Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good Luck And How To Attract It, Part 2

Hello everybody!  I hope you are all doing great and feeling lucky today.  Do you have sunshine where you are?  It has been somewhat sunny here, and cooler.  It really felt like fall when I went for my walk this morning.  Hurry, hurry, autumn, I am ready!
  Today I am posting about how to have good luck in attracting love.  I really feel that love finds us when the time is right.  It is not always when we feel the time is right, but when fate says it's time.  There are things we can do that can attract potential partners when it seems there aren't any lovers in sight.  You must feel ready inside yourself, however, or you might attract someone who is not in your best interests.
  It is time to attract a new love when you feel at peace with yourself.  If you do not feel sure that you are ready for someone new in your life, it is not time to seek a new love.  You may need time between lovers to absorb and understand the whole experience.  Give yourself this time then when you feel ready, start to send out some positive energy into the universe.  Try saying this affirmation every day, "I love myself and I am ready to love someone new".  You must love yourself before you can truly love another person.  If you do not feel confidence and love for yourself, you can not truly offer this to anyone else.  You might attract someone new, but you may end up with a relationship filled with jealousy or other negative emotions.
  There are several things you can try to attract love.  Number one is to make an effort!  We can not always just sit at home in our old sweats and expect that wonderful new person to come knocking at the door.  If that actually happens to you, please believe it is destiny acting in your favor!  You must put some real focus into meeting new people in some way.  Online, at church, in groups, the choice in how to meet someone new is up to you.  Do make a concerted effort to show the universe you are ready and that in itself may pay off for you.
  When you want to attract love, think pink or red.  Red if you are seeking a passionate love, and pink if you are looking for romance.  Try making a charm bag to take with you when you go out to meet someone new.  Take a small square of pink or red cloth and fold it double.  You want cloth that is not porous or likely to allow herbs to leak out.  A handkerchief, a piece of old silk dress or shirt, or something similar will do fine.  Now put a red or pink stone or crystal in the bag.  Add things that smell sweet or spicy  to you.  Dried rose petals are good, along with cinnamon, and cloves.  Don't use too many spices, just a little.  Now, sit down with pen and paper.  You must put some real thought and focus into this last part.  Write on your paper what qualities you are looking for in a mate and in your new relationship. If you are want someone with blond hair and a good sense of humor, write it down.  When you are finished, fold the paper very small, and put in the bag.  Take a piece of ribbon, twine, yarn, or something similar, and tie the cloth up into a bag.  For those of you who sew, you can instead sew the cloth into a small square, though this is not necessary.  Hold the bag over your heart for a few minutes, and pour some positive energy into it.  Take the bag with you in your pocket or purse when you want to attract luck in love.
  If you like to garden, or would like to try it, you can plant a small blooming bush to attract luck in love.  A rose bush in pink or red is good, and you can always use a miniature plant if space is a problem.  I know not everyone has a big yard, or even a yard at all!  Any kind of blooming plant is fine if it  appeals to you.  It would be good if you could plant this bush during the new moon to represent a new beginning in love.  Again, this isn't necessary if you are in a hurry.  If you can't plant anything for whatever reason, try buying a small blooming plant on the new moon.  It is the intent that counts here, and the positive energy you put into it.  Nurture your plant with love and it will work for you.
  One other thing that attracts luck is a dried persimmon.  You can dry one yourself or you can sometimes find them at metaphysical stores.  Keep the persimmon where you can see it and focus some energy on it.  Placing it by your bed might be a good spot for many reasons!
  I will give you a visualization for good luck in my next blog.  Until then, blessings from Psykiksister.

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