Friday, May 31, 2013

Demonic Possession: Real Or Fake, Part 2

Hello everybody!  It's another hot day here in GA.  I hope you are all ready for a beautiful weekend and have great plans. 
  Today I am posting again about demonic possession.  Yesterday I mentioned that I have met a few demonologists or "demon experts" over the years.  Now I will tell you about the only person I have ever met that I truly believe was possessed.  I've met a number of people who acted like they had a demon inside, but only one that probably did.  This happened some years ago when I taught a psychic development class on a regular basis.  Now I only teach them sporadically.  At that time, we would occasionally invite a speaker to come to class to do a lecture.  I had a recommendation for a man who was quite eager to do a lecture for free.  After speaking to this person on the phone, I was unsure of his qualifications, because he sounded extremely vague.  However, since he had been recommended to me by someone I knew well, I invited him to our next class.  When he arrived, my doubts about him quickly multiplied.  He had the appearance of a normal, middle-aged man, but still could not give me a real idea what he planned to teach.  I  did not suspect he was possessed, just a little off the wall.  To put it bluntly, his speech was a little rambling and odd.  It wasn't until he started to do his lecture that I began to suspect he was possessed.  He very much started to spout metaphysical nonsense and his whole demeanor changed. This man quickly went from a seemingly mild, slightly unusual person to showing the real demon inside.  The big tip-off that he was possessed was in his eyes.  I can only describe this as he was no longer there.  His eyes were flat, and evil.  I was sure we were no longer seeing the man, but the demon.  This is the only time this man was ever allowed to visit our class, though he offered to come again.  I felt that it was best to cut off all contact.
  In my many years of working with the public, I have met thousands of people.  Out of all those people, I have only met that one man who I am sure was possessed.  Maybe that will give you some idea how rare a real possession is.  A true demonic possession can occur in some of the same ways as a spirit possession.  It can happen when the human spirit is weakened, by an illness, grief, or even an emotional or mental instability.  As I stated previously, these things can leave our spirits vulnerable to attack.
   There are other ways that demonic possession can occur, even if the victim involved is not experiencing a weakness. The first and strongest reason is that the person has "invited" them in some way.  This does not mean that the victim has wanted to be possessed, only that through some misguided actions, they have opened themselves to the possibility.  As an example, let's say Bobby, who is an inquisitive fifteen year old, has started to delve into the occult.  Now, I don't have any problems with that because I did the same when I was fourteen!  Bobby though,  has an attraction to the darker side and wants to contact a demon.  This is really a fun and exciting adventure for him.  He finds a spell on the internet and late one night, invokes a demon.  Unfortunately for Bobby, he has neglected to learn how to properly protect himself under the circumstances. Instead of being able to control the demon, he finds himself being controlled.
  Does that story sound like fantasy to you?  It was only an example but it can happen.  My strongest suggestion to anyone just learning about the occult and metaphysical world is not to conjure up demons!  I can't imagine any reason other than evil to invoke a demon, and if you don't know what you are doing, I doubt it will end well.
   You might also find yourself attacked by a demon while on a paranormal investigation.  Sometimes a house or location may seem to be haunted by a spirit, but in fact it is a demon of some kind.  It can be hard to determine if a presence in a haunted house is simply a negative spirit or a demon.  Both spirits and demons can and often will lie about who and what they are.  They may start by giving you some small indication that they are a little girl who is trapped on the earth.  The next thing you know, you may see or sense a very dark presence that has nothing to do with a sad, lost child.  That is when it is time to leave, people!  It is also why I suggest never going on a paranormal investigation without wearing  or carrying a protective amulet, symbol, charm, stone, etc.  You  never know who or what you are going to meet!
  My next post will continue with demonic possession.  We will discuss what a demonic possession is really like, and what to do if you think you are being attacked.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Demonic Possession: Real or Fake?

Good afternoon, everybody!  It's another hot day here in GA.  After an unusually cool, rainy spring, summer has finally arrived.  Can you believe it's almost June?  Get out the swimsuits and flip-flops, and head for the beach!
  Today I am posting about demonic possession, and if it is real or fake. Most of us probably think about "The Exorcist" movie when demonic possession is mentioned.  There have been several versions of this movie which was supposedly based on a true story.  I have no reason to doubt this, I'm only using the word, "supposedly", because I do not know for sure.  If the story is true, I am certain Hollywood added a great number of effects for shock value.  I find it hard to believe someone's head can spin around completely and survive it!
  A real demonic possession is similar to a spirit attachment that we discussed in my last several blogs.  The human spirit is attacked deliberately by a demonic spirit.  In this case, the demon does not only wish to drain energy from the human spirit, but it wants to completely encompass the spirit.  It wishes to take over the spirit and use it for its own purpose.  This is a much more severe attachment than the ones we discussed previously.  Think about it this way: a spirit attachment is like a vampire draining your spiritual blood.  Spirits desire our energy.  A demonic possession however, is like a vampire that desires your entire being!  The demon wishes to take your body over, and "push" your spirit aside.
  Let's discuss demons before we move ahead.  Simply, demons are evil beings, that often enter our world.  They exist in a different etheric plane and are often described as being from hell.  There are reports and stories about demons from very early in history.  The traditional view is that Satan, a fallen angel, is the "head demon" or leader, and demons are his minions.  They are said to do his work.  Whatever your religious or spiritual view of demons, one thing is certain: they are evil.
  Demonic possession has also been reported from early in history.  We have to question how many of these reports and stories were real, and how many of them were simply about mentally disturbed individuals.  In fact, that is still a big question regarding demonic possessions today.  Is the supposedly possessed person really possessed by a demon or do they just believe they are possessed?  Are they displaying signs of a mental or emotional illness, or have they truly been attacked by evil?  There is no easy answer on this one; it is a question for experts.
  I do believe in the possibility of demonic possession.  I think it is really a rare thing, but does happen.  Fortunately I have not felt called to work with cases of possession.  This has to be very difficult and unhappy work.  During my many years working in the psychic field, I have met  several people who did work involving demonic possessions.  None of these people were Catholic priests, by the way.  The Catholic church is certainly a long established authority on possession and exorcism.  I have great respect for any knowledgeable demonologists who are  sincere about their work.  Like other metaphysical work though, there are many scam artists in this field.  They may claim to be able to perform an effective exorcism, or remove the demon in some other way.  Of course, they don't do this for free!  Other "demon experts" do this work because of their interest in the field, or for their own glory.  Hey, if you become well-known as a powerful exorcist, it might lead you anywhere!  The problem here is that if someone is truly possessed,  a well-meaning but ineffective "expert" might make the situation worse. They may also put themselves in danger at the same time.
  My next post will continue our discussion on demonic possession.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spirit Attachments: True Or False, Part 4

Hello everybody!  It is a beautiful day here in GA with lots of sun.  I walked my usual two miles early this morning before it got too hot, and before I ran out of ambition!
  Today I will conclude my blog about spirit attachments.  Instead of including information about demonic attachments or possession in this segment, I have decided to write a separate blog about that.  It will be coming up next time.
  Now we need to discuss how to get rid of a spirit attachment if you feel you have one.  The first thing I would tell you is to decide for yourself if you have a spirit attachment.  Please do not pay anyone for this information, unless it is someone you know well and trust.  If you have a long-time trusted psychic advisor and he or she feels you have a spirit attachment, that could be all to the good.  The advisor may be able to remove the attachment for you, or tell yow how to remove it yourself.  I would not pay anyone much money for this information, as it is widely available on the internet and in books.  If you are told by anyone that they can remove the attachment for several hundred dollars, please get up and leave.  It is more than likely this is a scam, and you will get little or no help. 
  Let's start with the spirit attachment from the living that I discussed on the last post.  The first step in removing this attachment is to make a genuine assessment of the situation.  You are certainly aware of who is so needy in your life that their spirit has latched onto your spirit.  Consider who you are allowing to drain your energy.  Yes, I said "allowing".  Most of us do not want situations in our lives where we are the caretaker of a needy person.  These are situations that we are thrust into by necessity or fate.  Before taking any other steps, you must first realize that you have opened yourself up to this attachment in some way.  You have been too kind, too caring, and probably just too darn good.  We must take care of our responsibilities to our loved ones, but we do not have to give up our entire soul in the process. We can not allow anyone to drain our spiritual energy.
  Now that you have made your assessment of your situation, you can take a couple of strong steps to release yourself from the spirit attachment.  First, allow yourself some space from the needy individual.  Even if you take ten minutes a day for yourself, this may help your situation.  During those ten minutes, do a short meditation, or simply sit and clear your mind.  Release yourself from the situation.  I know there are many times  in life where all of our attention must go to a sick loved one, or an invalid.  You must have your time alone however, your spirit demands this.  It is your time to recharge your spiritual energy and release yourself from the spirit attachment.
  Both spirit attachments from the living and from an unknown spirit can usually be  released by a chakra cleansing.  You can do these chakra cleansings for yourself, you DO NOT need to pay someone $500 to do them for you!
Chakras are simply the energy centers that run through the body. Chakras get "clogged" or out of whack as a normal process during life.  It is always good to do a cleansing if you feel off center or not yourself.  Spirits, both living and dead, attach themselves to our chakras and "feed" off of our spiritual energy.  The usual places that you feel this is in the heart chakra, or the back.  It can feel like discomfort, or even a real, nagging pain.  Cleansing the chakras can remove the spirit from our energies.  It may require several times for the process, but you will feel better.  Cleansing the chakras should leave you feeling renewed, lighter, relieved.  You should certainly feel that way if you are trying to remove a spirit attachment. 
  I am going to give you two websites that have clear, effective descriptions of how to do a chakra cleansing.  You do not need any tools of any kind for this, unless you wish to light candles and incense during your work.  You can do these cleansings alone, and that is why I  have chosen them.  The sites are:   Look on the left of the site and click on chakra cleansing, that should take you to the page.  This is a wiccan site, so if you are very Christian, you may want to try the other site.  It is:    I hope I have that one right!  If you can't find it, just go to wikihow. com and type in cleansing chakras.  There is much information online on this subject, but these two sites are good. I have nothing to do with either site, other than recommending them.
  After you have done several chakra cleansings, you should feel a strong sense of relief and a lightness in your spirit.  If you still feel there is a spirit attachment, it may be time to find a spiritual advisor to help you.  Please be careful about choosing someone.  A good spiritual advisor should have a reasonable price, and give you good results. Ask a trusted friend for a recommendation.
  Next time I will blog about demonic possession.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spirit Attachment: True Or False, Part 3

Good afternoon, everyone!  It's a hot day here in GA, but I'm sitting here in air-conditioned comfort.  I grew up in a little frame house with no air-conditioning, and still remember how hot the summers were.  We were used to it at that time, but now I bless whoever invented AC!
  Today I am posting about spirit attachments, from the living.  That may sound complicated, and indeed it is. I'm sure you are wondering how a living spirit can attach itself to another living spirit.  These type of attachments are different than the ones we have discussed previously.  These are usually  spirit attachments from people we love, or care about.  A spirit attachment from a living person often occurs because we care about them too much! 
   These attachments do not happen because we are in the wrong place at the wrong time, unlike the attachments we discussed earlier.  They also have nothing to do with haunted houses or places.  They occur for two very complicated reasons: we have a needy person in our life and/or we accept too much responsibility for that person.  Now there are many occasions in life when we have to accept responsibility for another individual.  We must care for our children, sometimes our spouses or partners, and often elderly parents.  These responsibilities are part of life and do not automatically mean we will develop a spirit attachment.  Sometimes we accept too much  responsibility for another person, even if that person does not need or want our help.  We open our heart and spirit to this person, and give too much.  This can cause a spirit attachment if the loved one becomes too needy, and begins to lean on us more than necessary.
  Some people in our lives can simply be too needy in themselves.  Think of the example I gave you yesterday of a "energy vampire".  What if your partner, child, or elderly parent, is so needy of your time and attention, that it simply drains all your energy?  This can be the beginning of a spirit attachment by the living.  These types of spirit attachments can start in a very positive way when we are simply caring for  someone we love.  If the loved one is too needy however, or we give too much, our spirit becomes drained.  The person's spirit has attached itself to our spirit, usually at the heart chakra. 
  The heart chakra is an energy center in the chest, one of a system of energy centers in the body.  The heart chakra is where our emotions reside.  When we are grieving or "heart-broken" we often feel great pain in the heart chakra.  It often feels like a physical thing.  A spirit attachment from the living is often felt at the heart chakra, the center of our emotions.  Someone we love or care for has attached their spirit there, and is draining our emotions.  This is not a deliberate act.  The "care-taking" person has given too much of themselves to the needy individual.  Their spirit is being sucked away gradually, even if the other person has no desire to harm them.
  If you have a spirit attachment by a living person, you may begin to feel a slight discomfort or emotional pain in the chest area. This is the heart chakra speaking to you.  There may be a feeling of heaviness in the chest. This can feel physical, so be careful here.  If you have  chest related problems such as heart, lungs, etc.  please do not confuse this with a spirit attachment! Spirit attachments can seem vague at times, heavy at others.  They can be very temporary depending on the situation or last for years.
  You might also feel this kind of attachment on the shoulders or upper back.  If the love one feels like a true burden to you that you must carry around, this may be where the attachment lies. 
  If you feel that a spirit attachment from a living person has occurred, you must first and foremost look at your own involvement in the situation. Often for our own reasons we have opened our spirits a little too much to the other person.  We have been too kind, too giving, or accepted too much responsibility.  There are times we have to accept these responsibilities, and give every bit of energy  we can to our loved ones.  This is a good thing and we should be applauded for it.  It is only when we knowingly or unknowingly make someone too dependent on us that our spirit suffers.  That is when we develop a spirit attachment from the living.
  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Spirit Attachment: True Or False, Part 2

Hello everybody and happy Memorial Day!  I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful holiday and maybe some barbecue, too.  Blessings to all of you who have a friend or family member in the armed forces, and to those who have a lost a loved one serving our country.
  Today I'm posting again about spirit attachments.  A true spirit attachment may be hard to identify.  This may begin as a very small feeling of tiredness.  You may think you simply overdid at the gym, or work.  The spirit attachment may start to affect your sleep and dreams.  You may go to bed exhausted, only to toss and turn, unable to sleep.  It may even feel if someone, or something, is whispering in your ear.  You may not be able to discern what is being said, but the whispering continues.  Your dreams may range  from slightly disturbing, to nightmares.  There may be strange, unknown people in your dreams, all of them seeming to want something from you.  A true spirit attachment will often leave you feeling more tired in the morning that when you went to bed.
  Does any of that sound familiar?  Please don't immediately assume you have a spirit attachment.  There are many everyday, mundane reasons that the same things could be happening to you.  We should always look for "normal" reasons for  seemingly occult happenings before assuming that something bizarre has occurred. You may simply be experiencing some restless nights from being overtired, or the subconscious could be working out some problems through dreams.  I have many nights when I don't sleep well, and have nightmares.  I can promise you though that the only spirit attached to my body is my own! 
  If you seriously think you may have a spirit attachment, there are two things two consider.  First,  when did the attachment occur?  Second, why is this happening to you?  Before we try to answer these questions, let's look at why a spirit would want to attach itself to a living person.  I do not believe that a positive spirit would attach itself to anyone. These spirits do not have to be negative, nor demonic, but they are always needy.  They want our energy; it is very attractive to certain low level spirits.  As an example of this type of spirit, think of someone you know who you might call a "psychic or energy vampire".  This person could be  friend or just an associate.  I am talking about a live person here, the kind of person who is exhausting to be around.  This person is always needy, and always wanting help.  They may talk for hours about their problems, but never take your advice.  After a visit from this person, you are left feeling drained.  This is someone is extremely self-centered, and often attaches themselves to stronger, more positive individuals.  They can easily suck the life out of you and your friendship, then move on to someone else.
  Now imagine a spirit just like that.  This spirit may have been a "energy vampire" in life, and continues the role after death.  The spirit has not been able to move on to the next level of existence, or has chosen not to.  He or she hangs around the earth until they run across a weakened individual with their defenses down.  They latch onto this person eagerly and start draining their energy.  Think of our energy or life force as a type of "food" or power to these hungry spirits.  There is nothing personal about this attachment.  The spirit may not  be anyone we have known in our lives.  This may answer our second question: why is this happening to us?  The answer is simple: we were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
 The answer to question number one can be more complicated.  When did this attachment occur?  Spirit attachments can last for a short time, or for many months, or even years.  Since they may start in a very small way, as I discussed above, they may not be really noticeable at first.  If you feel that you have a spirit attachment, try to think of a time recently when you felt vulnerable.  Have you been ill, either physically, emotionally, or mentally?  Not just for a day or two, but maybe for several weeks or months.  These are times when our psychic defenses are low, leaving us open to attack. 
  If you have been to haunted places, by choice or accident, you may have taken a spirit home with you.  Sometimes we go to places that we have no idea are haunted, until we get some very uneasy feelings there.  Or if you are part of a paranormal investigation group, you may have made a stronger contact with a spirit there than you desired.  The spirit could have attached itself to you simply because it felt your energy.  If you have gone to a haunted place while you were not feeling well in some capacity, this could have given a spirit a stronger opportunity to latch on to you.  This is why I advise anyone doing paranormal investigations to stay home if they are not feeling well.  Never leave yourself open to attack if you can possibly avoid it.
  My next post will be about spirit attachment, from the living!  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spirit Attachment: True or False?

Good afternoon, everybody!  It is a lovely Memorial Day weekend in GA. Hubby and I went for a four mile walk in the park this morning, followed by a great lunch at the Texas Roadhouse.  Delish!
  Today I am posting about spirit attachments.  Some of you may be familiar with the term, "spirit attachment" or it may be new to you.  A spirit attachment is when a spirit attaches itself to your spirit or energy.  This can be a mild, very temporary situation, or at its worse, it can be a full demonic possession.  Our big question today will be: is there really such a thing as spirit attachments?
  Even if you have never heard of spirit attachments, maybe you  have seen the movie,  "The Exorcist" or other similar movies.  This movie was an extreme dramatization of a demonic possession.  With lots of Hollywood effects, of course!  Spirit attachments and demonic possessions can be similar, but also very different. I will start by discussing spirit attachments and later move on to the much more severe demonic possession.
   There is much disagreement in the metaphysical world about spirit attachments.  Some people believe a spirit can not attach itself to our spirit or energy.  Others not only believe that spirits can attach themselves to us, but that this happens often, and by multiple spirits.  In fact, there are numerous psychic advisors of various kinds who offer to remove these spirits from you.  Usually at a high price, too!  Some of these so-called spirit attachment experts are knowledgeable psychic workers, but others are not.  You will find quite a few scam artists in this field, I'm afraid. 
  I am somewhere in the middle  in the theory of spirit attachment.  Yes, I believe that such things can happen, all the way from a simple attachment to a full demonic possession.  Do I think they happen on a regular basis?  No, I do not.  I think spirit attachment is an unusual event, and that actual demonic possession is rare.  There are many reasons that someone may think he or she has a spirit attachment that may have nothing to do with spirits. Those reasons may involve emotional and mental illness or even just misinformation. 
  Let me give you some ideas of a typical spirit attachment, if there is such a thing as a "typical" one.  A spirit attachment can manifest itself it numerous ways, so it may be difficult to tell what is really happening.  The first and most important manifestation is that you feel drained, like all your energy is slowly slipping away.  Now, who hasn't felt that way?  Maybe your job is becoming increasingly busy, and as a natural result, you are just plain exhausted.  It could also be that over a period of months, your vitamin level has gone down, leaving you with little energy. Do you see now how other things can resemble a spirit attachment?  A feeling of low energy, of your life force draining away, do not mean that you have a spirit attached to you.  It's possible that you just need to up the vitamin B!
  However, one thing that spirits are attracted to is weakness in a living person.  That weakness may be physical, such as a illness, emotional such as grief, or mental, such as clinical depression.  These are things that leave our spirit weakened, too.  Think back on a time when you were going through a weakness in your life, whether it was a serious illness, or the loss of a loved one.  We all have times when our spirits are more open to attachment or even attack.  This is one reason I posted about psychic shields in an earlier blog.  A good psychic shield is your first and best defense against spirit attachment.
  I will continue posting about spirit attachment in my next blog. We will look more at identifying a real spirit attachment and how to get rid of it.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Astrology: Spice It Up, Part 4

Good afternoon, everybody!  It's sunny and hot here in GA today, following a huge storm yesterday.  It hailed so hard that my back porch looked like it was covered in snow.  Five minutes later it was sunny! 
  Today I am posting about astrology again.  We will look at astrological connections that can bring two people  together, but maybe not for long.  Previously, we have examined certain conjunctions and oppositions that can represent long-term connections.  There are other astrological configurations that can heat up relationships, but may work best for mature couples.  Not everyone is seeking a life-long commitment, in fact,  they may be looking for a night or two of fun!  There is nothing wrong with that idea, as long as it is agreeable to both people. 
  The main planet positions that can bring people together briefly but not always forever are Uranus, Venus, Saturn, and Neptune conjunct or in opposition to the moon, sun, Venus, or Mars.  All of these conjunctions or oppositions can bring attraction and interest into astrology charts of couples. They can represent an initial attraction, can be very exciting, but they can also give an indication that the attraction might fizzle out quickly.  If there are other, stronger astrological ties between the couple, these configurations might just add spice.  If there are not other, stronger ties, I would proceed with caution.  No reason to give up a hot possibility, but you might only consider enjoying it while it lasts.
  Let's look at Uranus and other planets first.  When the Uranus placement of one partner conjuncts or opposes the Venus, Mars, moon, or sun, of their partner,  this can initially be a very strong attraction.  The two people feel very drawn together and it may be difficult for one or both of them to see their partner as they really are.  It's like a beautiful romantic, dream world! It's great for a while, but usually doesn't last long. If there are no other strong ties between the couple,  they will soon see the reality of the situation and move on.
  When Venus and Mars conjunct or oppose the sun or moon, this can also represent a romantic or sexual connection.  This connection is often found in charts of mature people who are not seeking a permanent relationship.  One partner may be married, or otherwise committed to someone else.  The romantic and sexual attraction is strong, but doesn't always last.  This two people want to be together, but it may only be in a physical way.
  If Saturn conjuncts or opposes the moon or sun in the charts of a couple, this can be a whole different story.  Saturn is the planet of responsibility and restriction.  This connection between people can be difficult, but sometimes lasts for years.  As an example, let's say Ben and Barry meet and initially are attracted.  Yes, they are a gay, male couple.  I use them only as an example.  Saturn connections can occur between any two people.  Ben and Barry quickly move in together, and then buy a house, along with two terriers,  a year later. They feel a strong sense of responsibility to each other as years go by, not to mention all the things they have acquired together.  The love and passion quickly fade, and they often resent each other.  Still, Saturn's sense of responsibility keeps them together.  Unfortunately, Saturn's restrictions often makes them feel they can not leave the relationship. 
  A Neptune and moon, sun, or Venus conjunction or opposition between two people is usually a spiritual tie.  These two people may have similar ideals or even religions.  As an example, let's say Laurie and Lamont meet at a political rally when they are young.  There is a initial attraction, mainly based on similar beliefs and ideals.  They may feel more excited to meet someone with the same passions, than someone they  feel passionate about!
This couple talks hours on end about their beliefs and ideas.  Even though they don't have other strong ties in their astrology charts, they do marry and have a life together.  Their problems begin as they mature and start developing different goals and beliefs.  Life often leads us down different paths, and the things we felt so passionate about at twenty, no longer interest us at forty. Laurie and Lamont may need to develop some new interests together if this marriage is to last.
  Until next time, I'm hoping you all find your astrologically perfect match!
   Blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Astrology: Spice It Up, Part 3

Good morning, everybody!  Cloudy skies here in GA today.  Oh well, we are blessed not to have thunderstorms or worse, at least.
  I am going to post more about astrology today,  and we are going to spice it up!  First though, I want to give you a link to a site where you can get a free astrology chart.  It is:   I have recommended this site to many people over the years.  I checked it this morning to make sure it was working correctly.  You can get a free birth chart, and other types of astrology charts as well.  Of course, if you are interested in a more indepth chart, you can pay for that on the site.  I do not own that site, or have any thing to do with it, other than recommending it from time to time. 
  There are two main planets in the astrology chart that predict romantic and sexual connections.  They are not the only two planets that influence these areas, but they are probably the most important.  The planets are Venus and Mars.  Venus is the planet that predicts and influences romantic love, among other things.  Mars is the planet that predicts and influences our physical drives and energy, as well as other things.  I think of Venus as the feminine side of ourselves, and Mars as the masculine.  Please do not take that too literally, as many things influence the male and female sides of our nature.  Astrology is an extremely complicated subject and I can not go into great detail in a blog.  I am just touching on some basic things here, and hope you will be interested enough to delve more into the subject on your own.
  One of the strongest connections on both a romantic and sexual basis is a Venus and Mars conjunction.  When one person's Venus is very close in both degree and planet placement to the other person's Mars, this can truly predict some spicy connection!  Venus is the planet of love, and Mars is the planet of sexual drive and energy.  Put them together, and wow, you have a powerful connection in both the romantic and sex area. Love and sex are so intertwined it is difficult to write about one without the other.  As an adult however, I know we can have great sex without love, just for the enjoyment of it.  Alternately, you can certainly have love and romance without sex, though in my opinion, it leaves out a lot! 
  As an example of the Venus and Mars conjunction, let's say Jim and Jane have just met.  They feel an instant physical attraction and act on it not long after.  Jim's Mars placement is in Scorpio, which gives him a strongly sexual nature, and great physical strength.  Jane's Venus placement is also in Scorpio, just a degree or two apart from Jim's Mars.  This often means that two people will feel an almost instant physical attraction.  You know, that immediate "chemistry" kind of attraction! 
  After an initial physical attraction which has led to a wild fling, Jane and Jim take the time to get to know each other. Their Venus and Mars connection is very strong, and before long, they have fallen in love.  Venus is the planet of romantic love and combined with the strong sex drive of Mars, has blessed this couple with a strong foundation for a relationship.  After all, if you do not feel physically attracted to your mate, it is going to be a long, cold winter!  Of course, people meet and marry everyday for other reasons than physical attraction.  Intellectual attraction, the desire for home and family, maybe just sheer loneliness; these are all reasons for relationships. 
  In the example above, Jim and Jane are lucky to discover they also have other things in common than a Venus and Mars connection.  They have the strong Sun and Moon  conjunction that I discussed on my last post.  With a good friendship connection, and a spicy Venus and Mars conjunction, this couple is in this relationship for the long haul.
  An opposition between Venus and Mars is also a good predictor of a romantic and physical attraction.  As an example, let's say Tiffany and Tom meet at a party.  Tom has Venus in Aquarius and Tiffany has Mars in Leo, the astrological opposite of Aquarius.  There is an instant attraction between these two people, but it is a little different than a conjunction.  An opposition of planets can create a "opposites attract" kind of situation.  This attraction is spicy and teasing.  This couple wants to play games!  Tom's Venus in Aquarius can make him a little fickle in love.  Tiffany's Mars in Leo is a strong placement.  She has all the passionate fire of the Leo female!  In this case, there is a definite attraction, but Tiffany may be the one pursuing Tom.  Tiffany's Mars in Leo describes her as a passionate female, but also a woman who wants her man to adore her at all times. Tom's Venus in Aquarius isn't always ready to settle down; he may not be a one-woman man.  Whether this attraction works out may depend on the rest of their astrology charts.  If they have other strong ties, this relationship could take off and fly!  It could also wind up as a two month fling, ending with Tom moving on and Tiffany with a little broken heart.
  I will continue the astrology topic in my next post. Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Astrology: Spice It Up, Part 2

Good afternoon, everybody!  It is a hot day in GA and I have been busy this morning doing housework.  Let me tell you: I now have the cleanest baseboards in town! 
  Today I am going to post some specific details about love  in astrology.  I know not everyone is looking for a long-term romantic relationship.  You may be simply seeking a companion or a "play mate".  We need different things at different times in our lives.  Astrology can be a wonderful guide when you are looking for any type of relationship, even just a friendship.  I would never rule out a relationship if my astrology chart did not match well with my potential friend, but I might look very carefully at the individual.  Remember, astrology, tarot, pendulums, etc. should be used as guide posts for us, not as gospel.  They can be a wonderful source of information and help, but we must not rely on them too heavily.
  There are a number of astrological conjuctions and oppositions that can indicate a good love or sex match in a chart.  Let's look at friendship ties first.  Please never overlook the importance of friendship in a love relationship.  Don't you want to marry your best friend, after all?  A strong tie of friendship is extremely important in a long-term relationship.  That solid best friend feeling between two lovers can lead to a successful marriage and strong commitment.  The friendship tie can keep two people together even when the romantic flame burns down over the years.  I know so many people, particularly the young, are looking for a hot, steamy relationship.  Hey, I understand completely!  Most of us want a deeply satisfactory sex life, that is human nature.  If you can find a relationship that combines both a solid tie of friendship and fulfilling sex, you are very blessed indeed.
  A strong tie of friendship is often found in an astrology chart when one persons' sun placement conjucts the other persons' moon placement.  A planet placement, sun, moon, Mars, etc. just means the position that planet was in at the time of your birth.  I am talking about a natal or birth chart here.  Other astrology charts are different; they are based on the position of your ascendant planet instead. The ascendant or "rising sign" is simply the planet that was rising on the horizon when you were born.
  A persons sun sign is an indicator of their basic nature.  This is what is meant when we are asked, "What is your sign?"  Most of us know what "our sign" is even if we don't know this is our sun sign.  The moon sign is an indictor of a person's inner self, or emotional nature.  It is the side of us that not everyone sees.  We often keep our emotional side hidden and try to keep it under control. 
  When two people have a moon and sun conjuction, it is a predictor of a strong friendship.  In general it means that one persons basic nature is similar to the other persons emotional side.  I know that may sound complicated, and in fact it is complicated! It usually means the couple will have a great understanding of each other.  As an example, let's say Sean and Shawnda have started a serious relationship.  They are consulting an astrologer to see how well their charts match.  Sean's sun sign is Pisces, and his moon placement is in Cancer.  These two placements indicate that Sean is emotional, intuitive, sensitive, and likes to hold on to what is his.  A Cancer moon is sensitive, moody, and never lets go!  Shawnda has a Cancer sun placement and a Taurus moon.  The Cancer sun says she is emotional,  home-loving, nurturing, and also holds on to what is hers.  The Taurus moon is a strong placement, giving her stable emotions, and great determination. 
  Sean's moon in Cancer is in conjuction with Shawnda's sun in Cancer.  They should be great friends in a relationship.  Depending on the rest of their chart, they will  have a deeply emotional relationship, and hold on to each other strongly.  The person whose moon sign conjucts with the other's sun sign will often try to hold on most in the relationship.  In other words, Sean could be a very emotional and possessive lover, depending on the rest of his chart. 
  If Sean and Shawnda's sun and moon placements were in opposition to each other, rather than in conjuction, this is also a strong tie of friendship.  In opposition  means that the planet positions are opposite one another astrologically.  As an example, let's say Sean's sun placement is in Scorpio,  but Shawnda's moon is still in Taurus.  They are in opposition astrologically.  This is still a good tie of friendship, but the couple are often more playful together.  They are loving opposites and may tease each other, and play together.  Think of a couple you know who constantly tease or kid each other, but have a deep and lasting relationship.  They may have a sun and moon opposition.
  My next post will be about the good stuff: physical attractions in astrology!  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Astrology: Spice It Up!

Hello everybody!  I hope you all had a good weekend and are enjoying the sunshine today.  After a weekend with rain, storms, and floods here in GA, I am glad to see the sun smiling at us finally.
  Today, I am posting about astrology, with some emphasis on love and sex.  I have been interested in astrology since my early teens, and have studied it ever since.  Although I am not an astrologer, I have a solid basis in the subject, and have taught a number of classes on the subject.  I learned astrology long before charts were done by computer.  In those days, every things was done by hand, with lots of mathematical calculations involved.  Now astrology charts are almost always done on the computer, which makes it much easier.  These charts are often quite good, but I think they lack a personal touch.  The computer can calculate the chart, analyze the information, and print it for you.  It can even do it for free!  What the computer can not do however, is add intuition and feeling.  This is where a good astrologer takes over, and puts the icing on the cake.
 So many people are looking for a love match, and astrology can give you a good start on that.  In some countries, India for example, astrologers are often consulted when it is time for marriage or even when a child is born.  Then as potential mates are proposed by the families, their astrology charts can be compared.  This custom may seem strange to some of us but it has been followed for centuries.  Surely it works as well as meeting a stranger in a bar after a few drinks!
  Astrology charts of couples are compared both for similarities, and differences.  In general, many similarities is desirable, but not always.  Think about it: if both people are stubborn, very emotional,  and have trouble communicating in a relationship, there are going to be problems!  These two people may be too much alike.  On the other hand, if there aren't many similarities at all in an astrology chart, this could also be a problem.  As an example, let's say Jane and Joe are considering marriage.  Jane is an very controlled Scorpio, who is a workaholic, and rarely shows her deeply emotional side.  Joe is a light-hearted Gemini, loves to play, and often changes jobs.  He doesn't take life too seriously.  Their astrology chart shows very few similarities, but many difference.  Now this combination could work two ways.  First,  Jane gets upset with Joe because when she wants to work, he wants to play.  Joe thinks Jane is cold-hearted because she doesn't show her feelings very often.  He starts thinking she doesn't really love him, and that is the beginning of the end.  If this couple has married, it probably would not last long.
  The other side of this combination might be that this couple is spiritually evolved  or mature enough to make this work.  Happy-go-lucky Joe might lighten up the more serious Jane.  If she feels secure in her relationship, she might be more open with her emotions and give Joe the love he is looking for.  This relationship might take more work, but could be worth the effort put into it.
I'm sure we all know couples who are very different, but have life-long marriages.  Any relationship requires work and commitment over the years,
but when there are too many or too few similarities in an astrology chart, it just makes things more difficult.
  I will continue discussing love and sex in astrology on my next post.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spiritual Homes: Where Is Yours? Part 3

Good afternoon, everyone!  Are you all ready for the hot weather?  Get the AC cranking because the weather in GA is heating up!
  Today I am posting about spiritual homes that are on a different plane of existence.  These homes are a type of imaginary home, but different than the ones I discussed in my last post.  You would use these homes for strongly spiritual reasons, such as a ritual or ceremony.  It would be helpful to envision these homes if you were performing magick or doing a deep and serious meditation.  This is a home you might go to in your mind to meet your God or Goddess.  A spiritual home on another plane of existence would be your heaven, nirvana, or paradise.
  There are many other planes of existence besides the one where we dwell everyday.  These planes are not often seen with the naked eye, but with the third eye.  They are around our world every day, but not many people are aware of them.  Just as the human body has other invisible energy "bodies" or layers around it, so does the world.  Imagine the world as simply one layer of a big, yummy, cake.  The cake is covered with thick icing and you can not usually see every layer while the icing is intact.  Each layer of our "cake" is a different plane of existence.  Each layer has its own purpose and meaning, even if we are not aware of it.  One of the lower planes of existence is where ghosts often stay, if they can not leave the world, or have chosen to remain.  Higher beings, spirit guides, and sometimes ghosts, can transverse these other planes at will, or when needed. They may go from a higher  plane to the earthly plane as they choose.  It is tempting to visualize the earthly plane as the center or foundation of our spiritual "cake" but this may not be the case at all.  While on the earth, our spirits are in a physical body, but after death, our spirits usually move on to a higher plane.
  So by now you are probably wondering what use you may have for a spiritual home on another plane of existence.  After all, you have your physical home, and hopefully, you have developed your imaginary spiritual home.  A spiritual home on another plane of existence is different.  It is for your most serious spiritual work. As an example, let's say it is a most difficult time in your life.  You must make a decision that could truly alter your life path in many ways.  It is time to envision and visit your spiritual home on another plane.  You have chosen this place well in advance of your current crisis and can envision it easily.  Your chosen spiritual home in this case is a crystal cave.  This is a beautiful and wondrous place, filled with sparkling crystals of all kinds.  There is a small crystal altar in the front of the cave, and a clear stream runs down the middle of the room.  Whenever you enter this cave in your mind, you are instantly filled with a sense of power from the crystals.  There is a calming sense of peace there at all times.  This is where you can speak to your God or Goddess, your highest angels, or your most serious spirit guide.  This crystal cave is a church, temple, or place for high spiritual work.  This is where you will be given your highest and best spiritual messages.  You will always leave this place with an overwhelming sense of wonder and peace.
  You can certainly make this spiritual home appear anyway that is happiest for you.  If you are Christian, you may want to envision the gold-lined streets of a traditional heaven.  There is no reason we can not visit heaven in our mind, after all!  Other high spiritual homes might be temples, or sacred circles. 
  The biggest reason to choose and envision a spiritual home on anther plane of existence is to make it easier for you to leave the everyday world behind.  Sometimes when we have the need for serious guidance, there is so much emotion and confusion around us, that we find it hard to focus on our issue.
It is at just such a time, that we need to "step away from the world" and meet with our higher power.  Going to our spiritual home gives us a focus point for our prayers and rituals.  It is here that our God/Goddess can speak to us and enter our heart.
  You may not always receive a clear cut message from your higher power, even in this spiritual home.  Sometimes messages can be simple, and confusing.  It could be a small thing, such as one word you hear, or a small image.  Accept these things as a miracle, and allow the meaning to come to you in its own time.
   Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spiritual Homes: Where Is Yours? Part 2

Hello everybody!  Are you enjoying the sunshine today?  It's warming up here in GA so I had to put on my shorts this afternoon.  Now that I'm all comfy, let's talk some more about spiritual homes.
  The second type of spiritual home exists only in our imagination.  This is a particularly important type of spiritual home because we can go there whenever we like.  We can visualize this home at any time and make it whatever we desire.  This type of spiritual home can be very important if we are doing meditations,  rituals,  and magickal work.  I will discuss some of  the uses of this type of home later. 
  Your imaginary spiritual home can be any place and any type of home you like.  It can look exactly like a place you have visited, or be completely the opposite.  The imaginary spiritual home is a place that you can go to any time for peace and solace.  It is a home that you will visit when you need to step away from the world.  This spiritual home can be a mountain cabin, a wooded glade,  even a castle along the Rhine.  Your imagination is your only limit in selecting this home.  If you feel most comfortable and serene in a small beach house, looking out over the ocean, then this is the place for you.  In reality, you may never live in such a home, or even visit it, but your imagination can take you there at any time.
  Are you wondering why you need an imaginary spiritual home?  You may have a perfectly good, solid, home where you actually reside.  An imaginary spiritual home gives you a focus  point when you need to let go of the world for a little while.  This might be when you are very stressed and need to truly relax.  It may also be beneficial  when you want to make contact with
your spirit guides and other higher beings.  As an example, let's say you are going to do a meditation.  During this meditation, you wish to contact your spirit guide or even an angel.  You are seeking spiritual knowledge to help you in your real life.  You try to relax into your meditation but thoughts about the every day world keep creeping into your mind.  Now is the time to go to your imaginary spiritual home.  This place will help you focus, relax, and open your mind to a higher level.  In this case, your imaginary spiritual home is a small house built near the edge of a cliff in Ireland.  You can open the windows there and feel the sea breeze.  The waves wash against the rocks at the bottom of the cliff.  The sound of the ocean is very relaxing to you.  You feel safe and protected in this imaginary home.  Soon you are able to fully relax and open your mind to contact from a higher source.  Your higher power or angel speaks to you and gives you the guidance your are seeking.
  It would be good to select and envision your spiritual home before trying to use it in a meditation or ritual.  You have to buy or build a home before you live in it, right?  In this case, your imaginary home doesn't cost money, but just a little thought and work on your part.  Put some serious thought into exactly where and what your home will be.  You don't want some vague idea of the home, you want it fully envisioned in your mind.  The clearer you can see this imaginary home, the easier it will be to use as a focus point later.  First, choose your imaginary home.  It can be a dream home, such as a big, fancy mansion you hope to obtain in the real world later.  You can choose a cabin, a cave, or someplace with no building at all.  Maybe your imaginary spiritual home is much simpler, such as a clearing in the woods, or a misty mountain top.  Choose a place that feels safe, welcoming, and like home to you.  It is your place, pick it well. Once you have selected your home, it is time to furnish it.  Don't worry, you don't have to rush off to the mall to shop for this!  Remember, you want your imaginary home to be as detailed as possible.  So now see the rooms in your spiritual home, and decorate them as you desire.  This does not have to be elaborate, just envision placing chairs, a bed, or whatever you like in your home.  If you have selected only an outdoor area, such as the beach, with no building on it, you don't have to worry about this part.  If you wish, simply envision a comfortable chair on your beach, or a blanket to sit on.  This is your imaginary spiritual home. Make it as you wish it to be.
  On my next post, I will give you some more ideas about using your imaginary spiritual home.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Spiritual Homes: Where Is Yours?

Good afternoon, everybody!  I hope you all had a nice weekend and are doing well today.  It is sunny and warm here in GA.  Good walking weather!
  Today I am posting about spiritual homes.  There are several different kinds of spiritual homes, with the most well known being heaven.  I am writing about other types of spiritual homes, however.  There can be spiritual homes that are actual places on this earth, and spiritual homes that exist only in our imagination.  Some spiritual homes are on other planes of existence, but are just as real as those homes that are firmly set on this earth.
  You may be wondering what the heck is a spiritual home, and where is mine?  A spiritual home is the place we feel the most comfortable and the most fulfilled.  It is where our heart is satisfied, and we feel content. Our soul is at peace in our spiritual home.  Of course, our bodies are our spiritual home, and I hope you feel at peace there.  We do have other spiritual homes though.  If you have not found your spiritual home yet, perhaps this information will help you identify one
  The first type of spiritual home is a house or place that is   actually on this earth. It may be a home you live in, one you grew up in, or just a place that calls to you.  You are very blessed if you live in a home that provides you with a strong sense of peace and contentment.  This is a home that you would never considering selling or leaving.  Only a truly dire situation would make you give up this home.  It is not just a house, it is your heaven on earth.  When you step into this home, it welcomes you like an embrace.  You may have filled your home with many types of spiritual or religious icons and other blessed objects.  Your home has true warmth and anyone who enters comments on the lovely, peaceful atmosphere.  You may do many spiritual rituals in this home because it is a special, protected place.  I do not think you will  have any trouble recognizing your home if this describes your residence.  Your home may be rich or poor, a shack or a mansion, but above all, it is a place of great peace and spirituality.
   Another type of spiritual home that is on this earth,  or was at one time, is a home where you once resided.  This might be your childhood home, where you grew up.  It could also be a home where you lived, at another time in your life.   Either one of these types of spiritual homes may still be standing, or they may no longer be there.  Perhaps in the fullness of time they have been torn down, or as I prefer to think, returned to Mother Nature. 
   A spiritual home where we once actually resided can call to us many times over the years.  This would have been a home where we felt great happiness and contentment.  This home would have been filled with a strong love, peace and warmth.  It may have been your family home.  Maybe you were blessed with a happy childhood in this home, and have never forgotten the place.  If you are a mature person, this could have been where you raised your own children, and felt your most satisfaction.  You will often look back longingly at this spiritual home, and will dream about it from time to time.  When you think of heaven and the next life, you may hope that your home there will be just like the one you remember.  Your current home may be quite satisfactory, but no place ever really comes up to your dreams of the old place.  This was one of your spiritual homes, and it will live in your memory forever.
    Some spiritual homes are real places on earth, but not actually houses.  They may be certain countries, cities, areas, and locales.  These places are not just your idea of heaven on earth, but places that speak to you so strongly, it is hard for you to tear yourself away from them.  You want to be in this place, and if it is possible, you want to make your home there.  This type of spiritual home could be on the beach, in the woods, in the mountains, or anyplace that truly calls your name.  As an example, let's say you go on vacation to another state.  You have never been to this state before, it just sounds appealing to you.  When you arrive, your first sight of this place is almost overwhelming.  It takes your breath away.  You feel totally connected to this place, and you may even have a sense of deja vu.  You may feel you have been there before, and that this is your home. You might have a past life experience there, or just a sense of intense peace.  You feel whole, fulfilled, in touch with your God or Goddess, your higher power.  It is not just the scenery of this place that makes you feel this way. It is a sense of coming home.  You know you have found one of your spiritual homes, and you do not wish to ever leave.
  Spiritual homes are important and in my next few blogs I will continue discussing them.  We will look at other types of spiritual homes and some ways to use that information.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Psychic Dreams, Part 3

Good afternoon, everyone!  Get out the shorts and t-shirts, it's warm here today.  It's a good walking day in GA, so I will try to do my usual two miles this afternoon. 
  Today I am writing about psychic dreams that come to us from the spirit world.  These dreams may be the most difficult to understand and even accept.  They may seem like other dreams, but are being given to us by spirits, guides, angels, or a higher power.  We may think the dream was something our subconscious engendered, but in reality we have been given this dream from the spirit world.
  Psychic dreams from the spirit world can be a type of  precognitive dream or even telepathic.  Precognitive dreams from the spirit world occur when a spirit or higher being wants us to know some kind of event is going to happen.  This event may be personal to us,  to our family or friends, or even to the world.  We might be warned that a disaster is about to happen, or alternately that something wonderful is going to occur.  As examples of these types of dreams, let us say that one night you dream of your late Aunt Matilda.  In the dream, she tells you that a member of your family will be joining her soon.  Then she fades away, and you awaken.  You are left with an terrible feeling of doom, and keep wondering who is going to pass away.
  Now this could clearly be a precognitive  dream from the spirit world.  The spirit of Aunt Matilda has made a prediction of an event that may actually happen.  This is a dream you should record.  If it occurs as Aunt Matilda has predicted, you definitely had a psychic dream given to you by the spirit world.  If the dream fades away in the morning light, you never think about it again, and it doesn't become reality, then it's likely you just had a nightmare!
  Another example of a psychic dream from the spirit world might involve a message given to you by an angel.  Let's say you have been trying to have a child for some time, with no result.  Then one night you dream of an angelic being with a white robe, and beautiful wings.  The angel calls you by name, then holds out a tiny baby, wrapped in a blue blanket.  You wake up elated, knowing you are going to have a child.  A few weeks later, you discover that a child is on the way!  This was a clear cut precognitive dream message, given to you by an angel. 
  Telepathic dreams given to us from the spirit world are somewhat different than the telepathic dreams I described yesterday. A telepathic dream in this case may simply be a dream given to us by some spiritual being, that does not involve words.  The message the spirit or angel wants to impart is not spoken, but sent telepathically. You will hear or sense the words in you head,  from their mind to your mind.  As an example, let us say you dream of your spirit guide.  You may or may not have experienced this being before, but probably have a sense of recognition when you see them in your dream.  Your spirit recognizes their spirit.  In the dream,  your guide sends thoughts into your mind.  You are given advice about how to handle a certain situation in your life that has been bothering you.  This may be a big problem you are grappling with, or just an everyday sort of thing.  No words are spoken during this dream, but you get the message just the same.
  Do take your time trying to interpret these dreams. Messages from the spirit world can be unclear, vague, and have an odd sense of time.  Remember, spirits, angels and other higher beings are on a different plane of existence than we are.  Words and times can have unusual meanings.  In the dream above when an angel hands you a baby, this may have a different meaning than you expect.  There will be a baby  in you life, but maybe it is coming to you in an unusual way.  There could be an adopted child or a foster child coming into your home.  Also details in psychic dreams can be important.  In the baby dream, the angel has handed you a infant wrapped in a blue blanket.   I would expect a male child was coming into your life, somehow and somewhere!
  Sweet dreams and blessings to you all from Psykiksister.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Psychic Dreams, Part 2

Hello everybody!  Finally, we have sunshine in GA.  Come on sun, keep shining!
  Today I am  posting again about psychic dreams.  First, let's talk about telepathic dreams.  These are a type of psychic dream where we get an actual message from someone.  We are not talking about a message from the spirit world, we are talking about a message from another real person.  Usually these telepathic messages come to us from someone we love, or at least know very well.  These dreams may seem similar to precognitive dreams, but they do not predict the future.  A telepathic dream is a message about something that is happening now, or that has just happened.  A precognitive dream is about an event that has yet to happen.
  Most of us have heard stories from friends and family about telepathic dreams.  These stories usually consist of, "I was sound asleep and started dreaming that my son Jim was speaking to me.  He said he had just been in an car accident and was seriously injured".     The dreamer often wakes up immediately and realizes there has been some kind of disaster.  The person may call whoever they had seen in their dream.  Sometimes the phone ringing will awaken them, with the same news they had just seen in their dream. 
  The difference in this dream and a precognitive dream is that the dreamer has actually received a telepathic message from her son.  He has just been in a horrific accident and on some level wanted his mother to know about it.  His emotions were so strong during this accident, they have been "broadcast" to his mother in some way.  Even if he were unconscious at the time, his mind has gone to his mother.  He is the telepathic "sender" and she is the "receiver".
  If this had been a precognitive dream, his mother might have had this dream about her son a day, week, or  month before the accident.  In fact, she could have dreamed about this accident years before it happened!  A true telepathic dream occurs at or near the time of the event. 
  As another example of a telepathic dream, let's say you take a little nap in the afternoon.  You fall into a deep sleep and start dreaming of your friend who lives in another state.  You have not heard from the friend in some weeks.  In the dream your friend says, "I need you, help me".  You wake up and call your friend immediately.  Your friend is amazed you have called at this time because she is having a sudden family emergency.  She had been just been thinking about you, wishing you were with her.  You have received her thoughts telepathically in your dream.
  There does not have to be words in a telepathic dream.  You might see a loved one in the dream, but he or she won't speak.  You may feel their emotions instead.  Telepathic dreams often occur because of strong emotions, and you may feel that in your dream.  In the dream above,  your friend needed you, and wanted your help.  She may not actually have said the words you heard in your dream, but your subconscious mind interpreted her strong emotions in that way.
  Telepathic dreams do not have to be about terrible situations.  You could have a telepathic dream with a happy message, too.  Let's say it's nap time again, and your dream is about your adult daughter.  There aren't any words in this dream.  You only see your daughter holding out her hand to show you a beautiful ring she has on her finger. The phone rings and awakens you.  It is your daughter, calling to tell you she has just gotten engaged!  This situation fits the description of a telepathic dream: the event just occurred, the message came from a loved one, and strong emotions are involved.  This time the emotions were happy ones though!

  My next post will be about psychic dreams from the spirit world.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Psychic Dreams

Good afternoon, everybody!  It's rain, rain, and more rain here in GA.  Either someone did a very effective rain dance or Mother Nature is blessing us richly.  I still don't like the wet weather!
  Today I am blogging about psychic dreams.  I'm sure your two biggest questions about this subject will be: "what are psychic dreams, and how do I know if I have them?"  A psychic dream is simply a dream that comes true in some way.  You may have a dream that you get fired from your long-time job and this happens in your real life almost immediately.  There is no doubt this was a psychic dream!  Other psychic dreams may be more complicated, in fact, they often are.  As an example, let's say you have almost  the same dream three nights in a row.  Your dream is about a certain person you are attracted to at work.  So far, this person has given you no indication that he or she is interested in you.  The first night you dream of the situation as is it in real life: you see this person at work, but there is no romance.  The second night, you dream that you take some action and invite this co-worker out for coffee.  The third night you dream of a wedding, and it is the two of you who are getting married!
  This may well be a psychic dream, perhaps a precognitive dream where you are seeing the future.  It could also be a psychic dream sent to you by one of your spirit guides.  You are being given advice in your dreams that it is time to take action in real life.  It may be time to resolve a static situation by asking your co-worker out for coffee.  If he or she responds well, maybe your third dream will come true and there is a marriage ahead.
  As with any dream, you must put some thought into interpreting a psychic dream.  Everyone has different dream symbols, and what might be a psychic dream for me,  could be something else entirely for you.  I would pay great attention to a dream that is particularly vivid, colorful, and that you keep thinking about for days.  A dream does not have to be a psychic dream to have these qualities.  Some people often have colorful dreams that are not psychic at all.  Other people who only dream  in black and white may have psychic dreams with no color at all. This depends on the dreamer alone.
  Obviously, if you had a dream that came true, it was some kind of psychic dream.  It may not seem like it the night you dream it, but your psychic self was speaking to you.  You might have precognitive dreams of things that are going to happen in the future.  These dreams could be about your life or about the world.  As an example, let's say you dream of a huge tornado that destroys a nearby public building.  A week later,  there is some kind of terrorist attack that blows up this same building.  You have had a true precognitive dream, even though your dream symbol was not a bomb causing destruction, but a tornado. This dream might even have been a psychic warning that you should stay away from this same building in the near future.
  You may want to keep a dream journal to help determine if you are having psychic dreams.  You don't have to journal every dream.  Just keep track of dreams that really disturb you in some way, or are particularly vivid.  If you have a colorful, positively happy dream, write it down.  Maybe tomorrow you will see this dream actually occur in your real life!
  My next blog will be more information about psychic dreams. Until then, sweet dreams and blessings from Psykiksister.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Psychics: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Part 3

Hello everybody!  It's raining again here in GA today.  It feels more like autumn than spring.  The rain is making the flowers really bloom though, so I guess I can't complain.
  Today I am posting about psychics again, but this time we will look at the bad side of psychics.  In every profession, there are good workers and bad workers, and that applies to the psychic area as well.  Every job has some employees who are just not very skilled at their work, and one or two who simply shouldn't be there.  There are definately bad psychics who are not good at their work, and don't have much of a gift.  Then there are some so-called psychics who are basically evil, depressed, or embittered, and who should never work with people.  I call these psychics, "the ugly".
  Bad psychics can just be well-intentioned people who don't know their craft, or have little experience.  They will not knowingly try to upset you or give you false information.  Perhaps the bad psychic is just starting in this field and has not had time to learn their craft yet.  As an example, you get a reading by a young psychic who uses a crystal ball in his or her readings.  This reader gives you a fair reading, but it is very vague, and does not really touch on anything in your life.  You are told, "things will improve, you will feel better, and get some money".  I hope all those things happen for you, but this is not much of a reading!  This psychic has not properly learned to do readings, and may not have seen much of anything in the crystal ball.  You have been given a really vague reading, that is  not worth the money.
  Another type of bad psychic can be a nice person, and may have a charming personality.  He or she is good at working with people. Unfortunately, when you get your reading from them, you will discover they have little or no psychic gift.  Because they have a winning personality, you may feel drawn to them, and hopeful they are a true psychic. Instead, three or four months after your reading, you realize that none of their predictions came true.  It might not even take that long for you to make the realization.  If the psychic can't read anything about your current situation, and has no accurate vision of your future, they are not a gifted reader.  They are using a charming personality to cover up  a limited ability. 
  Please do not always expect you will receive an in-depth, extremely accurate reading from every psychic you meet.  If you get even one really clear prediction, you can count this as a good reading.  Accurate predictions are a small miracle.  The psychic may sometimes have trouble tuning in to the person they are reading.  Some people are very closed in, and afraid what the psychic may see about them.  You should not have to tell the psychic anything about your life, other than your name or birthdate, if they ask.  If you wish to share other information, that is up to you.  Try to remain open to the reading, as long as it seems positive.  People who clamp down on their emotions, are much harder to read than those who remain open.  If the reading starts to feel negative to you, I suggest it is time to get up and leave.  You may have encountered what I call an "ugly" psychic.
  I am not using the term "ugly" here as a physical description of the psychic.  This is my description of a person who does readings, but with some kind of bad attitude.  This person may or may not actually have a psychic gift.  If they do, it is rarely used to help anyone other than themselves.  The "ugly" psychic is ugly on the inside, in the heart. They will not help you, but will often intentionally try to harm you.  This mean be done because the psychic is unhappy, depressed, angry, or just plain evil.  They have chosen this field for negative reasons, and you will feel that if you get a reading from them.  This psychic may seem charming sometimes, but will give you a reading that makes you unhappy.  As an example, you go for a reading hoping to hear that your health will improve.  The "ugly" psychic not only tells you that it is doubtful, but that "you have a black cloud" over your head!  The psychic may say he or she is the only one who can remove this black cloud, and it will cost you $500.  If this is what you hear, it is time to get up and leave immediately!  This psychic is not only "ugly", but a scam artist as well.
   It is more likely that the "ugly" psychic will just leave you feeling down or depressed after your reading.  Remember, I said earlier that a good psychic might give you unhappy information, but will leave you feeling hopeful about your life.  The "ugly" psychic will never give you hope, it will be the opposite.  As an example, let's say you see three readers the same day at a psychic fair.  We will call the psychics A, B, and C.  A is the good psychic, B, a bad psychic, and C, the "ugly" psychic.  Of course, you don't know this in advance or you would have only seen psychic  A!   You ask all three psychics the same question: is your long-time lover ever going to  marry you?  A says no, but you can still  live with your lover if that is your choice.  Also A says that there is someone else in the world who would love to marry you, if you would just look around.  You may feel disappointed after this reading, but still hopeful about your life.
  Psychic B tells you, "yes, absolutely, your lover will marry you in another month, and you will be very happy".  You feel good about the reading, but the marriage never happens.  This psychic has given you the wrong information, and a year later you are stuck in the same situation. 
  Psychic C, our "ugly" psychic, says, "You will never marry this person, because you don't deserve them.  You would do better to live alone, because no one will ever really love you."  Talk about your depressing readings, wow!  You leave the reading unhappy, with less confidence, and still can't make a decision about your current relationship.  Meanwhile, C has your money in his or her pocket, and probably a nasty smile on their face.  The "ugly" psychic often gets satisfaction from knowing their have hurt or depressed someone.
  The only real way to know if a reader is any good is to try their services.  Just because a psychic pleased your best friend does not mean it will be a good reading for you.  Everybody is looking for something different in a reading.  Try out the psychic yourself, but if you feel at all negative about the reading, excuse yourself and leave.  Believe me on this one, it's better to cut short a reading, than hear a bunch of crap and be depressed all day!
  Any questions about psychics, please leave me a post.  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Psychics: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Part 2

Good afternoon, everybody!  It's a warm, sunny day here in GA.  I hope you are all enjoying your week and not working too hard.  Remember it's the middle of the week, halfway to the weekend already!
  Today I am posting about psychics again, the good ones.  What do you think makes a good psychic?  Someone who can predict your future accurately?  Or makes you feel hopeful about what lies ahead for you? Or is it someone who can "see" your current situation and help you resolve any problems?  I would say a good psychic might do any or all of the above. 
  Psychics can be very different in their approach to a reading.  They may use "psychic tools" during a reading, such as tarot cards, a pendulum, runes, or other devices.  Some may use a ordinary deck of playing cards, a crystal ball, or even animal bones.  Yes, I said bones!  You don't see this very often with working psychics, but some people do use them.  They are  used as a predictive device along with the other objects I've mentioned here.
  Some psychics may read your palm, your face, or even bumps on your head.  The bumps on your head reading is a little old-fashioned, but I have seen it done. Some psychics don't use any tools, they simply wing it.  This type of psychic may hold your hand or touch your arm to establish a connection between you.  I call these "clairvoyant readings" though the psychic involved might call the reading by other names.  Sometimes these readings are called, "aura readings", "spiritual readings" or even "angel readings".
  Each psychic and his/her reading is unique, even if they use similiar predictive tools.  As an example, let's say you get a reading from two psychics who both use tarot cards.  The first psychic gives you an in-depth reading concerning what is happening in your life now, and what may happen in the future.  The second psychic gives you more of a spiritual reading, with advice from your angels or guides, and taps into your higher self.  So which is the better psychic and the better reading?  You have to decide that for yourself.  There may be times when you need very specific information, and other times when you want more spiritual guidance.  These two psychics may both be very good in their own way. It is up to you to decide what feels right to you.
  There are two main things to look for in a good psychic.  The first thing is that the psychic always makes you feel hopeful, even if he or she gives you not so great news.  You should always leave a reading with hope for your situation and the future.  As an example, let's say you go for a reading hoping that the psychic will predict that a new love is about to come into your life.  Instead, you are gently told that you need to do a little work on yourself before this happens.  You must heal old scars from previous relationships before you are ready for a new one.  This can be disappointing, but the psychic also says that when you are ready, a real love will enter your life.  This psychic has done a good job in my opinion. Even though they didn't tell you what you wanted to hear, they gave you hope for the future. 
  The second, and probably most important thing to look for in a good psychic is that they make accurate predictions for the future.  Assuming that is what you are looking for, of course!  If you are seeking spirtual guidance, or help in resolving past issues, then you don't have to worry about this part.
Deciding if the psychic has made accurate predictions can take time.  If the psychic gives you some time factor in his or her predictions, please give the predictions at least that much time to materialize.  As an example, let's say the psychic says it will be two months or so before you get a new job.  Cut the psychic some slack, ya'll!  Spiritual time is not the same as in our real world.  Two months in spiritual time may end up being four months, or alternately, two weeks.  Yes, predictions can materialize sooner!
  You also should not take predictions as gospel truth.  They should be used as guidelines, not exact statements.  Let's say the psychic tells you that your financial outlook will improve due to a windfall in a few months.  You may interpret this as meaning that you should try your luck at the black jack table in Vegas next month.  In fact, what really happens is that you are assigned to a special project at work that has plenty of overtime. You make more money!  So your windfall actually comes because of your own efforts. 
  There are many good psychics in the world, but you will have to look around to find one.  Ask your friends for a recommendation, or try several readers at a psychic fair.  Psychic fairs can give you a chance to get a reading from different people at a low cost.  Then if you like someone, you can always book a private reading with them later.
  My next post will be about bad and "ugly" psychics, and how to avoid them.  Until next time, blessings from Psykiksister.