Friday, August 9, 2013

Spiritual Balance, Part 3

Hello everybody!  Who is glad it's Friday?  I am, and I'm glad we are having a sunny Friday in GA, too.  So far, no rain today.  Let's keep it that way!
  Today I am posting about spiritual balance again. In this final part of the blog,  I am discussing times when we actually feel out of balance spiritually.  These are times when we are questioning our religious and spiritual beliefs.  We may  feel unable to reach out and contact our higher power. I use the term, "higher power" in my blogs because I have many friends and clients of different religions and spiritual beliefs.  I honor all religions and beliefs.  So when I refer to a "higher power", you will understand I am referring to God/Goddess.
   If you are spiritually out of balance, you may feel a great struggle between the everyday world and the spiritual world.  Work, family, money, and other problems in the real world may take precedence over the spirit.  You may not find time to worship, attend church, or do spiritual rituals.  You are not growing in the spirit because you are not putting any effort into doing that.
The soul is lacking, and you may feel like nothing more than an empty vessel.  If you are out of balance spiritually, you may feel that the higher powers have nothing to offer you.  Even worse, you may not feel worthy of contact with your God or Goddess.
  I think it is normal to feel like this from time to time.  Sometimes we get so busy with life, that all of our focus is on the real world.  This is okay, we have to live in the physical  world for now, after all.  It is only when we let our spirit languish in the dark that we become out of balance spiritually.  When we make no attempt to grow, or to become better and wiser, this is when our spirit withers like a plant without water.
  I know there are many people who have no religious or spiritual beliefs, and I honor that, too.  This is their choice and we must respect it.  Perhaps it is not their time to reach out to a higher power.  It does not mean they are out of balance spiritually.  It means they  have closed a door that may or may not open again. 
  If you are feeling blocked in your spiritual growth, it could be that it is time for this to happen.  We can not always grow spiritually in leaps and bounds. Sometimes we must rest, and allow growth to begin when it is time.
The seed of new life must rest underground before it blossoms in the spring.
This may be your time to re-examine what you have learned, before taking a new step.  This can be a good time for meditations, and reviews.  Think over what you have believed previously and decide if it is right for you now and in the future.  After a period of spiritual imbalance, you may choose a different church, spiritual path, or even a new life style. 
  Spiritual imbalance should clearly tell you that something is wrong in the soul.  Look deeply inside yourself and decide what you need to feed your spirit.  You may take a major step forward in your spiritual growth at this time.
  Blessings from Psykiksister for your continued spiritual growth.

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