Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Psychics: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Hello everybody!  Sunny day here in GA, and I've done all my household chores.  Including cleaning out the frig and the freezer.  Where do all those mysterious foil wrapped packages come from??  Even a psychic doesn't know for sure, LOL!
  Today I am posting on psychics, which probably should be a forbidden topic since this is my calling.  I have worked in the psychic world for over thirty years and met many other psychics, mediums, and readers.  Like my title today says, I have met good psychics, bad or so-called psychics, and the rest.  There have been a few which I will call, "the ugly", because of their attitudes and the way they treated their clients.  I will give you some ideas  how to choose a good psychic, and hopefully avoid the bad, and the "ugly". 
  Let's look at the word, "psychic" first.  This is a catch-all word for several different types of people with metaphysical or spiritual gifts.  A psychic can be a clairvoyant, which means "clear seeing".  A clairvoyant may have visions of today and of the future.  He or she may see images in crystal balls, water, cards, or  just get psychic flashes and images. They may "clearly see" your future or their own.  They may also see auras or colors around you, which could give them information about your mental, emotional or physical health.  Clairvoyants can also be gifted with clairaudience, or "clear hearing", and clairsentience or "clear sensing".
  Another type of psychic is a telepath.  A true telepath can read your mind, and possibly even send you thoughts. Many people are telepathic, whether or not they are psychics.  As an example, think about someone close to you, maybe your spouse or partner.  How often have you thought of something like, "Maybe we should go out to dinner tonight", and then your spouse says that very same thing to you?  Maybe you sent your partner that thought telepathically or they read your mind.  If a telepath has a career as psychic, telling fortunes, reading cards, etc, he or she may be very good at reading your mind and knowing what you want to hear.  This can be a good thing, unless they use it to their advantage in some way.
  Another type of person you will find working in the psychic world is a medium.  You may notice I did not say a medium is a psychic.  Normally I would include mediums in the psychic category, but alot of them would not agree.  Some mediums will definately tell you they are not psychics.  Mediums communicate with the dead, and with spirits.  There have been so many TV shows about mediums, that most of us probably have some idea how they work.  Mediums may work during a seance contacting a spirit of someone who has passed on.  They may also work more informally, by going into a trance and contacting a spirit.  This does not have to be a full blown trance.  The medium may just open his or her mind to the experience and appear somewhat unfocused.  Any of these methods can be valid, and depends on the experience and preference of the medium.  Some mediums also work with a "guide", which is a spirit who is like a go-between.   The guide helps facilitate the communication between the medium and the spirit world.
  There are many other types of psychics, but these are three of the main things psychics can do.  Other psychics can have telekinetic gifts, which means they can move objects with their minds.  Some psychics are empaths, meaning they can feel your emotions very strongly.  This can be a real gift while working with people, but unless an empath learns some control of the gift, it can also be draining and difficult.  Just think what it would be like if
you felt strong emotions coming at you from everyone you met!
  You do not have to be a professional psychic to have any of these gifts.  Many people who live "regular" lives are very psychic, and can have any of the gifts I've mentioned today.  A career as a professional psychic is not an easy one, and not usually all that lucrative either.  Many psychics choose to work with the public because they enjoy the work, like helping people, and feel a true calling in that direction.  Keep in mind however, that being a professional psychic is a job, and that psychics are people just like everyone else.  Most of the time if we want to pay our bills we have to work!
  On my next post I will continue telling you about psychics and how to choose a good one.  I will also talk about how to avoid the "bad and the ugly".  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Psychic Imagery: Choose Your Color, Part 3

Good morning everybody!  It's a rainy day here in GA, and the only  good thing I can say about that is it will wash the pollen away.  It's a good day for staying indoors and working on metaphysical things.
  Today I'm going to finish my posts on psychic imagery and colors.   One of the most important things you can do with imagery and colors is healing work.  Even if you have never experienced or tryed any kind of alternative healing, you can try this.  Yes, I hear some of you immediately saying you are not a healer!  There are two types of spiritual healers, those who are natural or "born" healers, and those who learn a healing method.  Those who are natural healers are born with this gift, whether or not they use this in life.  They may simply do healings by laying their hands on the person who needs to be healed.  For the rest of us, there are a number of alternative healing methods we can learn.  I will post more about alternative healing on another post.  Today I will give you a simple method you can practice with psychic imagery and colors.
  I hope you had a chance to try projecting colors as I descibed in my last post.  If not, now is your chance to try it in a different way.  You can try healing someone with the same color projection method I described before.  Please do ask the person you want to heal for their permission first.  If you have never tried this method before, it would be best that you are in the room with the person you want to heal.  Long distance healing is certainly possible, but you have to walk before you can run! 
  You can try this as an experiment with a partner if you wish.  Find a time when you are relaxed and the house is quiet.  When you are ready, close your eyes, and clear your mind.  Do not try to focus on the person you want to heal, but rather allow your color to come to you.  A few good healing colors are green, orange for strength, and white for pure spiritual energy. You do not have to use those colors.  Use whatever color feels right to you.  I would not use a dark color here, certainly not black or dark brown.  Anything else is fine.
   When you feel relaxed and focused on your color, start to project it outside your mind.  See the healing color surround you and moving toward the person you want to heal.  If you know what area of their body is injured or sick, you can focus on that area.  If possible, stand by the person and place your hands on or above their body. You do not have to touch the person.  Now envision  your color running through your arms and into your hands.  See the color glowing around your hands.  Now see the color flowing from your hands into and around the person you are healing.  They may feel warm and relaxed during your work with them.  Project the color to them as long as you like, or until it feels finished.  With some practice, you will understand what I mean when is say "feels finished".  The healing energy will seem to recede or go away.  You are through then, so stop your work. 
  This type of healing may take some time to get the hang of it.  The better you can envision your healing color, the better the healing will go.  If you get no results after several trys on different days, you probably just need to practice projecting colors.  Not everybody can be a healer, no matter what healing method they try or learn.  Your psychic gift may lie in another direction all together.
  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Psychic Imagery: Choose Your Color, Part 2

Good afternoon, everybody!  Doesn't it seem like it's been a long week?  I hope you  all have wonderful plans for the weekend.  Let the good times roll!
  Today I am posting more about using colors in psychic imagery.  Last night I started thinking about a few people I have known who had trouble visualizing or seeing images in their mind.  So I am going to give you a little exercise first today to help anyone who has trouble visualizing.  Practice this when you can, and you will start to be able to envision whatever you desire. 
  Sit back in a quiet place and relax.  Close your eyes and clear your mind of the everyday world. When you are ready,  think of a red dot.  Nothing more than a tiny red dot.  See the dot in your mind, red and glowing.   It is quite clear in your mind, a glowing red dot.  Now, watch the red dot get larger.  It is a glowing solid red circle, now.  It is the size of your little fingernail.  It is a glowing red circle.  Now, watch the red circle grow.  It has become a solid red ball, glowing in your mind.  It is the size of a tennis ball now.  Watch the red ball as it now becomes a large, fiery ball of color, glowing red.  It is like the sun, glowing in your mind.  You can see it clearly, glowing, and red.  You have now envisioned your first image.  When you are ready, open your eyes.  You have successfully visualized a red ball.
  Don't worry if you have trouble with the imagery.  Keep practicing when you have a chance and it will come to you.  Since we are working with colors and imagery, it you don't like the color red, just envision whatever color you like.  Green, pink, white, whatever color feels good to you.
  Our next exercise with color and imagery is projecting a color to another person or even a group.  You can practice this with a partner, alone, or with a psychic group if you work with one.  The point of this exercise is to send a certain energy to someone, by using a color you have chosen.  We are not sending anyone negative energy here, but something positive, for a particular purpose.  As an example,  let's say you are at work, and involved in a group project.  There are several opinions about how the project should be done, and tempers are starting to flare.  Nothing is getting done, as everyone loudly tries to state their ideas.  Now is the time to for you to project some calming energy to the group. This is a positive thing, because when everyone is calm, the work can move ahead.  So think of the color you would like to work with.  Ultimately, this would be a calming, serene color like pale pink, or peach.  You may use whatever color you like though, as long as it makes you feel calm.  Close your eyes for just a moment and take a couple of deep breaths.  This does not have to be obvious to the group.  See your color in your mind clearly.  Now envision that color surrounding your body.  Surrounding you like a warm cloud.  Now see the cloud not only surrounding you, but drifting smooth and light around everyone in the room. Let it touch everyone in the room, and fill the entire room with the calming cloud.  Do this for a few minutes and wait to see the result.  It may not happen instantly, and some people may feel this calming energy sooner than others. 
  Remember, this is an exercise, and one you have to practice.  You may get great results the first time you try it, or none.  You can try projecting your calming cloud alone first, or with a partner.  Send the cloud to each other and see how it feels.  Always make this a positive thing, and you can't go wrong.
  My next post will give you some more ideas about using psychic imagery and color.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Psychic Imagery: Choose Your Color

Hello everybody!  It's heating up here in GA today.  I'm just about ready to turn on the AC.  So let's cool down, relax together and talk about psychic imagery.
  The type of  psychic imagery we are discussing today is simply envisioning what we want, as a first step to making it happen.  If we can envision our desires, we have a much stronger chance of making them real.  This is true in both our everyday lives, as well as the magickal world.  Psychic imagery is not just our imagination working, although a good imagination is important to the process.  If you are a very visual person, with a strong imagination, you will do very well at envisioning your desires.  If you have trouble envisioning, or "making pictures in your mind", you may just need to practice more with that idea.  I will discuss some ways to practice envisioning later.
    Today I want to discuss the importance of using color in psychic imagery.  Seeing colors in your mind and projecting that color into the world is a big step in obtaining your desires.  There have been many reports over the last twenty or so years about how colors effect our lives.  We are told to put certain colors in our living rooms for energy, other colors in our bedroom for serenity.  Colored clothing that we wear may affect our outlook for the day, and how others respond to us.  If I am in a strongly feminine mood, I may choose to wear something red.  On another day, I may wear black if I am in a serious, or somber mood.  We often choose certain colors without alot of thought, when in fact the subconcious, or even our spirit is calling out for that color.  Let's say, it is a spring day, and you are trying to decide what to wear.  Without knowing why, you select a light yellow or pale blue top.  This top makes you feel good as you go out into the spring weather.  Without realizing it, you have responded to nature,  to the warm weather, and to the call of the seasons.  You are like a spring flower, pastel and beautiful.
  Choosing the right color can be very important in psychic imagery.  Colors can be used in several ways, from protecting yourself, to attracting a partner.  Envisioning or using a particular color during any kind of magickal
ritual is always helpful, and adds power.  Projecting the right color can calm people around you,  strengthen your personal psychic shields, or draw what you need into your world.  The right color, used at the right time will put power into your hands, and into your life.
  The first thing you should do with colors is to select the colors you like the most.  You want one or two personal colors to work with that you like the most.  This doesn't rule out using any color at any time, but these colors will be the ones you use the most.  Put some serious thought into this selection.  Maybe your favorite color is blue, and this is the color you have chosen to work with.  Think what blue means to you and why you have chosen it.  Are you a "true blue" person,  loyal and sincere?  Or is it a deep midnight blue that attracts you?  Does a pale baby blue make you feel serene, calm, and at peace?  You want a color that you can see clearly in your mind, feel in your heart and project outwards if necessary.  Above all, please pick a color that you truly like.  If won't do much good if you despise pink but try to project a calming pink aura around someone.  You would do better to project that baby blue aura because that is the color your spirit prefers.
  Your first step in working with colors in psychic imagery is to learn to protect yourself with a psychic shield.  I wrote a few blogs about this earlier, so refer back to them if you need to.  The idea here is to surround yourself with a protective color, a glowing cocoon of color.  See the color around yourself,  feel the color, and let it surround you with warmth and protection.  You may want to envision the color arising from your crown chakra, on top of your head. Or see the color emerging from your heart chakra in the middle of your chest.  Let the color flow all around you, and know you are protected.
  White is always a good color choice for protection, or just about any spiritual work.  It is the color of purity and the spirit.  If you have trouble envisioning colors in your mind, try using white. White is pure power, so you might want to consider it for your signature color.
  My next post will be about other uses for color in psychic imagery.  Until then blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spirit Guides: What Are They? Part 3

Good morning, everybody!  I hope you are having a wonderful week and enjoying the spring.  The temp is climbing here, so it's back to shorts and t-shirts again.
  Today I am posting about contacting your spirit guides.  I hope you have had some luck in identifying your spirit guide. If not, don't worry, they may contact you if you keep your "psychic" ears open. There is a time and place for everything, and today could be the time you feel the presense of your guide.
  There are times in every life when we need the assistance and wisdom of our spirit guides.  It would be wonderful if we all had a wise, older person in our lives we could count on to counsel with us during difficult times.  You are very blessed indeed if you have such a person in your life.  If not,  do remember that your spirit guides are always with you, in one form or another.  There are ways to contact them when we have the need. As an example, let's say you are having a problem with your neighbors.  These are new neighbors who have just moved in, and are constantly having loud parties, screaming and yelling, and making a nuisance of themselves.  This goes beyond just being unpleasant. You have called the police several times, but nothing is ever done.  You are beginning to feel threatened by these neighbors.  You would like to move, but it is impossible at this time.  There is no one to advise you, so maybe it is time to call on your spirit guide.
  Find a quiet time and close your eyes.  As I said in my last post, if you have an image of your spirit guide, envision it now.  If not, just allow an image to come to you.  Calm your mind and free yourself from unpleasant thoughts.  Do not allow unhappy thoughts of your neighbors to fill your mind.  You are asking for advice and guidance from your spirit guide, not revenge or anything negative. 
  When you are relaxed, call out to your spirit guide. If you feel you know their name, speak it now.  You may speak aloud or just in your mind, if you like.  Give yourself and your guide time, this is not  an instant process.  Call out to your guide and say that you need their help.  Ask for their guidance at this time.  Wait a few minutes, and see if you feel a warmth or presense around you.  You may see an image of your guide, or even just a soothing color.  Your body may feel heavy, relaxed,  almost to the point of sleep.  This is not a negative feeling, but a calming one.  It may indicate the presense of your guide.  If you do not get any of these feelings, don't worry,  that may happen another time.
  Now is the time to speak to your guide, whether or not you feel them around you.  Clearly state your problem, and that you need advice how to handle it.  Then be quiet for a little while.  This is when you may hear an answer.  Do not doubt any information you may receive, whether it is something you hear, see, or feel.  You  might get something very direct, such as hearing a voice say, "Put up a fence".  It could be an image in your mind of a fence across your yard. If you don't get anything at all, this may com to you later.  You may have a dream with similiar information, or a psychic flash in the next few days.  These are ways our spirit guides answer us, so we just have to pay attention.  Write these answers down, and think about them.  Psychic information you are given can not always be taken literally.  We must always think it over and try to interpret it as best we can.
  As an example,  let's take the phrase, "put up a fence" that your spirit guide may have given you as an answer.  This could be literal, such as build a fence between your property and those nasty neighbors.  It could equally be figurative, meaning to erect a psychic fence or barrier between yourself and your neighbor.  This psychic fence would be a protective spiritual barrier to keep the neighbors away from you.  You have to decide how to interpret psychic information you are given.  If you live in an apartment, or rental property, your answer may be quite clear.  You can't put up a real fence, so you must work on erecting a spiritual barrier between you and your neighbor.
   There will be times when you do not need to call on your guide for answers, the guide will speak to you if you are listening.  Their guidance may come to you in dreams, psychic flashes, or even visions.  You must be accepting of these things, and always write them down.  One last thing to keep in mind: your spirit guide may not speak in the same kind of language that you do.  I don't mean he or she will speak French, when you speak only English!  I mean your spirit guide may have lived in an ancient time when words and expressions had different meanings.  You will hear their words in your own language, but you must not take them too literally.  Interpret their messages as best you can, and know your spirit guide always works in your best interest.
  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spirit Guides: What Are They? Part 2

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful spring day like we are having here in GA. This is the best time of the year in Georgia, even if we do have that nasty pollen.  It won't be long until all the icky yellow pollen is gone and we can all stop sneezing.
  Today I am going to discuss how to identify and contact your spirit guide.  You may have more than one guide at any time, so don't be surprised if you have conflicting ideas about what your guide is like. Do you sometimes feel the presence of a strong male figure around you, say a Native American maybe?  Then a week later you could swear your guide is a very petite older lady?  They may both be your spirit guides, playing different roles for you.
It could also be that this is just one guide who presents himself or herself to you in different guises.   Yes, I know that is confusing, but  remember that spirit guides can take different appearances as they choose.  If you consistently feel that your guide is a slim,  Celtic woman, you may be right.
You may only have that particular guide at this point in time.  She may be Celtic, but she could also just appear that way to you for some particular reason.  Maybe the idea of a Celtic woman represents wisdom and strong guidance to you in this lifetime.  So to fulfill that idea, your guide has decided to take on that image for you.  He or she is in the spirit, they can choose to appear in whatever guise is necessary for you or for themselves.
  What if you have never had any kind of feeling about your spirit guide?  Even if you have never heard, seen, or felt your guide doesn't  mean  you don't have one. Guides do not always try to make contact with us, that may not be part of their role. We can call upon them for help and guidance, and often they will let us know that they are nearby.  They do not have to do this, but with a polite and sincere request, they will often make their presense known.  Their work for us is most often done on a spiritual level, not in the everyday or mundane world.  As an example, let us say that you are in desperate need of a car.  Your old junker has finally given up the ghost and you have no way to get to work.  You don't have the money to buy a car, or to get one financed.  Then right out of the blue sky, an old friend offers you a car they no longer want.  It is not a new car, but it will get you to work.  Is this just good luck or could your spirit guide have been working for you by helping to provide a car?  You will probably never know, but spirit guides can help us in unusual ways.
  If you truly want to identify your spirit guide, the best way is to ask them their name.  Sounds simple, right?  It can be, if the guide wishes to tell you who they are.  Try relaxing when you are alone and let the  world drift away.  If you have a image of what you think your spirit guide looks like, visualize that.  If you think your spirit guide is a Egyptian high priest, see him that way in your mind.  Then ask them to tell you their name.  You can also request that they appear to you.  You must be open to this experience though, to whatever image appears in your mind.  The spirit guide could appear to you in full blown human form if they choose, or if they have the strength.  The first time you call to your spirit guide you are more likely to hear their name or see some small image of them. It takes time and practice to develop metaphysical  skills, so don't feel bad if you only get small results.  Any results are magickal!  Maybe you will hear a voice, in your mind or even in the room, say a name.  Perhaps you will get a psychic flash or image of your spirit guide. Again, don't be surprised if the spirit guide looks or sounds different than you expect.  You could be expecting to meet that high priest, but instead hear the voice of a little English girl.  Spirit guides will show us what they want us to know, and we need to accept that as it is.
  I have often been asked how you can tell your spirit guide from some negative being, such as a demon.  This should not be a problem.  Demons and other negative spirits are evil, and they will not give you help or good advice.  Spirit guides are positive beings, and will not lead you down a bad path.  Hey, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks, it is a duck!  In this case, if it looks evil, sounds evil, and advises you to do evil, it is evil!  Cut off all contact immediately.  I doubt this will ever happen to you, but just thought I would tell everyone this just to be sure.

  My next post will be about how to request help and guidance from your spirit guide.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spirit Guides: What Are They?

Hello everyone!  It is just after lunch on this warm, sunny day in GA.  I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are starting your week in a positive way.
  Today I am posting about spirit guides.  Many of you have heard of spirit guides, and I'm sure that some of you have contacted them.  Even those people who have never heard of spirit guides may have had their help in their lives.  You do not have to know your spirit guides for them to be active in your life.  I believe that we  have spirit guides from the time we are born until the end of our life.  I'm sure we have some form of spirit guide in the after life as well, but today we are only discussing this lifetime.
  Spirit guides have many purposes in our life, but guidance and "care taking" are two main things they do.  The guidance seems pretty clear: they are around us to keep our feet on the right path, or steer us in some positive direction.  The "care taking" may be even more important.  They often have a role in literally keeping us safe, such as pushing us out of the way of a speeding car.  If you have ever felt a hand suddenly pull you away from some dangerous situation, only to see no one near you afterwards, this might have been your spirit guide at work. 
  Spirit guides and angels often serve some of the same roles on this earth.  Spirit guides often have an "assignment" to look after us, or may choose to do so for some reason of their own.  I think angels take on these same roles for time to time, but often have a higher purpose.  Angels may be watching over groups of people,  instead of just an individual.  Like spirit guides, angels can step into our lives when we need them most.  An angel may have been the one who yanked you out of the way of that speeding car.  We can pray to angels, or call them into our lives, but our spirit guides are with us always.
  Some spirit guides have a direct connection to us in this lifetime.  As an example, let us say your beloved Great Aunt Matilda has recently passed away.  Not long after, you notice a warm, reassuring feeling around you that reminds you of her.  Now this could be her ghost paying you a visit.  It also could be that for her own reasons, she has chosen to become one of your spirit guides.  Perhaps she gave you a great deal of guidance in your lifetime and has now chosen to continue that role in the after life.  She is not a ghost, nor  trapped in some continuing  existence between lives.  You will probably not see some vaporous form like a ghost when and if she contacts you.  She is clearly in the spirit world, but has chosen to guide and assist you.  This may continue as long as you live, or may only be for a limited time. 
  Other spirit guides  will have no direct connection to us in this lifetime.  They are spirits who have chosen to guide and protect humans, or received this "assignment" in the afterlife.  This is not some kind of punishment; I think it is some kind of reward!  A spirit guide is a very highly evolved soul.  They may appear to us in many forms, both human and sometimes animal.  They can appear as alive as you and I.  As an example,  let's say it is payday.  You have worked all week, just got paid, and cashed your check.  Financially you are struggling, and this money must last all week.  It is all you have.  However, without realizing it, you have dropped your wallet in a very busy store.  Suddenly you hear a voice  say very clearly, "Hey stop,  you've lost your billfold!"  You grab your wallet and disaster is averted.  You thank the little old lady who helped you, but don't realize she is your spirit guide taking on human form.  She  looks like everyone else. In reality she is your spirit guide performing her  care taking work.
  I think the difference in spirit guides and angels is that spirit guides have had human lives.  They have lived on this earth at some time, recently, or many, many years ago.  I believe angels are higher beings, who do not reincarnate or live human lives.  They have very high spiritual purposes. 
  Spirit guides can take many forms and shapes as is necessary.  You may never see them in human form, but they are always there.  You may have several spirit guides during your lifetime, serving different purposes.  As a child, your spirit guide may spend more time protecting you from physical danger.  Maybe he or she was the reason you didn't fall headlong down that old well you were checking out when your were seven!  You may not know
your spirit guide is there, but their protection and guidance is always around you. 
  As an adult, you may have a different spirit guide, or more than one guide.  The role of this guide may be to lead you in the right direction in life.  If you have ever been stuck in some moral dilemna and then heard  a voice clearly giving you advice, this may have been your spirit guide.  As an example, let's say you have been married for many years.  You love your spouse, but things have become a little too routine in your lives together.  That hot guy or girl at work keeps coming on strong and you are very tempted.  Just as you are about to give into temptation, you hear a voice in your head saying, "Think twice!"   So you turn around and go home.  This may have been your spirit guide giving you some strong advice, and keeping you on a positive path.  Advice from a spirit guide may seem like our concious speaking.  We've all heard we should listen to that "little voice" when we are considering doing wrong, but it could be that little voice is your spirit guide talking!
  On my next post, I will give you some ideas about identifying and contacting your guides.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Past Lives: Who Were You Then? Part 4

Good morning everybody!  I hope you are having nicer weather than Ga, as it is rainy and grey here.  Oh well, at least it will wash some of the pollen away.  I am real tired of all the sneezy stuff!
  Today I have a few ideas for you if you are interested in doing some past life work, but don't want to go to a hypnotist.  First, let me say that I think experiencing the past life yourself in some way, it of the upmost importance.  I am often asked by my clients to tell them about their past lives.  Yes, I can do this, and I'm sure other psychic and spiritual advisors can, too.  However, if you take the time to try and experience a past life for yourself, I think it will be much more significant.  It is like someone telling you what sex is like as opposed to experiencing it yourself!  Someone telling you about sex might be exciting, but until you've tryed it yourself, you don't really understand it.  You need to feel and see your past  life for yourself, good and bad.
  One thing to keep in mind while doing past life regressions is that sometimes they can be quite intense.  You may feel that you are reliving the whole thing all over again.  Other times it feels like you are watching a movie, and sometimes the "film" is out of focus.  You can see to some degree what has happened, but it doesn't effect you so strongly.  Whichever one of these that happens is valid.  If you were to do a number of regressions, you would probably  experience both.
  You may want to do a past life regression with a friend or mate with you.  Regressions can be emotional, and a supportive friend might be helpful.  They can either do a regression of their own, or just be there if you need a hug.  Another thing to keep in mind is that the regression can be different than you expect.  Let's say you have had many dreams and psychic flashes of living a life as an early pioneer in the American West.  This is the life you expect to see in your regression.  Surprise, surprise, that is not the past life you see!  You flash back to another life all together,  one where you are a small child in Russia.  If this happens, I suggest that this is a life that a higher power, or your own soul, wants you to explore at this time. It may have importance in your life now.
  Both of the past life regressions methods I am going to describe to you now are very simple.  Even though they are easy, they can be very effective.
  The first method is what I call the "candle regression".  You can do it alone, with a partner, or even as a group exercise. Have a pad and pen or voice recorder ready to record any experiences you may have.  Darken the lights in the room, and seat yourself comfortably at a table.  This should be done at a quiet time, when you will not be disturbed.  Light the candle, and incense too, if it helps you relax.  Look at the candle, but do not stare at it.  Like many metaphysical exercises, you should look at the candle with your eyes slightly out of focus.  If you like, ask your higher power, guides, or angels, to lead you where you need to go at this time.  Let the everyday world slip away from you now.  Look into the candle flame until and if you feel ready to close your eyes.  This is not necessary, but you may relax enough to close your eyes.  Allow images, visions, sounds and colors to come to you.  They may be in your mind or you may hear or see them in the flame or the room.  Whatever happens is valid, allow it.  You may feel yourself slipping into another life or "standing at a distance" and seeing this life. Let it come to you.  Anything you see or hear can be important, no matter how odd or insignificant it might be.  If you experience a past life too strongly, or feel it too emotionally, back away in your mind.  Tell yourself you will not feel any pain or stress during your vision, you will stand at a distance from it.  When you feel the regression is over, blow out the candle and record your experience.  If the regression has been very emotional, now is the time to get that hug from your partner!  If you are alone, do write or record everything, let your emotions out.
  The second past life regression method is one  that is really a scrying method.  Scrying is simply seeing in a psychic or metaphysical way.  We will discuss scrying more at length at another time.  For now, follow the candle method above, but you will also need a bowl filled with water and a dime.  A silver dime is traditional, but any dime or silver colored coin will do.  Place the dime in the water filled bowl.  Put the bowl on your table, with the candle.  Position the candle so that it shines light on the water but not so that it over shadows it.  Now make yourself comfortable and look at the silver dime in the bottom of the bowl.  Allow your eyes to drift out of focus.  The silver dime may seem to glow and you may see clouds start to appear in the bowl. Images may form, either in the bowl or your mind.  Either way is valid. You may continue to look into the bowl, or relax more and close your eyes.  As in the candle method, allow images, visions, sounds, and colors to come to you. See yourself in a past life.  You may see an entire lifetime, or something much smaller, such as an image of a cave, an ancient style of dress, or an old weapon.  Anything you see or hear is good, and could be important.  When you are finished, record what you saw and heard, and if necessary, ask for that hug!
  Do not worry if you get absolutely no results the first time you try these methods.  It takes practice, so try another time. 
     Blessings to you all for a happy weekend from Psykiksister.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Past Lives: Who Were You Then? Part 3

Hello everyone!  It's a sunny and very warm day here in Ga.  I'm ready for the AC this afternoon.  Not sure who invented AC but I bless them, in this life and the next!
  Today I am posting about past life regressions.  A past life regression is usually done with the guidance of a qualified hypnotherapist, or hypnotist.  He or she will hypnotise you, and take you back slowly to a past life.  This can be very interesting, revealing, and sometimes life changing.  Past life regressions may tell us not only who we were in a past life or lives, but how that life is effecting you now.  You may learn what the past life was like for you, if you were male or female, about your love relationships, and how you died.  It's possible that you will recognize one or more people in that life who share your life now.  You might also indentify a major problem in that lifetime that you are still dealing with currently.  These can all be very startling revelations, but they can lead you to resolve past life issues, and grow in the spirit.
  Sometimes people spontaneously go into a past life during a hypnotic session.  While the hypnotist may only be guiding them to a young age, say five years old, in this lifetime, they may jump into another lifetime on their own.  There are many well documented cases of this happening for many years now.  As an example, let's say "Betty" has requested a hypnotic session with a qualified hypnotherapist.  It has taken "Betty" some time to get up the nerve to visit a hypnotherapist because she she is scared about being hypnotised.  She has make the appointment because she is terrified of drowning.  As long as she can remember, she has been afraid of the water, has refused to learn to swim, and even feels very uncomfortable in the shower.  "Betty" has had many vivid dreams of drowning, and a number of psychic flashes about this.  She can not remember anything in her life thta has given her this terrible fear of the water. "Betty" has small children and wants to take them to the pool and teach them to swim.  She wants to have a normal life with her children, but can not force herself to enter the pool.  So on a friend's recommendation, she has made an appointment with the hypnotherapist.
  "Betty" feels doubtful that she can be hypnotised, but with the guidance of the hypnotherapist, slips into a very relaxed, trance state.  The therapist instructs "Betty" to go to the time in her life when she first became afraid of water or drowning.   Instead of flashing back in her mind to some childhood trauma, "Betty's" voice suddenly changes to a much deeper, manly sound.  "Betty" has regressed back to a past life when she was an adult male in Victorian England.  She proceeds to tell the therapist many details about her tragic past life.  "Betty" relates that she was very poor in that lifetime and worked on the docks as a laborer.  This life ended at a young age and very unhappily when "Betty" was mugged late one night and thrown into the river.  Unable to swim, "Betty" drowned.  In this lifetime, "Betty" now understands why she is so afraid of water and drowning.  She has brought this fear into a new lifetime, and now must work to resolve the issue.
  A realization of  why we are afraid of certain things can be a first step in finding a solution.  Of course not all of our fears and phobias stem from past life issues, but they can.  Past life regressions can be very helpful in identifying and resolving those issues.
  If you have never been hypnotised, either to resolve issues or for other reasons,  I can highly recommend it to you.  It is simply one of the most relaxing experiences you can ever imagine.  If you are considering going to a hypnotist or hypnotherapist, do look around for a very qualified and experienced person.  Ask your friends and associates for a referral.  If you are particularly interested in a past life regression, there are hypnotherapists and hypnotists who specialize in this kind of work.
  My next post will have some ideas about doing a past life regression of your own, without the guidance of a hypnotist.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Past Lives: Who Were You Then?

Good morning everybody!  It's another warm day in Ga, so time to unpack those summer clothes.  I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful spring.
  Today I will continue with some information about past lives.  After my last post, maybe you have identified some strong feelings you have about certain time periods.  Now we want to take that a little deeper so we can get more ideas who we were in another life.  I want to give you some examples first that may help with the process.
  Let's say in this life you are a mature male who has never married, in fact has never had any real desire to find a lifetime mate or father children.  You are clearly hetersexual, love women, but prefer the single life.  There may be many reasons stemming from this lifetime that has given you the desire to remain a bachelor.  However, today we are looking at possible past life reasons for your firm beliefs. First,  you need to look back on vivid dreams you may have had. Have you have had numerous dreams of being a monk, priest or other celibate, religious person?  Did you see yourself in ancient Egypt as a virgin priestess, or medieval times as a cloistered nun?  Yes, I am using examples of females here also as we often switch genders from life to life.  More on that later!
  If you have spent one or more lives as a celibate and religious or spiritual individual, you may feel on some level that you must remain single in this lifetime.  Perhaps every time you got close to a real commitment in a relationship, you would feel very uneasy and back away.  You may have also received psychic flashes or visions of you in another life taking sacred vows of celibacy.  In this lifetime you may have given up the idea of celibacy, hey, it's a liberal world now, after all!  Still, you may not be able to take a final step into a truly commited relationship because of vows you took in some other lifetime.
  Let us turn this example around and look at it from another viewpoint as well.  Again, in this lifetime you have chosen to remain single.  However, your dreams and psychic flashes revolve around a loving spouse and several adored children.  You have seen yourself in some other life as a strong husband and loving father.  The problem may be that some of your dreams and psychic flashes have also shown you loss and grief regarding your family.  Maybe you have seen your family in that lifetime dying of the plague or killed by invading armies.  This feeling of grief and loss may have instilled in you the desire to never marry again.  Your spirit may have felt it could not stand to suffer those  same intense emotions in this lifetime or even take a chance on this happening.  In another future life you may resolve those issues, and marry happily.  In this life maybe you are still working on the whole thing.
  Certainly not all problems are brought into this life from issues in a past life.  Each lifetime has plenty of problems of its own!  If you find yourself having strong dreams, psychic flashes, and deep emotions concerning possible past lives though, they may be worth investigating.  You may be able to resolve those issues in this lifetime, and not carry them with you next time.
  My next post will be about past life regressions, and how they can help tell you who you were then.  Blessings to you all from Psykiksister.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Past Lives: Who Were You Then?

Good morning everybody! I hope you all had a nice weekend and are starting a smooth week. We are having grey skies here in Ga, but maybe sunshine later.
Today I am posting about past lives. Whether or not you believe you had a past life, it is still an intriguing idea. Wouldn't it be interesting to know who you might have been in a past life? What your life was like at some other time, your appearance, your hopes and desires? I think the most fascinating thing about past lives is who shared those lives with us. Are those same souls in our lives again? Have we shared love for the first time in this life or spent many lifetimes together?
The other side of that question is just as important: what about the people who have caused us the most anger, pain, and yes, even hatred in this lifetime? Have we shared other lifetimes together in some other kind of relationship? Did the negative feelings between us start many lifetimes ago?
First, let's try to determine if and when we had a past life, or more than one past life. One of the ways to determine this is to look at what is attractive to you and what repels you. Think about any historical era or time that really attracts you, maybe even from an early age. As an example, let's say from the time you were very young, you were fascinated by ancient Roman soldiers. You read everything you could find about Rome, their rise and fall, but in particular about their soldiers. You may have mixed emotions about this, maybe even a strong nostalgic feeling. Pictures of ancient Rome might evoke feelings of love, sadness, or loss. Perhaps you feel so attracted to ancient Rome, you have traveled as an adult to modern Italy. While you are there you get dreams, fleeting images, and strong feelings that you have been there before. You might even have some kind of vision where you see yourself in another life as a Roman soldier. I would say there is a very strong chance you did have that life, and it was a particularly memorable for you. That life may have imprinted itself on you so strongly that it is making itself known in your current life. Maybe in this life, you have chosen a military career because of this past life. You may have loved that lifetime and your life as a soldier so much, that you wish to repeat the experience again now.
Let's turn this around and look at it from the opposite viewpoint. In this lifetime, from an early age, the very thought of ancient Rome nearly sickens you. Maybe you have had some dreams or psychic flashes about a tragic and early death as a Roman soldier. Even the mention of ancient Rome makes you feel depressed, uneasy, or just plain unhappy. These could be strong feelings you have retained from another life. In that case, you probably had a very unhappy life in Rome, one you are determined not to repeat. In this lifetime a career in the military would be the last career you would choose. I doubt if you would want to vacation in Italy, but if you did, it probably would not be a happy trip. You might have those same dreams, and psychic flashes I mentioned earlier, but I don't think they would be happy memories.
Next time I will post more about past lives and how to determine who you were then. Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Psychic Timing and When To Move On, Part 3

Good morning, everyone!  It's a beautiful day here in Ga, all green plants,  pink flowers, and yellow pollen.  Yes, I said yellow pollen, big time.  Get ready to park in the garage or hose down your car.
  Today I am posting a few more ideas about psychic timing.  I do believe that if you are able to listen to your inner self and psychic signs, you will be told when to make your move.  Often there are several psychic signs that will point you in the right direction.  You may get confirmation that it is time to move on  from several sources.  As an example, let's say you are trying to decide to literally move, from one house to another.  It is a big change; you must sell your current residence, and find a new place.  There is alot of work involved in this change, and you are not sure you want to give up your current house.  You have lived here many years and it is comfortable, it is home.  However, you have outgrown your current home for whatever reason, and need something new.  So you do a meditation first, and see a symbol of a new home, and you walking  in the door.  This is certainly a psychic sign that it is time to move on.  Still, your current house has a sentimental hold on you, and you want to be sure of your decision.  Maybe it is time for a reading, either by yourself, or by a trusted advisor.  The results of the reading seems clear: time to move on.  Then, on the very same day, a neighbor casually remarks that her sister would like to buy a home in your subdivision, but none are for sale.  Wham, you have just gotten three, very clear signs that it is time to move on!  Two  were psychic signs, and the third was from your neighbor.  The third sign could be telling you that if you put your house on the market now, you might make a quick sale.  Never discount signs from the real world, they may actually be psychic confirmations that will tell you when to move on.   I believe angels and spirit guides often walk in our world, to give us words of help and inspiration.  It may be hard to see you neighbor as an angel or guide, but perhaps she was playing that role for you when you most needed it.
  If you are having a hard time making a serious decision, it is important to ask several sources for advice and confirmation.  One psychic reading might be vague or not conclusive.  If you do or get three readings and they all say it's time to move on, you probably need to pack your bags!  As an example, let's say you are trying to decide whether to go back to school and further your education.  It has been some time since you were in school, and on top of that you work a full time job.  Your job, your husband or wife, and your small child take up all your time.  It would be hard to go back to school now, but it would move your career ahead dramatically if you got a higher degree.  So you do a meditation, but don't get any real results.  Two days later, right out of the blue sky, you see a newspaper or magazine ad for the very courses you want to take.  The classes begin in a month or so, and you have to make your decision.  Now is the time to get out the tarot cards, the pendulum, the runes, or any other predictive devices you may own.  If you don't do any readings for yourself, maybe it is time to call that trusted psychic.  It is always good to try several different types of predictive tools if you have a serious question.  If your tarot card reading says go back to school, the pendulum says yes, and the runes say make a new beginning, it it time to go!  By using several predictive tools, you get more of a confirmation that you are making the right decision.  Trust in your higher self and your psychic guidance and you will not go wrong.
  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Psychic Timing and When To Move On, Part 2

Good morning people! It's another warm, sunny day in Ga, and I hope you are enjoying the same nice weather.  It's also pollen season here, so it's the sneezy time of the year. 
  Have you decided it is time to move on in some part of your life?  Or are you unsure and questioning the whole thing?  It may be a  time when you are so confused about your decision that it is almost impossible to hear your own inner guidance.  If so, my first suggestion is to calm yourself and try a short meditation. You must clear the mind of confusion before you can see a clear path ahead of you.  You don't have to do a "formal" meditation, while sitting in a lotus position, for hours on end.  All you may need to do is take several deep breaths, sit back, and close your eyes.  Do this at a time when you are alone, or at least in a quiet place. The idea is not to force a decision, but to allow  a decision to come to you.  This is a time when your spirit guides, angels, or maybe your higher self will speak to you.  It is a time when you may be given specific information  that could help you make your decision. As an example, let's say you are trying to decide whether you should leave a serious relationship in your life.  You have invested some time in this relationship and have strong feelings for your loved one.  However, you also have strong suspicions your partner is cheating on you, and is definately not acting in a loving way.  You feel that you are walking some kind of tight rope every day and are afraid you could fall off at any time.  This is an agonizing feeling, and the decision to leave is not one you can make lightly.
  Now, during your meditation is the time to ask your spirit guides, angels, or higher power to speak to you.  Let all thoughts of the everyway world, all stress and difficulties drift away.  Do not focus on your problem, but rather ask your question to the universe.  You might say or just think, "Is it in my highest and best interest that I leave my relationship at this time?"  You may receive an answer right away, such as a voice speaking in your mind, or even outside your head.  Don't worry, this isn't anything wierd!  Again, it could be your guides or angels speaking to you.  You might see a small or even a complete vision, such as you heading alone down a solitary road. Alternately, the vision might be the opposite, like you and your loved one, hand in hand at the altar.  I think the meanings of those visions are pretty clear.  The first vision certainly says it's time for you to move on.  The second vision is probably telling you to wait, and take a second look.  There could be more and better to come in this relationship.
  You may see nothing more than colors, or hear one word or two during your meditation.  If you see a green color for instance, it may be telling you to go, leave. Certainly a red light could be saying, stop, wait.  Please never doubt any image, sound, or message that you receive during your meditation.  It may very well seem unclear at the time.  Write the message or image down and think about it for a few days.  It may suddenly hit you what it means, and it could be important.
  What if you absolutely get no  message or sign during your meditation?  You could be blocking your message, by doubting what you do see.  Maybe something unusual did come into your mind during the meditation but you didn't think it was anything important, or psychic.  As an example, the image of a sexy girl walking beside your lover crossed your mind.  You discounted the image because you thought it was just your imagination and jealousy flairing up.  That might be true, or you could have received a strong psychic vision of the person he was actually sneaking around seeing!
   If you truly received no psychic guidance, it may not be time for that, or to make a decision.  I used to have a framed print that said, "Not to decide is to decide".  Keep it in mind!
  My next post will be about other ways to determine when it is time to move on.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Psychic Timing and When to Move On

Good morning everybody!  It's a glorious day here in Ga, but getting hot.  I would really like to live in a temperate place, like where it is 60-75 degrees all year long.  If you know a place like that, please post and tell me.  I will definately be moving on!
  Today I am posting about psychic timing and how to know when it is time to move on.  Maybe you are wondering in your life if it is time to move on, from a relationship, a residence, a job, perhaps even your entire lifestyle.  Changes are always difficult, and it can often be hard to tell when we should make those changes.  Sometimes we agonize for months, even years, in trying to make a decision for change.  If this is the case for you right now, maybe you need to learn a little about psychic timing.
  Psychic timing and time in the spiritual world are often quite different from time in the real world.  As an example, during a reading, you may be told by the psychic or advisor that you may end an relationship during the next few months.  Please don't ever take this timing to be the gospel truth.  There are so many variables here, first the experience and skill of the reader.  Then we have to consider why the reader felt the relationship would end "in the next few months". Was she told this information from her spirit guide or yours?  Or from another spiritual being, such as an angel or a relative who has passed on? If so, you really have to be lenient about the time.  Time in the spiritual world is very different from our time.  What might be three months to us could be a year or more in the spiritual world.  In some cases,  three months in the spiritual world could even be three days!
We just can't expect spiritual time to be the same in another existence as it is in our world.
  So if spiritual time isn't the same as our time, how can we ever decide when to make a change?  My best advice is to listen to spiritual messages you personally receive.  I honestly believe that for  most major changes we have to make in our lives, there is or could be, a warning or signs in advance. We must take the time to look at our lives honestly, listen to psychic information we are given, and take heed of our dreams. These things can be very hard to do, even painful. For example, at work you keep hearing whispers and seeing subtle signs that a number of people are going to be laid off. Then you have a very psychic and/or vivid dream that you are looking for a new job, but you ignore it.  One day very soon you are called into the office and politely sent on your way. If you had listened to your dream, and those whispers at the office, you could have been looking for a job well before you were laid off.  Hoping to continue in your position is good, but listening to spiritual signs can be more helpful.
  What about those times in our lives when sudden disasters strike and we must make changes quickly, or even worse, Fate makes them for us?  This is true of almost all lives, and part of the big picture.  Think about this: if we knew all the bad things that were going to happen in our lives, would we really want to continue?  We have to face disaster as it happens, and this is how we build our strength.  Even with the worst sudden disasters though, we often receive warnings first, if we are meant to receive them.  Let us say that during a reading you are doing for yourself, you get a strong feeling that there will be a death of someone close to you, even though no one in your family is sick.  Please don't panic, but maybe it is a warning that it is time to contact your family and check in with them.  We often receive these messages in advance of disasters so we can  at least be ready in small ways.  Nothing can ever really prepare us for a loss of someone close, but if we listen to signs we are given, they can help more than you can imagine.
  In my next post I will give you some ideas about ways to tell when it is time to move on.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Psychic Self Protection, Part 5

Hello everybody!  It's a beautiful day in Ga again, and I hope you are having a lovely day as well. 
  This is my last post on psychic self protection.  Today I am writing about sending bad energy back to the person who sent it to you in the first place. You must think about this very carefully before you do it.  One of the big spiritual rules is that it is okay to protect yourself, but it is not okay to attack.  In the everyday or mundane world, this means you shouldn't go around punching people in the nose, but if they punch you first, then you may have to  protect yourself.  You don't want to end up in front of Judge Judy or in People's Court after all!  So on a spiritual basis, if you deliberately send someone bad or harmful energy, there will be some karmic price to pay.
Maybe later you will go to a "spiritual court" because of your negative actions. 
  Now I'm not saying always be meek and mild, allowing people to punch you or send you negative energy.  In the everyday world, we need to learn to protect ourselves, and in the spiritual  realm, we put up our psychic shields.
If your psychic shield isn't protecting you from a psychic attack however, do practice some more on making it stronger.  Until you can achieve this, you may want to consider sending back the negative energy.  It is always good if you know who sent the energy, but that is not always the case. I'd like to think that most of us have few if any real enemies.  Think about it for a little while, and try to determine who would deliberately send you bad energy.  Maybe an ex-lover who is involved in the magickal world?  Or that nasty co-worker who claims to be deeply involved in voodoo or a similiar belief?  I have nothing against voodoo or Santeria, by the way.  I find them fascinating religions.  If you truly have no idea who might be psychically attacking you, don't worry about it.  It might be someone who has taken offense at a small thing, and built it up in their head.
  If you feel strongly that you know who is sending you bad energy, you should write down their name, or if you have their photo, get it out. These are  spiritual links to that person, and  strong links. Any thing that belonged to that person is good, too, like an old shirt, or brush.  Place any of these things or similiar items on your table, altar, or wherever you like.  Take a small stand-up mirror, or any  kind of mirror you have and place it on the table, too.  No need to rush out and buy one, just use what you have.  Light a couple of candles and incense if you like.  Candles and incense are good to clear the mind and build focus. Take a few deep breaths and touch the person's name you have written down, their photo, or any other item of theirs you have.  Now say aloud, "I take this energy you have sent to me, and send it back to thee".  You must put some focus and power into saying this.  The more energy you put into this work, the more powerful it will be.  See the person in you mind, and look at their photo.  Now pick up the mirror and say, "Mirror, mirror, reflect this energy back to the one who sent it to me."  At this point, just leave the mirror and photo on the table overnight, if you can. 
  If you don't know who is sending you bad energy, just do the work above and don't worry about names, photos, etc.  If you are uncertain if someone you know is sending the energy, don't focus on anyone at all.  It's best to let the universe send the energy  where it needs to go, if you are uncertain at all.
  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Psychic Self Protection, Part 4

Hello everybody! It's a rainy day here in GA and I'm not liking it.  Bring back the sunshine please!
  Today I am posting about using psychic self protection if you feel you are being psychically attacked.  I get asked about this all the time, from many different types of people.  First, let me say there really are times when you can be psychically attacked.  However, a real psychic attack might not be quite as common as you think.  Psychic attacks can come in several ways.  There is an attack when someone just sends you "negative energy".  This usually comes from someone who doesn't know much about the psychic world, but is thinking very bad thoughts about you.  Maybe they have some kind of grudge against you, or simply don't like you.  They don't have the knowledge or ability to really psychically attack you, but thinking bad thoughts about you can be enough.  In this case, you may just suddenly feel uncomfortable, unhappy, or depressed.  Maybe you will even get a glimpse of their face or feel that they are very unhappy with you.  This is a case of someone who isn't deliberately trying to injure you, but their negative thoughts have an effect on you anyway.
  The second example is much worse, because this psychic attack may come from someone or even a group who is well versed in metaphysical knowledge.  In other words, they may know how to put a curse on you, put the "root" on you, or send you some really bad energy.  This is definately something that is done deliberately.  Not everybody has the ability, knowledge, and most of all, the desire, to do this kind of thing.  Please keep in mind there is always a karmic price to pay for attacking another person psychically.  Just as you might pay a price for punching someone in the nose, you would also pay a price in the spiritual world for sending someone negative energy.  A traditional rule in the spiritual world says that the good you do comes back to you three times over, but the bad you do comes back three times three.  In other words, if you deliberately send someone negative energy, at some point it will come back to you nine times! 
   If you feel that you are under psychic attack, the first thing to do is really question why.  Do you have an enemy?  Is there truly  someone out there who hates you enough to wish you ill?  Many times people tell me that they think they have been cursed, but after discussing this, I do not believe it is the case.  It is very easy to feel cursed, or ill wished if everything is going wrong in your life.  You have to really examine your life  if this is happening to you.  Are you just going through a long string of bad luck like the car breaks down, then you didn't get the promotion you wanted, and  to top it off, your lover breaks up with you?  These are all terrible things, but are not usually  signs that someone is cursing you or sending you bad energy.  These things are just life, people.  It also may be time to check your attitude to see if you are thinking negatively, instead of  putting out positive energy.  We attract whatever energy we put out.  In other words, think negatively all the time, and you will attract negative stuff into your life.
  So how do you know if you are being psychically attacked?  My best description is that you "feel" it.  You may feel a sudden strong wave of depression, sadness, even sickness.  The key here is that there is no reason, no real reason at all that you are feeling this, that it is happening.  If you felt a big wave of depression, and this is not at all the norm for you, it could be that someone is sending you negative energy.  Trying to make you feel bad.  Before deciding someone is cursing you, look at what happened in your everyday life just before that.  Did you suddenly feel depressed because you ate a big slice of cake when you were planning on dieting all week?  It is usually that with me, LOL!  Or did you suddenly start feeling worried after hearing that another employee is likely to get the job you wanted?  Sometimes it can be difficult to pin down why we suddenly feel bad, but you should look at your own life before deciding someone is putting the "root" on you.
   Another thing to keep in mind is that it would be extremely rare that even the most knowledgable magickal practicioner could effect your life for years.  Curses and negative energy wear off over time.  It would take so much effort, energy, and time on the part of the person cursing you, that it would hardly be feasible.  If someone truly hates you enough to try and curse you for years, I'm sure you would know who that person is and why they would be pouring so much energy into the curse.
  The two best things you can do if you feel you are being psychically attacked is first, put up a strong psychic shield.  If bad energy can't get through your shield, it can't harm you.  The second, and most important, is refuse to accept the bad energy.  Literally say, and believe, "I refuse to accept this energy, and it will never harm me".  The refusal to believe in the curse and accept it into your energy is extremely important.  Do not let this energy into your life and simply turn it away.
  My next post will deal with ways to send back negative energy to whoever may be sending it to you.  Until then, blessings from Pskiksister.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Psychic Self Protection, Part 3

Good morning, everyone!  Grey skies today here in Ga.  I know some people love the rain, but not me.  Hey, I'm a Leo, we are children of the sun!
  Today I have a few ideas for you in dealing with just plain irritating people and situations.  Now we are not talking about people who mean you harm, or are trying to send you negative energy deliberately.  I will post about that subject next time. This post is about people who are flat out irritating you by talking incessantly, boring you  to death, or driving you up the wall.
  If you are a wonderfully patient and saintly person who can listen to the most deadly bore and keep on smiling, this post is not for you. I applaud your patience, but I don't think I'm much like you.  I try to be patient and understanding, realizing that sometimes everyone really needs to talk.  Some people are just more verbose than others.  Still, what about those times at the office when another employee  interupts your work by telling you every boring detail of their life?  You need to get back to that project that is due at the end of the day, not hear about your co-worker's newest life drama.  This is a time when you can try one or two psychic things to help the situation.  The first thing I would do is a simple technique that doesn't need any practice whatsoever.  All you have to do is cross your arms and legs!  That's right, just cross your arms over your body, and cross your ankles or legs.  This closes your psychic energy output and makes you  less "available" to the other person.  This may suddenly make them feel uncomfortable, like they are talking to a wall.  Your energy isn't available to them any more.  You don't feel open and welcoming to all their talk.  More aware people could feel this lack of energy right away and have a sudden desire to stop talking and leave.  Other less aware people may gradually slow down in their conversation, feel uncomfortable and then leave.  Either way, it's good for you!
  A similiar version of crossing your arms and legs, involves strongly crossing your hands, grabbing each wrist with the other hand.  Squeeze your wrists firmly with your hands, closing off your energy, and cutting off their talk.  This one works best for truly block-headed interlopers who just don't get the message.  Practice that one before hand, and envision your hands as they grasp your wrists as suddenly cutting off their flow of chatter.  No, please do not envision yourself doing anything bad to them, just cutting off their talk!  One of the strongest rules in the metaphysical world is that it is always okay to protect yourself, but it is not okay to harm others.  Keep that in mind in your mundane and magickal work and you will never go wrong. The best thing about either one of these ideas is that you can use them anytime and anywhere without anyone knowing what you are doing.
  Another kind of situation you might encounter in your everyday life could occur at a party, bar, or get-together.  Let's say someone you are not the least attracted to has latched on to you, and you are just too polite to walk away.  First,  although I am a very polite person, I think it can be a big mistake to be "too polite".  Sometimes by being afraid of hurting another persons' feelings, we put ourselves into awkward situations. Here is where another psychic self protection idea can work for you.  This is a psychic energy technique, similar to forming your energy shield.  In this case, you will send the other person some harmless but effective energy to leave you alone. 
  Practice this one at home as it may take a little time before you get the hang of it.  Take a couple of deep breaths and clear your mind.  Remember, clarity and focus brings good results in metaphysical work.  Now envision a dark ball of energy in your mind.  Let it grow and expand.  You can make the energy ball black, grey, brown, etc.  When you feel you have put enough energy into the ball, gently, yes I said gently, waft it over into the other person's head.  Just think about it going directly into their third eye, right in the middle of their forehead.  You do not want to "throw" the energy ball at them, as the purpose of this exercise is not to harm them, but make them leave.  So please be gentle with the energy ball!  The other person might feel this right away and suddenly see you as someone he or she doesn't want to be around.  It may take them a few minutes, so continue envisioning your energy ball. 
  In either of these situations you could always put up your own energy shield before trying other techniques.  If you put up a strong enough energy shield of your own, you probably won't need anything else.
  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Psychic Self Protection, Part 2

Hello everybody!  What a glorious day it is here in Ga.  Time to open the windows and let the sunshine in.
  Today I want to teach you to do a psychic shield for self protection.  I'm sure some of you already know how to do this, or may even do it without knowledge of how it is accomplished.  The spirit has its own forms of protection, and sometimes we erect a strong energy shield around ourselves without thinking about it first.  As an example,  imagine you are in the same room with someone you dislike very much.  The first thing we often do in those circumstances is "withdraw into ourselves", or literally pull away.  You may physically step away from the person you dislike, but the spirit does the same thing.  It may move away to a higher spiritual plane, or put up a energy block against the other person.  You may not realize this is happening, but the person you dislike might feel it.  Suddenly you could see them turn away from you, and an uncomfortable situation is quickly averted.
  Our plan though, is to learn how to conciously erect a psychic shield.  Once you learn how to do a shield, it can be put in place anytime, and any place.  The best thing to do is practice this at home first until you feel comfortable with it, and satisfied with your results.  Don't worry if your first efforts are weak or not what you wish.  It takes time to learn any kind of energy work, and alot of focus.
  The better you can envision things or picture them in you mind, the stronger you can make your energy shield.  If you are not great at envisioning things, that's okay, you will learn as you go along.  The first thing to do is relax and try to clear your mind while you are practicing your psychic shield.  Close your eyes, and take a deep breath.  Now begin to see a glowing, warm, cocoon of energy starting to build all around your body.  Make your shield any color you like, whatever feels protective and safe to you.  A shield of pure crystal white is very protective, but you must choose whatever color you like.  In your mind, see the energy glowing around your body, all the way from under your feet, right to above the  top of your head.  Completely encase your body in the energy shield, and see it vibrating and glowing around you.  Tell yourself that you are completely protected now, that nothing can touch you.  If you are a religious or spiritual person, you might tell yourself that your God, Goddess, or higher power is protecting you with this energy shield.  Feel the shield glowing warm, completely covering you with its energy.  The clearer you can see and feel the shield around you, the stronger it will be.  The more focus you can put into your shield, the better it will work.
  It may take you some time to learn to erect a shield when you need it.  In an uncomfortable or stressful situation, it may be difficult for you to focus on building a shield around yourself.  The good news on this is that once you really learn to erect an energy shield, it will often build itself when you need it.  Yes, that is right, the shield will start building itself when the spirit perceives it is necessary.  It might take some work before you get to that point though, unless you are truly a gifted person.  So please, practice, practice, practice.  Once you get the hang of it, do try it when you just happen to be in the room with that person we talked about before.  You know, the one you dislike so much.  Put up a strong enough shield, and that person may never bother you again!
  Any questions about psychic shields, please leave me a post.  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Psychic Self Protection

Good afternoon everybody!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend and didn't eat too many chocolate bunnies.  It's a beautiful day here in GA, just right for opening the windows and feeling the breeze.
  Today I am posting about psychic self protection.  Now this is not just a subject for people working in the psychic field, but for everyone.  There are many times in life when you could use a little protection and I will give you a few ideas how to accomplish this.
  First, let me give you some examples of when and why you might need psychic self protection.  Let's say you work in a large office, with a wide variety of people as co-workers.  Most are nice, but there is this one man or woman who always gives you the creeps.  You know what I mean; whenever you are around them, your skin crawls, or you just feel plain uncomfortable. Sometimes this is because the person is actually trying to send you negative energy for some reason.  Other times it's because they are just a negative individual and it stresses out people around them.
  Another reason you might need psychic self protection is if  someone actually feels threatening to you.  For example, you are waiting on a bus, or subway train.  You notice a stranger staring at you in a disturbing way.  This is a time when you immediately need to put up your "psychic shields".
A strong psychic shield might help you in this situation, by making you seem less visible to the other person. It could also ward off his evil intentions and make him back away.  Now, I'm not discounting the use of a cell phone to dial for help, a rape whistle, and most of all a good 45 in your purse, but psychic self protection might avert the situation before it begins.
   You might also feel a need for psychic protection as you begin to delve into the metaphysical world or expand your knowledge about it.  As we develop our psychic abilities, often we exude or emit a strong psychic energy which is attractive and noticible.  This can also be true if we have a strong, but undeveloped psychic sense.  Other people with similiar abilities can feel and see this energy,  and spirits can also be attracted to it.  If you happened to meet someone who does negative energy work, black magick for instance, they might be very interested in the psychic energy you are exuding.  You might suddenly feel a dark, chilling energy directed at you, that makes you want to run far, far away.  Does it sound like something you see on TV, just not real?  I promise you this can and does happen, and it can be much worse than I described.  This is where you need a strong psychic shield and to learn some psychic self protection.
  Many years ago when I knew very little about the "dark side" and almost nothing about psychic protection, I had an encounter similiar to the above example.  While in a metaphysical bookstore, looking at some astrology books, a woman came and stood next to me.  I didn't pay her any attention, but maybe I should have.  Apparently she was eager to look at the astrology books and didn't want me there.  I suddenly felt an total body chill and felt overwhelmingly afraid.  I quickly looked at her and could clearly see she had sent me some negative energy and wanted me to leave.  I didn't say a word, just left. 
  So you see psychic self protection can be very useful in many different types of situations.  My next two posts will teach you how to do a psychic shield, deflect negative energy, and how to send it back from where it came.
Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.