Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spiritual Fears: What Monster Is Under Your Bed? Part 2

Good afternoon, everybody! It's a hot, sunny day here in GA, but at least no rain in sight.  Do you believe it's almost August already?  Better get your Labor Day plans made soon, it will be here before you know it.
  Today I am posting again about fears, spiritual and otherwise.  Did you have a few minutes yesterday to consider what "monster" is under your bed?  Sometimes our deepest fear is hard to think about.  We push it away, and refuse to acknowledge it.  On the outside we may put on a brave face, but underneath we are the cowardly lion.  Putting on a brave face can be a good thing, but when we refuse to face our inner fear, it can turn into a problem. 
  I am going to give you a visualization  today to help release fear.  If your fears lie very deep or are very serious however, you may need more help than a visualization can give you.  Ask yourself these questions, "Are my fears effecting my daily life?  Has my fear turned into an obsession?"  If you have answered yes to these questions, you may want to talk to a therapist for more help.  You can certainly do the visualization I will give you, but you may need more professional help.  There is no reason to be embarrassed if you need to see a therapist.  In fact, if you can admit this need, you should give yourself a pat on the shoulder.  You have taken the first step in resolving your problem
  Before you do today's visualization, you need to examine your fear.  This may be difficult.  We do not want to probe an open wound, and often we do not want to examine our fears.  This is what we may need to do though.  We need to ask ourselves why we have this fear, and how it began.  Is this an old fear from childhood or something we have only felt recently?  Has some traumatic event occurred to make us fearful?  Identifying the problem can be helpful in releasing the fear.  If you know why you have this fear, you may be successful in ridding yourself of the problem.
  You may have fears that you can not understand and can not see an origin of the fear.  That is okay and not unusual.  Perhaps it will come to you during the visualization or you may even have a revealing dream.  If you do have a dream concerning your fear, write it down and study it later. It may give you some insight into your situation.
  The next thing you need to do is speak your fear.  We do not like to face our fears for many reasons.  If we speak of our fear, we may seem less to those we love and respect.  They may see us as weak, or ridiculous.  Even worse, if we admit we have this fear, we may lose our own self-respect.  Please do not think this way.  Everyone has fears, whether we acknowledge them or not. 
  You do not have to speak your fears to anyone else but you need to acknowledge them to yourself.  It can be a great release to face a mirror and say aloud, "I am afraid of -----, and I acknowledge that now".   It does not matter if your fear is something small or very serious.  If it is a problem to you, please try to speak your fear.
  Now, when you are ready,  sit comfortably in a quiet place.  You do not want to be disturbed. Light candles and incense if those things are calming to you.  Now take several deep breaths and relax.  In your mind, see your fear as a large, heavy balloon.  This balloon is black and is filled with lead.  It lays on the ground in front of you, attached to you by a dark cord.  This black balloon makes you feel unhappy, and fearful.  You can not lift this balloon, it is too heavy.  Now visualize the lead starting to leak out of the balloon, little bit by little bit.  As the lead leaks out of the balloon, you begin to feel stronger, less afraid.  Place your hands on the balloon, and push, push, push the lead out of the balloon.  You are strong enough to do this, you are in control.  As you push the lead out of the balloon, it starts to rise.  It is lighter now, and is rising in the air.  The lead is still leaking out of the balloon.  Each bit of lead that leaves the balloon makes your stronger.  You are no longer afraid.  The higher the balloon rises in the air, the stronger you become.  When all the lead is gone, untie the balloon, and release it from you. Watch as it drifts away, never to return.  You have released your fear now.  You are strong.
  You can do this visualization whenever you are feeling fearful.  Allow yourself time with it, and see it as clearly as you can.  If you do the work, you will see the results!  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Spiritual Fears: What Monster Is Under Your Bed?

Hello everybody!  Finally, I have found time to write again.  I always think the summer will be a nice, relaxing time, but this year I am very busy.  Oh well, maybe when the cool weather returns will be a good time to take it easy.
 Take I am posting about fears, spiritual and otherwise.  When children are small, they often imagine and fear monsters under their bed.  Mom and Dad may spend much time explaining to the child that there are no monsters in the room.  As we get older, we let go of our fear of the monster under the bed, but may replace it with other types of fears.  These fears may seem just as real to us as an adult as that terrifying monster that we used to imagine as a child.  In fact, fears we have as an adult can be much worse than any child can imagine.
  Who does not have any fears, secret or otherwise?  I would like to speak to that person, because I am not sure he or she exists.  Even the bravest, strongest man or woman may have inner fears that they do not acknowledge to the world.  Our fears can be as simple as a fear of spiders or as complex as a fear of the entire world outside our door.  We may have an overriding fear of losing our job, even though the world sees us in a secure position.  Our fears may be of the spiritual variety, such as fear of death or what lies in the next world.  Many of us have great fear of losing our loved ones, whether through death, divorce, or some other type of separation.  We may never speak of our fears to anyone, or tell our family, friends or therapist about them constantly. 
  It is human to have fears, and sometimes those fears keep us out of danger.
Think about a baby who is just learning to walk.  The baby is learning about the world and will learn, by experience, that some things are dangerous, and to be feared.  He may touch a hot stove and burn his finger.  Of course, we don't want the child to burn his finger,  and hopefully, someone is watching so that he doesn't do that!  He will learn at some point that the stove is hot however, and this is where fear begins.  This can be a "normal" type of fear, and keeps him from touching the hot stove again.  It is only when the child develops a life-long and abnormal fear of hot stoves that he has a problem.
  I am going to put  fears into certain classifications, so that I can give you some ideas how to deal with them.  The first group I will call, "fears of real things" as they involve actual objects, animals, etc.  These are fears of things that we can see or touch.  They could be a fear of particular animals, such as dogs, cats, spiders, or birds.  I have met people who had each one of those fears, by the way. 
  In this classification, there could also be fear of riding in various vehicles, such as airplanes, trains, or even cars.  In today's world, these fears are difficult to handle, as we all have places to go.  This group can also include fears of high places or closed in places.  These are actual things we can see and touch, so I am including them in this category.  Any fear of something real will be in this category.
  The other two categories are simply to explain, but just as real to the person experiencing the fear.  The next category is spiritual fear.  These are fears that deal with the spiritual world.  They include fear of death, ghosts and spirits, and fear about the next life.  These fears can be overwhelming and consuming.  Our religion or spiritual beliefs may explain to us that there is nothing to fear in death, or the afterlife.  To people with a fear of these things however, there may be little consolation and much doubt. 
  The last classification is for "emotional fears".  This is probably the biggest group of fears as it includes everything that is not real.  We can not see or touch our emotional fears, we can only feel them.  This group includes fear of loss of any kind, whether it is fear of loss of job, family, friends, or money.  We may be afraid of illness,  gaining weight, aging, or losing our looks.  Emotional fears may be firmly based in reality or totally irrational.  If you have a strong fear of going bald, it does not make it any less real to you if currently you have a full head of hair.  The fear is emotionally based, and in your mind.
  My next posts will give you some ideas how to release fear.  We all have our "monster under the bed", and need to get rid of him.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Spiritual Visualizations, Part 3

Good afternoon, everybody!  Are you ready for the weekend and some fun?  Or are you planning on slipping on some comfy jammies and lounging around the house all weekend?  Whatever you do,  I hope it's a good weekend for you!
  Today I will post the last part of spiritual visualizations.  This is a specific visualization written for healing.  You may do this for yourself if you are dealing with health issues, physical, mental, or emotional.  You may also do the visualization for another person, if they are okay with it.  If you plan on doing any kind of spiritual or metaphysical healing for someone else, it is always best to ask for their permission. 
  Healing yourself or someone else is a complicated issue.  It would seem that anyone who is ill or in pain would wish to be healed.  There have been times when I would have given anything to be healed!  There can be many psychological and karmic issues involved with illness, however.  On the surface, we may cry out for relief from our pain, but on some deep inner level,  there may be some reason we are holding onto it.  As an example, think of someone who constantly has back pain.  This person deals with many situations in his/her life on a daily basis.  They work constantly, both on the job, and at home.  The back pain continues for years with little relief. This person tells themself they do not have time to see a doctor, and that the doctor probably could not help anyway.  This is a "type A" personality that pushes themselves to work harder and make more achievements every day.  As a result, on some inner or spiritual level, all the problems and responsibility they are dealing with, "pile up" on their back.  The back is a common place to experience physical pain from too much responsibility. This person could probably alleviate their pain by seeing a doctor and/or lightening the load they are carrying in life.  Instead, they continue to work harder and harder.  It is likely that one day the back pain will increase to such an extent that they will have to slow down and re-evaluate their life.
  Not all illnesses or pain can be healed.  We can try to heal and I think we should always try.  As long as we are alive, there is hope.  Miracles do happen in even the most dire cases from time to time.  Sometimes the belief that we can heal can almost be as important as whatever medication we are taking.  It is very easy to become depressed when we are ill.  We can only see the negative, and the longer the illness extends, the harder it is to see anything positive.  That is one reason I have written this visualization.  It is to help clear the mind of negativity.  I hope that it will help you, and give you some much needed hope.
  Do this visualization during a quiet time, and in a quiet place.  Light candles and burn incense if those things are calming to you.  Close your eyes, and when you are ready, take several deep breaths.  Know that this is your healing time, and your time to let go of negative thoughts.  If your problem is physical, place your hands gently on the afflicted part of your body.  If your illness is in the mind or emotions, simply touch your head or heart.  Now, visualize your illness as a powerful, almost overwhelming force in your body.  See this force, this blackness, at the part of your body that is in pain.  This blackness does not belong in your body, mind, or heart.  It is time to drive it from you. 
  Now in your mind, see a glorious, golden light entering your body.  It warms you, and fills you, and flows smoothly to your illness.  This light is the most powerful healing force you have felt.  It comes from a higher source, and it comes to drive away your illness.  See the blackness in your body, mind, or heart start to recede.  As the golden light surges forward, the blackness leaves you. This illness, this blackness in you, is as  nothing to the light that now fills your body.  The illness is flowing away from you, moving to your lower extremities, your feet.  Now as the golden light flows through you, it forces the blackness, out, out, out through your toes.  Watch now as your illness leaves your body.  Allow the light to force every bit of the blackness from your body.  Let it completely flow out through your toes and then relax.
  I hope you feel a sense of relief and hope when you are finished with this visualization.  You may use it any time it is needed.  If you are healing another person, simply visualize their body and the illness inside.  Bring in the golden light and drive away their illness.
  I wish you all good health and healing.  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spiritual Visualizations, Part 2

Hello everyone!  As we say down here in the South,  "Is it hot enough for you?"  After a really big rainstorm last night, we have blue skies and a very hot day.  It finally feels like July in GA!
  Today I am writing again about spiritual visualizations.  This blog and the next will give you visualizations about specific problems.  The visualization today will be geared towards problems in a struggling relationship.  You can also use this visualization with any kind of relationship with another person.  It does not have to be a romantic relationship.  You might try this visualization if you are having problems with a friend, family member, or someone else you care about. 
  Romantic relationships are an incredibly complicated part of life.  We all have an innate drive towards love and fulfillment with another person.  The desire for a mate, for someone to share our life, forms very early in life, and often never ends.  I have seen very elderly people with the same urge for a relationship that I have seen in twenty year olds. This desire to love may be displayed differently as we age, but it is still there.  We still want someone to hold us, kiss us, and share our bed at night.
  All relationships have their good times and their bad times.  We may see some couples in what seems to be a totally peaceful and serene relationship, year after year.  I admire anyone who truly has this kind of relationship, but remember we can only see the relationship from the outside.  We do not know what goes on behind closed doors with other couples.  A couple may seem loving, happy, and content to everyone around them, and then suddenly get divorced.  Sometimes even the two people involved in the relationship aren't aware of what is going on under the surface.  There may be unresolved anger issues, or a secret desire for a more active sex life.  This things and many other issues can cause a deep unhappiness between two people, even if they are never discussed.
  Let's say, however, that you are in a relationship, and you can clearly see the problems.  The only thing you can not see is a solution!  The first thing I would tell you, both in a relationship, and in life, is that not all problems can be solved.  Sometimes we must agree to disagree, and take the good with the bad.  We may just have to accept our partner the way they are, and try to appreciate them for their good qualities.  If there are specific problems that seem to drag on and on with no resolution, you might want to try a spiritual visualization.  This might not only give you a new and better look at the situation, it could help you resolve the problem.
  As I said earlier, this visualization is written for a love relationship.  To use it for any other type of relationship, simply think about the person involved and change the wording  as necessary.
  Do your visualization during a quiet time, and in a peaceful place.  Before you begin, try to identify the actual problem you want to resolve.  If everything in the relationship just seems wrong, or you don't know what the problem really is, that is okay, too.
  Light candles or burn some incense if you like.  These things can be very relaxing, but are not necessary.  Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to relax.  Calm your mind, and let the everyday world drift away.  When you are ready,  begin to focus on the problem in your relationship.  Start to envision your relationship as a large, blossoming tree.  This is a beautiful tree that the two of you have grown together.  You and your loved one are deeply entwined in this tree together.  Make your tree as beautiful and large as you like.  The longer you have been together, the larger the tree, and the more blossoms. 
  Now envision a branch on the tree as withering and turning black.  This branch represents the problem in your relationship.  It may be a small branch at first that is turning black, but without proper care, it could kill your tree.  If there are many unresolved problems in the relationship, visualize a number of withering branches.  Now, with great love and understanding in your heart, break off these withered branches.  Do not focus anger or pain on the branches, only love.  As you break off the branches, say, " I let go of the pain in my relationship now.  I resolve this problem now."  Do not just say the words, feel them as you speak. Allow new ideas for solutions to your problems to come to you.  Do not try to force this, just allow it to happen.
  Now it is time for new growth in the relationship.  In place of the withered branches you have removed from the tree, envision new, blossoming  branches growing.  This is new life coming back into your relationship.  Your problems have been resolved, the love is renewed.  Make your tree blossom and grow.  It is time for renewal, and for love again.
  After you finish your visualization, remember that you can never change your partner.  You can only change your response to them.  With true love, two people can rise over any problems.
  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spiritual Visualizations

Good afternoon, everybody!  It is a very hot, sunny day in GA.  Yes, I said sunny!  We have had two sunny  days in a row after much rain.  Please, Mother Nature, let's keep Ole Sol rolling along.
  Today I am posting about spiritual visualizations to help with problems in your life.  We all have difficult times, and times when we can not see one step in front of us.  There may be two paths to choose from or no visible path in sight.  At such times it can help to visualize your problems and a solution.  We can send out positive energy to the universe and clearly state our desires. By taking a new look at our situation, we can often rectify it and achieve what we wish. 
  Never doubt the power  of positive thinking.  Sending out negative energy does nothing but attract more negative energy.  Thoughts and words have power, so we must guard our thoughts and what we say.  A careless and negative expression may come back and slap you in the face when you least expect it.  We can not always stay in a positive frame of mind, but we don't have to languish  in negativity either.  Sometimes, particularly for women, a good cry will wash away the pain and worry we are feeling.  We express our emotions, and then can look for solutions to our problems.  It is only when we continue to put out negative energy that we create more problems for ourselves.
  Of course there are times in every life when we are unhappy or grieving for months or years.  We may feel that we will never be happy  again. It is  at such a time that a spiritual visualization may help.  Even on the darkest nights, there is light somewhere.  It is up to us to attract that light into our lives again.  A simple visualization may lighten your mood and allow some hope back into your life. 
  I will not give you a set visualization today, with specific words to say.  Everyone has different problems they are dealing with, so today's visualization will be a "one size fits all".  You can make this visualization be whatever you need it to be.
  Choose a quiet time and place for your visualization.  You do not want to be disturbed.  Light candles and incense if you like.  Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths.  Let your body and mind relax.  There is no hurry or pressure now, only a time for you to relax.  When you are calm and peaceful,  start thinking about your situation.  In your mind, visualize whatever is causing you unhappiness.  Try not to tense up; allow the stress  to flow out of your body.  See your unhappiness and stress flow down from the top of your head to your toes.  Now let the stress leave your body.  Let it flow right from the tips of your toes like a dark river.  When you feel empty, when you feel lighter, go ahead with your visualization.
  Now envision each of your problems in front of you as boulders on a road.  Make the worst problems the largest boulders and smaller problems like little rocks.  There may only be one problem you are facing.  If so, in your mind, place a large boulder directly in your path.  If you  have much unhappiness, you may not even be able to see the road past the boulders.  This is okay, you will see the road soon.
  Put a name, a face, a description of your problems on the boulders if you like.  If someone is your problem, clearly visually their face on a boulder.
So now you are facing your problems, they are right in front of you.  It is time to rectify the situation and move past the problems.  Please believe you can do this, even if the problems in your life are huge.  You may do one of two things now, whichever you choose.  First, take a deep breath.  Now, either visualize yourself climbing completely over the boulders, or going around them.  If you are the kind of person who confronts problems headlong, visualize yourself climbing confidently over the boulders to the clear path beyond. If you prefer dealing with problems indirectly, see yourself easily going around the boulders.  Know you can do this, and put all your focus into it.  There is a clear path ahead of you, and you will get there.
  I hope you feel a sense of relief after your visualization.  Do the visualization whenever you like or need it.  You will find the boulders easier to get past or over each time.  You will put out more positive energy and subsequently attract more positive energy as well.  Give it a try and I think you will find this visualization a help in your life.
  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.                            

Friday, July 12, 2013

Spiritual Ritual Of All Kinds, Part 3

Good morning, everybody!  Are you all glad it is Friday?  I hope everyone is looking forward to a relaxing weekend and maybe even some sunshine.
  Today I am posting about  the "Bidding Farewell Times", as I call them.
These are times in our lives when we must say good-bye to people, places, and situations that we love.  The farewell times can be the most difficult times in our lives.  We must move on in some way, and sometimes this is not our choice.  Fate, destiny, and sometimes just plain bad luck can play a role in the farewell times.  Sometimes we are thrust into the farewell times without any warning. A sudden death in the family, or the unexpected loss of a job are examples of this.  We must now let go of something or someone we have cherished in our lives.  Emotions involving the farewell times can range from simple sadness and a sense of resignation to deep and abiding grief.  We must all deal with some kind of farewell time over the course of our lives.  This is part of being human and part of life.
  There are many times we may choose to say farewell for our own good.  We may be involved in a unhappy and painful relationship that is only getting worse.  We may choose to leave a home that we care about for a better job in a different location.  There are many reasons we can choose to move on from something or someone that we have previously held in high esteem.  That we may choose this leave taking does not make it any less difficult.  In fact, it may be worse.  We can have deep doubts and questions about our decision.  Have we made the right choice for ourselves and all concerned?  Are we leaving behind something that we will regret later?  Most of all we may ask ourselves if we are making a major mistake in our life. 
  It may seem that farewell times are the last thing you would want to celebrate.  That may be true in some cases, but farewell times can involve celebrations.  As an example,  think of an Irish wake after a funeral.  Yes, there is great sadness following a death, but the wake celebrates the life of the person who is gone.  There is drinking, feasting, and much laughter.  The tears and sadness are there, but a wake can be a true celebration. 
  Divorce parties have become fashionable in some locations these days.  Divorce certainly is difficult, and often sad.  A newly divorced person however, may choose to celebrate their freedom and throw a party.  Yes, there may be bitterness and sadness involved, but this type of party celebrates moving on and leaving the old life behind.  The new life is embraced, even if it was not chosen, but rather thrust upon the person.
  There can be many rituals that would be appropriate for farewell times.  In this case, a ritual would be acknowledging the loss and the need to move on.
You would be telling the universe and all concerned that you accept this loss, sad though it is.  This type of ritual should only be done when you are ready, when you can accept it is time to move on.  Depending on the loss involved, it could be months or even years before you can accept that it is time to say farewell. Grief has no limit, no time involved.  It is only when you can truly turn your face towards the new life that you are ready for a ritual.
  When you are ready for your  ritual, go to a  quiet and soothing place where you will not be disturbed.  You may choose to do your ritual alone, or in the company of loved ones. This ritual does not have to be at your home, it could be in a serene forest or by a lake.  Whatever seems calming and peaceful to you.  Have with you a photo or object that represents your loss, or loved one.  A picture of someone who has passed on,  or an object from your home if you are moving away.  These are the kinds of things you might choose. Hold the object and take some time to think about your life or experiences with whatever you are leaving behind.  You may cry, you may laugh, whatever you feel is fine.  Now draw a small line on the ground with a stick, or if necessary just draw an imaginary line.  You can simply envision a line, glowing and quiet clear.  This line represents your old life and what you are leaving behind on one side.  On the other side of the line is your new life.  When you are ready, take a deep breath and step across the line.  You are now ready to embrace your new life.  Take a few minutes and envision what your new life will be like. You may not know yet, perhaps the new life is still taking form. If that is the case, please envision what you would like the new life to hold.  Say a brief prayer of thanks to your higher power, your God/Goddess.  Now you are ready to move on.
  Even though you may do a ritual of farewell, this does not mean you have to leave your memories behind.  Cherish your good memories and let the bad ones go.  You are in the new life now and there will be new memories as well.  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spiritual Rituals Of All Kinds, Part 2

Hello everybody!  It's another cloudy day here in GA, with rain coming in. Oh well, we have had two days this week with some sunshine so I won't complain.  If this rain continues though, we might all consider getting together and building an ark!
  Today I am continuing my blog about spiritual rituals.  This segment will be about what I call the "ice age".  The ice age is a time in our life when nothing is moving or happening.  During the ice age we feel stuck, unable to move ahead.  There can be much frustration in our lives during the ice age.  Despite our best efforts, we can not make progress, or take any meaningful steps.  The ice age can occur in our romantic life, or job,  our health, or even in our spiritual self.  The worst ice age happens when we experience it in all those areas at the same time!
  You may be wondering why you would want to do a ritual or celebration if you are stuck in the ice age.  The answer is that you would not want to celebrate at such a time, but you might want to do a ritual.  Celebrations are usually for happy times in our lives, but rituals can be for any time.  They can serve a purpose during good times and bad.  During an ice age in your life, you might want to do a ritual to change the situation.  This type of ritual would be a  announcement to the universe that you are ready for change.  You are ready to change your situation and move past it. 
  Before you are ready for an ice age ritual however, you may need to look at why you are stuck in some area of your life.  An ice age in your life often occurs simply because of timing.  You may want a new mate, but perhaps it is not time for that yet.  Yes, a new job would be great, but if you get more experience with your current job, maybe you can get a better position later.
You must look at your life honestly here.  Many times we are stuck in an ice age because we are afraid of changing our life. We long for change, for the new, but we fear it as well.  There may be opportunities for change, but we are not willing to accept the "side effects" that go with those opportunities.
  As an example, let's say you are looking for a new mate or lover.  No matter how you have tried, no one seems interesting, or available.  It fact, it has been over a year since your last relationship.  Now, it could be that it is not time in your life yet for a new love.  Real new loves do not come along every day.  You have to be honest with yourself about this situation.  Are you secretly afraid of accepting a new person in your life?  After all, that last relationship nearly broke your heart, right?  Have you placed yourself in some kind of ice age out of fear?  You may be afraid of some "negative side effects" of accepting someone new in your life.  You may even be afraid that a new partner could be worst than the last one!
  If you can honestly look at your life and say that you are ready for change, it is a good time to try a ritual.  It does not matter what area of your life is stuck or experiencing the ice age.  This ritual calls for change in your life.
The purpose of this ritual is to break up the ice and move ahead.
  This ritual is not geared to any specific religious or spiritual belief.  Anyone can try it.  As with any ritual, the more focus and energy you put in it, the better results you will get.  You can light candles and incense during the ritual if you like.  Sit quietly at a table or desk during a time when you will not be disturbed.  Place a paper cup or plastic bowl in front of you that holds a small amount of ice.  Crushed or cubed ice, it doesn't matter. You might want a paper plate or towel underneath the bowl. Also have a hammer, small food mallet, or other study tool on the table.  Now begin focusing on the problem in your life.  Think specifically about the ice age you are experiencing.  Now focus on how you are ready for change and what results you desire.  If you are seeking a new relationship,  think about that now.  Envision the results you desire very clearly in your mind.  When you are ready, take your hammer or mallet and crush the ice.  You do not have to go overboard with this.  You are symbolically breaking the ice in your life.  You may say these words if you like, "I call out for change.  I am ready to end the ice age in my life".   It is always good to end a ritual with a short prayer and thank you to whatever higher power you believe in.  You are finished with your ritual now.  You have declared to the universe that you are ready for change.
  Be ready to accept new opportunities as they come into your life now.  Change can be scary, but if we are afraid to step forward, we can be stuck it the ice age forever.  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spiritual Rituals of All Kinds

  Good afternoon, everybody!  I am so glad to finally have a chance this week to blog.  It is a busy time in my life and some days I am overwhelmed with work.  I am looking forward to retiring before long and having time to write more. 
  Today I am posting about various types of spiritual rituals and the need for them in our lives.  Don't worry, I am not going to ask you to change your religious or spiritual views.  Nor I am going to write about long drawn out rituals in any religion. I am going to give you some interesting ideas about rituals you can do at important times in your life.  I think simple rituals can be important at certain times in our lives.  I am going to call these times the "Welcoming Times",  the "Ice Age", and the Bidding Farewell Times".
   First, let's look at the "Welcoming Times" in our lives.  These are times when we want to celebrate something new and important.  Traditionally these are happy times such as the birth of a child,  an engagement, or a wedding.  We can also welcome other things into our lives.  An important new job,  a move into a new home we have been longing for, or even  the beginning of a new relationship.  Welcoming times are joyous occasions, when we want to invite our friends over, feast, drink, and enjoy our good fortune.  Sometimes these occasions are solemn and religious, such as christening a baby or a white wedding in  church.  Tears might be shed at some welcoming times, but they are tears of happiness.  We are glad to welcome the new into our lives.
  Why do we need a ritual or celebration to welcome the new child, spouse, home, or situation into our lives?  It may be enough for some people that they have accepted something new and wonderful into their lives.  It is not always easy to take something new into your life.  New things and people mean new challenges and new experiences.  We must grow spiritually in some way to embrace those challenges.  A new baby in the house can bring many new experiences, including many wakeful nights!  A new husband, wife, or partner means many adjustments in our lives.  We must learn to share our entire self  with someone who may have very different views and habits than we do.  The beginning of  happy new situations can be very complicated as we step into the unknown.  So why have a celebration when we might be walking on shaky new territory?
  A welcoming ritual or celebration simply tells the world and our God/Goddess that we accept and embrace our new life and challenges.  We want the blessings of our family, friends, and "higher power" on our new experience in life.  Whether we have a wedding and invite five hundred people, or a private ritual of our own,  the reason is the same.  We are celebrating the new in our life, and acknowledging its importance.  This is a passage in our lives that will never come again, and as such we should celebrate it.  I do believe that our "higher powers", no matter what name we call them, are happy to see us celebrate the new in our lives.  Whatever our religious or spiritual beliefs are, it is good to take the time to celebrate a new beginning.
  One simple and easy welcoming ritual can be to plant a seed or small plant of some kind.  The seed or plant symbolizes your new beginning.  This is a time when you are growing something new in your life.  If you live somewhere that has a yard, you might consider planting a small tree.  This would be a particularly interesting ceremony if it symbolized the birth of a child or a marriage.  A tree grows, blooms, and learns to bend in the wind.  A child or marriage growing successfully will do the same. 
  You can do your ritual by yourself, with your spouse, or even a large group of loved ones.  Gather in a circle, say a blessing on your new endeavor, and ask your God/Goddess for their blessing.  Hold hands, sing, chant, dance, or whatever feels right to you.  This is time of happiness, after all.  Then plant the seed or plant in a small container.  If you are planting a tree in the yard, do it now.  When you are finished with your planting, have a minute of silence just to feel grateful for your new beginning. Now it's time for the fun part, the feasting and drinking!
  However you celebrate, I wish you great happiness with your new beginning.  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Psychic Readings of Photos and Objects, Part 3

Good afternoon, everybody!  It's a rainy day here in GA, with more rain to come.  Doesn't look good for fireworks tomorrow, but maybe Mother Nature will relent for a few hours.  Pray for sunshine!
  Today I am posting about the psychic reading of objects.  Reading an object is similar to reading a photograph.  You can try reading any kind of object you like, from a crystal to your car.  Remember I told you earlier that everything has energy.  Since everything has energy, you can attempt to read and understand that energy.  With an open mind and a psychic gift, the sky is the limit!
  Maybe you are wondering why anyone would ever want to read an object.
First of all, just for plain curiosity!  Wouldn't it be interesting to find out what a crystal would say to you, or what comments a tattered silk scarf might make?  I'm not saying these objects have a brain and can have an intelligent conversation.  I am saying they have their own type of energy and you can try to interpret that energy. 
  There are several other reasons you might want to read an object.  If you were a psychic detective such as we see on TV, you might read an object as part of your case.  As an example, let's say you are helping the police with a murder case.  You are shown a necklace that the victim was wearing when she was killed.  You hold the necklace in your hand and begin to pick up images of the time she died and maybe even who killed her. This could be very important information to this case.  Alternately, the images or visions you pick up from the necklace could be quite vague.  You might see nothing but the color red, or hear the sounds of a running stream.  These images or sounds could still be important, but more difficult to interpret.  The killer could have worn a red shirt, or drove a red car.  Maybe the victim was killed near a stream, or the killer has a stream in his backyard.  Psychic readings of objects can be frustrating if you are seeking straight forward information.  Their information should in no way be discounted, however.  It should be recorded and allowed to stand in its own right.  Later this information could turn out to be important.
  Sometimes we read objects to learn more about their history or the person who owned them. As an example, a friend might ask you to read an ring that belonged to her father.  Her father has long been apart from the family, and she has almost no memory of him.  She has been considering attempting to locate him, but isn't sure if he would want to see her.  You hold the ring and close your eyes.  After a few minutes, images of a man feeling great sadness sweep over you.  You get a mental image of this man with a bottle in his hand.  You feel this man is or was an alcoholic for a long time.  After the reading, you tell your friend you feel that the man feels a lot of sadness, possibly about his family. If she decides to contact him, she must realize he could be a habitual alcoholic.  As a result of your reading, she does locate her father, who is extremely happy to meet her.  He has recently been in rehab and is struggling to maintain his sobriety.  Your reading has helped bring them together, with all the good and bad that meeting may hold. 
  Trying to read an object is easy.  Just like with a photo, hold the object in your hands during a quiet time.  You do not want to be disturbed during the reading. Try to use an object that belongs to someone else, so they can tell you something about it later.  The point is that you are looking for confirmation that your psychic reading was correct.  Allow your eyes to go slightly out of focus when you are looking at the object.  Let it talk to you in some way.  Thoughts about the object may spring into your mind or you could see images and visions.  You could hear sounds or even voices.  What you hear, feel, see, or sense depends on your own psychic abilities and even the day of the week.  Perhaps you are more psychic on Fridays or when the moon is full!  Always record what you feel about the object as soon as possible.  If the information seems vague, odd, or disjointed, go back and read this information again later.  It may become clear at that time.  Never doubt your psychic senses and you may be surprised what you discover.
  Wishing you all a happy fourth of July from Psykiksister.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Psychic Readings of Photos and Objects, Part 2

Hello everybody!  It's a hot day here in GA with storm clouds overhead.  Hubby and I had lunch out at Mimi's CafĂ©.  Our first time there and the food was good.   If you go, do share a muffin.  They are delicious, but huge!
  Today I am posting about psychic readings of photos.  If you have never tried to do a psychic reading of a photo, or had one done for you, this may seem very strange.  A photo is just a photo, right?  Wrong!  It can be much more than just an imprinted picture on paper.  Reading a photo can give you great information about the subject of the photo.  If the photo is a picture of a person or people, you may learn about their personalities or history.  In fact, they may "come alive" to you, and tell you their own story. If the photograph is of a house or place, you may psychically sense something that has occurred there.  A photo of an object, such as a car, necklace, etc.  may give you information about its owner or provenance.
  The first thing I would tell you about reading a photo, is to use an actual photo.  Do not start reading photos with a computer print out or some kind of facsimile.  Later, you can try that if you like, but please start with an actual photo.  A photo, even if it is somewhat blurry, always has more depth than a computer print.  If you are printing pictures from your computer on photographic paper, this might work.  This might also have the depth we are looking for.  Ideally, it would be good if you could read photos with another person at first.  That way, you could trade photos to read, and you would not be familiar with the subject.  You want to read a photo of someone or something that you do not know, but can get follow-up on afterwards.  That way, you can find out if your psychic reading was correct.  If you do not have any one to share a reading with, consider asking a friend or co-worker to loan you a photo from their collection.  You can return it later and ask what the subject of the photo was really like.  If you prefer just to read a photo you have at home, that is okay, too.  You may still pick up some psychic impressions from the photo. The only problem with this idea is that if you know the subject of the photo, your conscious mind may say one thing, and your psychic senses may say another!
  Take the photo in your hand or place it just in front of you on a table or desk.  You want to try your reading when you are calm and the room is quiet.  Gaze at the photo, do not stare at it.  Do not try to pick up anything from the photo.  You must allow psychic images to come to you.  Now let your vision go slightly out of focus as you look at the photo.  Be patient, these things can take time.  You may begin to see the image on the photo move forward or even speak.  If the photo is of a group of people, one or two of them may catch your attention more than the others.  Do allow this to happen; they are trying to speak to you in some way.  You may start to hear a voice from the person in the photo.  This voice could be inside your head, or spoken quite clearly in the room.  Alternately, you may suddenly simply "know" something about the subject of the photo.  As an example, let's say you are looking at a picture of an old house in the country.  The house is not unusual, just a white farmhouse.  Suddenly in your mind, you get an image of a murder that has occurred in the house many years ago.  You may get a sense of horror, followed by people crying or feel sadness.  Do not deny these images, or think they are just your imagination.  You could be clearly sensing what has happened in this house.  It is always a good idea to keep a pen and pad, or voice recorder nearby when you are doing any kind of psychic reading.  That way you can record any "ideas" that come to you.  These ideas are probably not your imagination, but psychic images you are picking up.
  Afterwards, compare what you learned during the reading to what you actually know about the photo.  If you are sharing a reading with another person,  ask them to tell you what the subject in the photo was really like.  If you have borrowed the photo from someone, ask them to give you some confirmation of your reading.  Do not be too judgmental about your reading, particularly if it if your first time to read a photo.  If you got anything from the photo, give yourself a pat on the back.  If you get a big confirmation that your reading was correct, you could be a natural!  As an example of this, let's say you are reading a photo of an elderly lady.  You have borrowed this photo from a friend and know nothing about the subject.  During your reading, you sense that the lady has passed away recently.  You feel that this lady was an artist, and a very hot-tempered person.  Perhaps you even get a mental image of her painting in a studio.  Later, your friend tells you the photo is of her grandmother who died a few months ago.  She describes her grandmother as being a very artistic person, but with a bad temper.  Bingo, you have done a great photo reading!
  It may take you a number of attempts at photo reading before you pick up anything at all.  My next post will be about reading objects.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Psychic Readings of Photos and Objects

Good morning, everybody!  Welcome to a new week and a new month.  Are you all ready for the fourth of July holiday?  Time to break out your best potato salad recipe and light up the sparklers!
  Today I am posting about how to psychically read photos and objects. Perhaps you've seen psychics on TV reading objects, such as rings, clothing, etc.  Or maybe you've had a psychic read a photo or object for you at some point. It's a very simple process.  You simply pick up or touch a photo or any kind of object, and see what psychic impressions you get from it.  Some people are very gifted at this kind of thing.  You do not have to be a professional psychic to learn to read photos or objects.  All you have to do is be willing to try.
  I did not grow up knowing how to read photos and objects.  In fact, I had never heard of this type of psychic reading until I was thirty or so.  At that age, I had already developed some psychic skills and was working part-time as a spiritual consultant. It was a period of great spiritual growth for me, and I was always learning something new.  A friend had given me a dictionary of metaphysical subjects, and that is how I learned about reading photos.  As soon as read about this, I simply "knew" it was for me.  I knew in a psychic way I could do this.  So, of course I could not wait to try it out!  I started reading photos and objects and honing my skills in that area. 
  Over the years, I have taught a number of classes in reading photos and objects.  It's something I enjoy, and like to share with people.  Some of my students and class members have been sensational at this skill.  Others had no interest whatsoever and no gift for it.  So if you try this type of reading and get no results, please don't worry about it.  You may be very gifted at some other type of psychic reading. 
  There is one thing you must know before trying to read photos and objects. Everything has energy, it's as simple and complicated as that. Every thing on earth has a form of energy, even if you can not readily see or feel that energy.  If you have never worked with or experienced psychic energy, this may be difficult for you to understand.  You may touch a photo and see or feel nothing but a flat picture on stiff paper.  There may be no depth or emotion if you hold a ring or bracelet.  It will probably just seem like a pretty piece of jewelry to you.
  To those who are psychically aware, however, that same photo or ring, may evoke all kinds of  images and feelings. Looking at the photo may suddenly turn into a movie like experience.  People in a photo may speak to you and tell you their life's story.  The ring you are holding may suddenly glow with energy, and emit all kinds of feelings.  You may see an image of the ring's owner, or  "know" some of it's history.  These type of things may seem like a fantasy to you if you have never had these experiences before.  They can be very real though, and every thing I am writing about today, I have experienced.  You have only to open yourself to the idea and realize that everything has energy. 
  I think it would be good to learn how to feel psychic energy before jumping into reading photos and objects.  Let me give you two experiments to try.  No, you do not have to get out the Bunsen burners and go to the lab for these experiments!  The first experiment you can do right now.  It involves the psychic energy in our bodies. Of course, we all know we have energy in our bodies, we have our life force.  If we did not have this energy, we would be dead!  We have a type of psychic energy that extends beyond the body, too.  It is called by different names in different countries, such as chi, ki, prana, etc.  To feel this energy, hold your hands out in front of you, at the same level, but about three to four inches apart.  Now, start bouncing your hands a little, as if you were forming a ball.  Do this for a few minutes and observe how your hands feel.   Are you starting to feel energy or tingling between your hands?  Does it feel like an actual, solid ball of some kind is forming?  This is your psychic energy, your chi.  It extends beyond the body and constantly changes.  Sometimes it is larger around our bodies, sometimes smaller.  Congratulations, you have just experienced your own psychic energy for the first time!
  Now for our second experiment.  Pick up any object that is near you right now.  A pencil, a notepad, a rock, anything.  Please accept that this object has it's own energy, even if it is a very low level of energy.  Now gently hold the object in your hand, or to your heart.  Be still and see if you feel a tingle or emanation of energy.  Don't expect too much, the object may not have too much energy and you are just learning.  Listen to the object with your psychic self, the third eye.  Do not expect anything in particular.  If you even get a tingle from the object, you have completed a successful experiment.  If you feel nothing at all, please try another day when you are calmer, or more open to the experiment.
  My next post will be about reading photos.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.