saint, or anything that feels warm and protective to you.  Please don't ever go on an investigation without some protective device, even if you are a big strong man who isn't afraid of anything in this world.  Remember, it's the other world we are dealing with!
  As an example of all this, hubby and I were on a  outing about a year ago, in a small town that was having a little festival and tour of a big southern mansion.  I had no idea the house was haunted or had any kind of feeling there. I just love historic homes and this was a beautiful place.  There were a number of people on the tour and a guide in costume.  I enjoyed the tour and all the historic info, until we reached one room upstairs. My husband was standing by some very steep stairs and I was suddenly seized by the feeling that he was going to fall down them.  I made him move away, and then started feeling absolutely sick at my stomach, for no reason.  I had felt great all day, until that very moment.  I could barely stand upright, had to leave the tour, and get my husband to help me downstairs.  We left the house and I felt some better.  By the time we went across the street to our car, I felt almost back to normal.  I am certain this was because of some kind of strong negative energy in the house, not for any other reason.  This has happened to me before in haunted places, but I wasn't prepared for it that day.  I usually wear a necklace of crystal beads that I have blessed, as protection on investigations.  I just wasn't wearing it that day!
  My next blog will continue about ghosts, and then I will move onto a new topic.  Please do post your comments and questions. Blessings to you all from Psykiksister.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hunting Lil Ghosties

Hello people, and I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday.  Today our topic is paranormal investigations also known as ghost hunts.  This is an activity I have been involved in for many years, in a couple of different ways.  First, I have led a number of investigations as a part of psychic development classes that I teach.  We call these investigations, "field trips", and their purpose is to allow class members to expand their psychic awareness in supposedly haunted places.  We had a lot of fun with these field trips over the years and went to several states for investigations.
These were strictly low tech investigations, with none of the fancy equipment you see on the paranormal investigation TV shows.  Usually we had a few cameras, a voice recorder, and paper and pen to write down what we felt. We were trying to "feel" these haunted places, and communicate with the spirits in a psychic way.  I have taught and worked with many very talented psychic people over the years and it was always such a treat for us to do these investigations together.
  I am now a member of a much different paranormal investigation group.  This group is more like the kind you see on TV, with high tech equipment and that is looking for more scientific  proof of ghosts.  Many investigation groups don't want psychics involved in their work, so I had to talk to several groups before I was allowed to join.  My husband who is a high tech kind of guy, is quite interested in the scientific proof angle of the whole thing.  He has been amazed at some of the things that have happened on the investigations.  I'm afraid I'm still very low tech, however.  While everyone else if busy using their video cameras, or making EVPs, etc, I usually just wander around feeling the atmosphere.  I use dowsing rods, pendulums, do automatic writings, and generally just try to speak to the spirits.
  Not all places that have a haunted reputation, or that I have investigated have been haunted however.  Investigations can be very boring, with nothing happening but long hours of sitting around and trying not to fall asleep.  You might be sitting in a dusty, cluttered basement for quite some time, hoping to hear just one little bump in the night, or see one orb.  Of course we are all hoping to see the full blown total body apparition on every investigation.  Those of few and far between.  I have been lucky enough to see full apparitions a few times, though I warn you, it may not seem "lucky" when it happens.  It's darn scary, people! 
  On one of my earlier investigations, I opened a closet just to look in, not really expecting to see anything there.  Surprise, surprise, there was a young male spirit(like a teen-ager) staring a me with a big, sly grin on his face!  I guess he thought it was amusing to shake up people whenever he could.  I saw this spirit clearly, and though I could tell he was a ghost, he still looked pretty darn solid. I thought I was going to faint, couldn't speak for a few minutes and nearly passed out on the floor.  I'm sure ghostie really enjoyed the whole thing!
  My next post will be about ghosts again and a few more ideas about paranormal investigations.  Do please post your questions, and I will try to answer them.
  Blessings to you all from Psykiksister.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hello everybody!  It's a beautiful sunny day here in GA.  Time to welcome spring in all her glory.
  Today I am going to write a few ideas about doing a reading with Tarot cards.  The first thing I can tell you about doing a reading is the more serious you are during the reading, the better it will turn out.  If you act like the reading is a joke, it will be.  So take a few minutes to clear your mind, let the everyday stuff go, and get ready to do your reading.  A table set with a nice cloth in a quiet area is great, but not always necessary.  If all you have at the time is a cluttered desk, a cleared spot on the floor, or your bedside table, go for it.  You don't have to be formal with the reading, just have a good intent. 
  If you can, light a candle and incense to help your focus.  They make the whole process seem a little more mystical and take us away from our everyday world.  When you feel centered, focused, and peaceful, that is the time to do your reading.  If you are reading for another person, please have them take a minute to center themselves also. Select a question to ask before you begin.  Then you can focus on your question while you shuffle.  If you can't  think of a question you want answered, simply clear your mind and let the cards tell you what they want you to know. They may tell you something very general about your life or future, or something very pertinent indeed.  Now  shuffle your cards, or have the other person shuffle them, until they "feel right".  With a little time and experience you will know what I mean here.  The cards will feel good in your hands and will almost start turning themselves up.  This doesn't have to take long, and if you are a beginner, just shuffle a minute or two while you focus. Lay the cards out in whatever manner you choose, one card, three, or more.  If you are a beginner, I hope you have a book to go by that corresponds with your tarot deck.  Decks usually come with a little pamphlet that isn't very useful in doing a real reading.  If that is all you have, ok, but I encourage you to get a book sooner or later.
  So now you have laid out the cards and need to interpret them. This can be confusing to the beginner and the more experienced reader.  As I said in my last post, if you are only doing a one card reading, that is your answer.  The more cards, the more confusing it gets, so maybe doing simple layouts at first is best.  There are two ways to read the cards: with knowledge of the cards themselves, or simply intuitively.  Many readers start with little or no knowledge of what the cards mean and only use their intuition during the reading.  They just look at the pictures on the cards and let them speak to their third eye.  This can work but the more real knowledge of the cards meanings you have, the better the reading will be. The cards have their own power and when you add your intuition to that, you will be a great reader.  So do take the time to learn the traditional meanings of the cards from whatever books you can find or even online if you like. 
  If you are using a number of cards for your reading, say ten, in the traditional Keltic layout, try looking for patterns in the cards.  Cards that seem to go together to you.  Several cards of the same suit perhaps that spark your imagination and intuition.  Or several Court cards that speak of people in your life or around you.  Open up your mind to the possiblities of the reading and it will go well. Don't be afraid of the so called "negative cards" like the ten of swords or the Death card.  Many times the darker cards are in the reading as warnings, or things that may happen in our lives if we don't avert or change them. Not everything is written in stone in our lives or the cards.
  If you are a beginner, don't take the readings to heart too much until you get some experience.  Write down the answers the cards have given you, and wait to see how things turn out in your real life.  Or if you have other predictive tools, such as a pendulum or runes, ask them your question too, and see if you get a similiar answer.  As an example, if you ask the cards, "Will I get a new job?", then ask the runes, and the pendulum the same question, and they all say, "Yes",  it is a clear cut answer.  Get ready, you are going to  have a new job!  Do keep in mind though, that spiritual time can be different than our time in the real world.  Try to be specific when you ask a question: "Will I get a new job before summer?" might be better than just asking if you will change jobs. 
  More than anything in a reading, particularly when you are reading for another person,  you want to keep a positive attitude.  You don't want to be all doom and gloom during a reading, this only depresses everyone.  I feel that my biggest job as a psychic is to leave my clients feeling hopeful, and better than when they arrived.  Not every situation has a happy resolution, but there is always hope that we can find something better.
  I will post on something new next time.  Please feel free to post your questions about the metaphysical world on this blog.  Although I won't be doing actual readings, I welcome questions dealing with just about any spiritual or metaphysical subject.
  Blessings to you all from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easy Tarot Spreads

Good morning, everybody!   It's a cold morning here in GA. with a few snow flakes falling.  A great time to curl up by the fireplace, meditate, or do a reading for yourself.  I will show you a couple of simple tarot lay-outs today to get you started.
  The easiest lay-out for a beginner or anyone is just one card.  You can ask any question you like and the card is your complete answer.  Good, bad, or indifferent, the card is your answer.  So shuffle your cards, focus on your question, and lay out your card.  Of course, if you don't like the answer, or think you need more information, you can always add more cards.  In that case, maybe you should just start with a larger lay-out. 
  Here is an example of the one card lay-out: The card is the Empress, representing the female energy.  Fertility, pregnancy, romance, marriage, birthing new ideas, etc.  Let's say your question was about the possibility of a new child in the family or maybe a marriage.  If you draw the Empress as your card, you have a very positive answer. Since the Empress also represents the birth of new ideas and beginnings of all kinds, it would be a great answer to a question about a new start.
  The second spread is a simple three card layout. The first card, positioned on the left represents the past, or what has already happened.  The middle card represents the present, or the situation currently.  The last card, on the right represents the resolution to your question, or the future.
  Here is an example of the three card spread:
   In this case, the cards are the three of swords on the left, representing the past.  The Emperor in the middle representing the present, and the Star on the right, representing the future.  Let's say your question involved a problem with someone's health.  You have a direct answer here: the three of swords tells us about pain and suffering.  You can see it is a heart pierced by swords.  Never anything good there!  The middle card, the Emperor, represents the male energies, the father figure, maybe a very strong, opinionated man.  So far, I would say a dominating male is dealing with a serious health issue.  The last card, the Star, gives us the resolution to the question.  In this case, it's a good outcome, as the Star represents health improvement, hope, and all good things coming into the picture.
  Let's turn it around though, and say you asked a different type of question.
Maybe something about romance, a favorite question of mine!  Then the three of hearts would tell us you had suffered romantic problems in the past, were currently dealing with a romantic partner who is strong and can be controlling. Maybe this is the person who gave you those heart aches in the first place!  However, the Star card in the last position predicts better things to come, and that there is still hope for this relationship.
  More tomorrow on the Tarot, and then we will move on to other interesting metaphysical subjects.
  Blessings to you all from Psykiksister!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Adventures in Psykik Land

Hello, everybody!  I'm Psykiksister, a professional psychic of many years.  This blog will be about psychic advice and information.  I won't be doing readings here, or looking for new clients.  This blog will be for fun, learning, and opening our minds.  So let's get started!
  Today's topic is tarot cards, my speciality.  Have you ever had a reading with tarot cards?  Were you fascinated, confused, or horrified by the results?
Whatever you felt, it was likely due to the expertise and intuition of the reader.  There are many talented readers out there, but unfortunately many others with little ability or knowledge.  Tarot cards have their own power and information, but in the wrong hands you will receive very little of value. Another day we will discuss how to choose a good psychic, but today it's just fun with tarot!
  So do you have a tarot deck?  If not, maybe it's time to select your own.  I would suggest a trip to an interesting metaphysical store to check out their selections.  None nearby?  There are lots of places to order online and many selections of cards.  When I started reading cards at age 14, there weren't any cards to be found, anywhere!  So I used a regular deck of cards until some years later when I found my first tarot deck. It's a little bit easier to find them now! 
  I suggest selecting a full tarot deck, rather than one with just the Major Arcana.  This will give you more to work with, and learn from.  You can do a valid reading with just the Major Arcana, but you can do a much more in depth reading with the full deck. 
  I usually start my clients with the Ryder deck or the Robin Wood deck.  These are two very classic decks with clear drawings and lovely colors. There are several versions of the Ryder deck, such as the Universal deck.  The colors of the Universal deck are brighter and deeper than the original, which really appeals to me in a reading.
  However, what you really want to select in a tarot deck is what appeals to you.  Try looking at several decks, in particular if you can open the boxes and look at all the cards.  You want a deck that speaks to you, that draws you in, that opens your subconcious.  Look at the pictures: do they seem flat, indifferent, uninteresting?  Put it back, it isn't for you!  You might look for one that appeals to you in some particular way, such as one with flowers or herbs if you garden.  Or a deck with Steam Punk pictures if you're drawn to that life style.  There is a deck for everyone, you just have to keep looking, and feeling them.
  I always suggest that my tarot class students pick a deck that has complete drawings on all cards.  Some decks have only pictures of six wands or four cups for instance, not a descriptive drawing instead.  For instance, a good deck might show the six of wands as a victor riding a horse through a cheering crowd, rather than just six wands and nothing else.  It is much easier to connect on an intuitive level to a picture of a victorious guy on a horse than a few wands alone!  So please do check the decks out carefully, and maybe one will really call to you.
  If you are ordering your deck online, look for a site that shows a number of the cards in the deck if possible. You want an emotional, intuitive connection to your deck, even if you never read for anyone but yourself.  Who better than you to get a good reading, right?
  That's all for today, people.  More on tarot tomorrow, with a few simple lay-outs of the cards.  Please do post your comments, I would love to hear them.  For now, this is Psykiksister, and I send you all blessings.