Friday, August 16, 2013

Good Luck And How To Attract It, Part 3

Good afternoon, everybody!  Are you all ready for the weekend?  I hope you are having better weather than we are in GA, because it is raining here again, with more in sight.  Oh well, maybe there will be improvement tomorrow.
  Today I am going to give you a visualization to attract luck.  This can be used in any situation where you wish to attract good luck.  Remember, the thing that attracts the most good luck is positive thinking.  Believe that you can change your luck and you will.  What we think, we attract, it's that simple. So send out some good energy and bring on the good luck!
  You may wish to make a charm bag for general good luck.  If so, consider using a purple or white cloth for the bag.  Both purple and white are strong spiritual colors.  Place a regular quartz crystal in the bag, or a small piece of amethyst.  If you wish to use herbs, select a few with a pleasant or uplifting smell.  The scent of lemon, vanilla,  cinnamon, etc.  can be very pleasant and positive.  Never use herbs that smell too strong for a luck bag.  You want herbs that smell good to you.  These herbs can be straight from your kitchen cabinet, by the way.  No reason to buy something different.  If you have dried herbs from your organic garden, even better.  Now, on a small piece of paper, write these words, or something similar, "I am a lucky person.  I attract good luck".  Fold the paper very small and place it in the bag.  Tie the bag up with white or purple ribbon, string, yarn, etc.  Take the bag with you whenever you wish to attract good luck.
  When you are ready to do the visualization, make yourself comfortable in a quiet place.  You may light candles and incense if these things help you relax.  Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and allow the world to drift away.  In your mind, visualize a path going into a small wooded area.  There are tall, green trees along the path and flowering bushes along the way.  Everything is peaceful, and serene.  Walk along the path a little ways and you will see a beautiful pond.  The water is very shallow there, but crystal clear.  There is a sparkling waterfall coming from the rocks above.  As the water falls, rainbows glisten around the pond.
  There is no one but you at the pond.  You may take off your clothes  if you choose.   Step into the water now.  It is a perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold.  Stand under the waterfall.  As the water streams over you,  all negativity will be washed from you.  Feel the water as it washes all negative thoughts from you.  Negativity leaves you,  as it flows from your body, into the pond and away.
  Now feel the water as it caresses your body.  You are glowing from its touch.  You are feeling so good, so positive.  This is the pond of happiness, and the waterfall of good luck.  Every drop of water that touches you brings you good luck.  From this moment forth, you will know that you are a lucky person.  You have been washed in the waters of good luck.  Let the waters play over your entire body until you feel complete.  When you are ready, step out of the water.
  You may return to the pond whenever you feel the need for good luck.  It will always be there for you.
  Until next time, wishing you good luck and blessings from Psykiksister.


  1. I LOVE this visualization, I'm definitely going to use this one.

    Thanks so much for this blog, I really enjoy it. :)

  2. I'm glad you liked that visualization. Good luck to you always!